interview OBIE TRICE  (August 2006) | Interview By: Yash

  Dubcnn sat down with Shady Records recording artist Obie Trice to talk about his sophomore album "Second Rounds On Me," how he has developed as an artist, working with Dr. Dre & Eminem, how the death of Proof has effected him - as well as a fond memory of them together and much more.

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Interview was done in August 2006

Questions Asked By: Yash

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Dubcnn: Who were your influences when u were growing up?

Uh my influences, rap artists had to beÖ.Big Daddy Kane, Kool g Rap, Redman, Jay-z, Nas, biggie, 2pac, you know Dr. Dre, N.W.A, CubeÖ..

Dubcnn: And how was it like after being a fan of such people like Dr. Dre and finally getting to work with him, how was that?

It was like surreal, you know what Iím saying. It was one of them things, Dre, you know Iím still a fan of Dre regardless you know what Iím saying, so it was just one of them things. We ran into each other and he was just like "Obie what up? Letís get it poppin" like he knew me for years, you know, it was all good.

Dubcnn: I heard that heís really picky when it comes to songs, and he makes people record things over and over until its perfect.

That's right

Dubcnn: So how was it when u were in the studio with him?

We recorded, we did like 5, 6 joints together that day. I landed in L.A about 2pm, we stayed in the studio till 4pm the next day, non stop straight working, so you know, its just one of them things. Plus he also rapped on my first album, like Dre doesn't do that, you know what Iím saying? He donít get on albums and rap unless he appreciate the artist.

Dubcnn: That was cool, and how come he's not on your new album?

Heís not on the new album because of working situations right now, he was focusing on Busta Rhymes album, he also doing his Detox album so you know he's kind of busy at the moment. We did mash out a couple joints but I just didn't get the final approval to put it on the album so Iím just going sit on them for a minute.

Dubcnn: How many tracks did you do with him?


Dubcnn: Ok, can we talk about how you hooked up with Eminem back in the day?

The way I hooked up with Eminem, Bizarre from D12 told me to come and holla at him at the studio and what I did was shot up to the studio rapped for Eminem and then here I am today.

Dubcnn: Right, and can you speak about the new album. How did you approach Second Rounds On Me different from Cheers?

Cheers was a more structured album. I sat down and wrote Cheers on paper. This album I just did it off the top of the dome, spontaneous you know what I'm saying. So its more spontaneous than Cheers was, I would do 8 lines off the top off my dome, you know off the top of the head and think of my next 8 lines and that's how I put together this album so its more spontaneous than Cheers was.

Dubcnn: And did you scrap a lot of songs? Cause it took a long time before it came out

Yea, but mainly I been working on this album for bout 9-10 months. So a lot of songs is not scrapped you know, Iím looking to come out within another year. It'll never be this long of a wait for an Obie Trice album so Iím looking to come out with another album and each song that I didn't use will be used.

Dubcnn: You know every artist always says that their last album is their best album, is this true for you as well?

Their last album?

Dubcnn: Yea

What you mean, like Cheers?

Dubcnn: Yea

Nah, I think Cheers was a great album, I think IÖ.each album I do I show a little growth in it though. My second album you see a tremendous growth from Cheers and so I wouldn't necessarily say that Cheers is my best album but I do think it was a great album.

Dubcnn: Right, and if you have sole creative control over your albums how would they be different?

Mainly, it would be like Second Rounds on Me in comparison to Cheers. This album I had mainly a lot of control over. The first album I really didn't. So they would compare this album and the last album.

Dubcnn: So do you think the early leak of the album to the internet will effect the sales?

Iím not sure. I know the leak is not a clear leak, its not a good leak on the internet. Will it effect my sales? Iím not sure you know. I think anything with the internet is effecting sales, anything piracy it effects sales so you know hopefully people want to get the real thing and go out and get the artwork and the thank youís that's in the cover and see how they put together my CD and add it to the collection with Cheers.

Dubcnn: What record have you done that meant the most to you?

I think this whole album mean a lot to me. Like I say, this is my second album I appreciate every song on it.

Dubcnn: I want to give my condolences to your good friend Proof, and everybody on the website. Do you look at life differently after being shot and losing one of your good friends?

Yea I mean, I feel like life, after losing my friend and being shot, it can be taken from you at any given moment so you just want to try take advantage of the time you have on this planet. There's no telling when you will really be out of here.

Dubcnn: When Pac got shot he was in the studio 24/7 knocking out songs. Have you changed anything about that? Are you in the studio more often, doing stuff more often?

Mainly, like right now I'm not in the studio right now. I'm sitting down for a lot of different things. Iím doing a lot of phoner's, I'm setting up to get prepared for the release of this album but when I am in the studio I do work. I do stay in the studio and try to work, work long hours.

Dubcnn: Ok, are there any dedication tracks for Proof on the way?

Yea I did a song on the album calledÖwell its not on my album actually its on my mixtape called "switching it up" featuring Dina Rae, it was a dedication song to Proof. I re-did, went back and did a song a track called wake up on the beginning of my album, in fact the intro to my album and put some references in there to Proof in there.

Dubcnn: Ok that's dope man, can you share a fond memory of when you were with Proof to the fans like how he was when the camera's were off and shit?

Fond memory of when I was with Proof..Öhe used to blow his nose and let snot like hang all the way down to his knees and then he'd sniff it right back up his nostrils

Dubcnn: *Laughs* ok man, who do you want to collaborate with that you havenít had the opportunity to collaborate with before?

You know Iím willing to work with just about any artist that I think is a great, great artist you know what Iím saying, that's a good artist. Nobody in particular off hand but you know anybody who has a passion for the music and really, really is a great artist.

Dubcnn: Ok, and what do you wish to accomplish in the game?

In the game I wish to accomplish success you know, I want to be successful in the music industry, just in the entertainment period. I want to go down as in history as one of the greatest artists that did hip hop music and I feel like I am capable of doing that.

Dubcnn: Right Iím feeling you, whatís up next after the album comes out and the promoting and touring is over? What you go planned up? You got any projects coming up?

After the promotion and touring is over for this project I'll be back in the studio recording "Bottoms Up", which is my third album.

Dubcnn: Ok, and you know on our message board on the website we let fans ask questions for you and in Sweden there's a tight producer called Ken that was tight with Proof, did you ever work with him?

Nah I never worked with Ken.

Dubcnn: Ok, have you heard of him?

Never heard of him

Dubcnn: Alright. What beat have you gotten the most excited to spit over?

Man, the most exciting beat that I gotten to spit overÖ.probably would be the "Cry Now" joint on my album.

Dubcnn: Ok, Is Eminem working on a new album or is he officially retired? Can you speak on that?

Iím not sure. I know he's an artist and you know artists, you can never say it's the end for an artist

Dubcnn: Yea, but I mean since everything has happened has he been in the studio recording getting shit off his chest?

You know like an artist such as Eminem you can never really say when he's going to end

Dubcnn: Ok, I heard Ras Kass been in Detroit and you did a couple tracks with him, could you speak on that?

Rassy, Iím not sure me and Rassy ever did no music together you know I'm cool with him but we never really recorded nothing together.

Dubcnn: Ok, so its just a rumour then.


Dubcnn: Ok, that's about it man. Do you know any Bay area artists like Messy Marv and Yukmouth? They be dissin you on their albums and shit I don't know if you've heard of them

Yea I heard of Messy Marv and Yukmouth but they're not worth a response to me. They're no comparison to Obie Trice.

Dubcnn : Ok, that's about it bro. Do you have any last words for the fans?

Yea I just want to say rest in peace to the homie big Proof and D12 stand up you know what Iím saying.



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