interview SIX 2  (August 2008) | Interview By: Chad Kiser

Dubcnn had the great opportunity to sit down with Mr. TwoFace himself, Six2. With show-stealing features on Dr. Dre’s 2001 album, Six2 instantly became a hit with his laid-back, southern flow over the good doctor’s Xxplosive beats. Then he undoubtedly took control on the D.O.C.’s Deuce album by ripping apart tracks produced by Dr. Dre, Erotic D, Jazze Pha and others. After a weathering a storm, Six2 came back and co-wrote “Wait A Minute”, the first single for the Pussycat Dolls, as well as writing for Timbaland’s Shock Value album on songs like Release featuring Justin Timberlake and Bounce featuring Dr. Dre & Missy Elliott.

For the first time, Six2 talks with Dubcnn writer Chad Kiser aka Noncentz about working with Dr. Dre, why we haven’t seen a Six2 solo album, working on Deuce & 2001, his relationship with D.O.C., and what projects he has coming, like the Southern Hydro project with Big Mike!

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Interview was done by phone in July 2008

Questions Asked By:
Chad Kiser

Interview Assistance: “Black” Chris Thompson

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Dubcnn: Take us back to how you met and started working with Dr. Dre?

Well I met Dre through Erotic D and D.O.C. I was working on a solo album with Erotic and he let Doc hear it, and they took it down to let Dre hear it. He was like ‘we need to get this cat to help me work on my sh-t!’ And he [D.O.C.] ended up signing me with him and got Dre to partner up with him.

Dubcnn: What was going through your mind when you realized that you were working on a Dr. Dre album.

Ah, it was a trip man! One minute I’m in the city hustling and shit and then the next I’m working on a track with this dude I see on TV all the time. I wasn’t as serious as I was now, I used to just do it around the neighborhood, but then cats like that liked my shit just as much as where I was from so that put a lil'’ fire under me.

Dubcnn: You must have liked the fact that you were on 2001, but were you disappointed that you were only on a couple of tracks? How many tracks did you record for that project?

Well, I did like 3 tracks, but everything changed from wanting to do that to my solo album. I recorded a gang of songs! I was in there recording three songs a night and that was tripping Dre out. He was like we got to put out his solo album as well some on mine.

Dubcnn: You and Hittman were featured on that album pretty heavily. Do you have any plans to work with Hittman again?

I lost contact with him after our tour was over. Back then everything started taking a turn, I mean my album was supposed to come out before Eminem’s.

Dubcnn: I did an interview with DOC a while back and he was saying that Deuce was supposed to be your solo album, but things didn’t work out. Can you elaborate on that?

Yeah, like you said it was supposed to be my solo album so I don’t know why he put his face on it *laughs* That kind of ran me hot. After the tour, I had missed like two cities, and Dre was like go ahead and turn yourself in that way they won’t come and get you off stage. I’m thinking while I was in there Doc was going to keep my spot for a solo album, but then Doc put it out with most of the songs on there.

Dubcnn: Did you write all the songs on that album?

There was one song called “Gorilla Pimpin’” that he wrote. I wasn’t too cool with letting somebody write something for me, but it’s not everyday that you get a chance to work with somebody like that on a record. Most motherf-ckers don’t even get the opportunity to f-ck with a dude like that.

Dubcnn: “Gorilla Pimpin’” was the same song on MC Breed's Flatline album, so how did all that come about.

When I was down here I felt that the song didn’t do as good as it should have, as far as the type of song that it was, so I told Doc that the song fits me more than him because of my background. It was saying Gorilla Pimpin’ and I was like it fits me more than it does Breed. I put my own lil' swag on it.

Dubcnn: On the song The Shit you worked with some legendary artists like Ice Cube, MC Ren and Snoop Dogg. What was that session like for you?

It was cool, man! With Cube being a legend, Ren and of course Snoop, I was cool just doing the hook; it didn’t matter that I didn’t have a whole verse, as long as I was able to shine on there with them cats.

Dubcnn: What’s up with them other Silverback cats like El Dorado and Uptight?

Yeah me and El-Dogg we are working on a new Gena Cide album that should be out sometime in August. As far as Uptight I haven't talked to him in like a year, but he was working on a solo album. Cadillac on some group shit me and El-Dog is doing. We also got a group called the G-Family. Really everybody just went their separate ways after the ball was fumbled.

Dubcnn: One of my favorite tracks off the Deuce album was the “Ghetto Blues” track, where it was infused with the “Soliloquy” track.

Yeah, Doc did that off of me, because I had already done the song with Erotic. As a matter of fact, that’s one the songs Doc had heard that I had already done it with Erotic, and it was just about shit that I was going through at the time. It just came out of nowhere, especially after I heard the beat Erotic gave me. It just fit and I just went with my heart.

Dubcnn: Looking back on that what are you thoughts now on that Deuce album.

It should have been promoted better than it was and I feel like a lot of bad moves were made as far as the people Doc had in control of it. They didn’t have enough experience. Dre wanted to put the album out! But at the time Doc’s greed messed up a lot of opportunities for people, just by being greedy. Sony ended up getting that record and he ended up being in the hole! That’s why I am glad he didn’t put my name on it like that. Because I would’ve been extra hot if it would have been my album, then he fumbled the ball and I’m in the hole with these motherf-ckers.

Dubcnn: Was there ever a track called XXX-Files with you and Doc?

Yeah, it was supposed to be like a skit that I based on the school house rock. I was doing it for fun just playing but cats started liking it. I wasn’t too thrilled about it, I was just in there playing. I might put it on something.

Dubcnn: How do you come up with some of your ideas for a song?

After I hear the beat, I usually just go in there and start talking and it just comes out. It’s basically how ever the beat makes me feel when I’m in the booth. I just go in there and let it out.

Dubcnn: When you get in there do you freestyle or do you just go in the booth and write.

It’s a lil' bit of both. If Timbaland or Dre want me to write something for them, then I will sit down, talk to them, get ideas and then write it out. But with me, I will just go in and have the engineer record me, and then if I don’t like something they’ll just put me back at that spot and let me record from there until I like everything and record a whole song.

Dubcnn: You were talking about the Timbaland project, what happened to that project.

Well, he called me down to Miami where he was working on a solo album. After he started working with me it turned from a solo album to a group album. It was me, Timbaland, Attitude, John Doe, and Ms Carrie. We did a gang of songs with him. Then when he got his deal back with Interscope or whoever, it went from the group project to his solo. A lot of those songs we did for him, he used those to get the deal back, and then used other sh-t we wasn’t on. I’d say 70% of the album my vocals was on. Me and Attitude co-wrote Timbaland’s parts. Then after he got the deal, he put out Nelly Furtado album and we were like what the hell happened to our sh-t?

While we were working on his sh-t, he said he wanted to do a solo album on me, so I started working on my sh-t at the same time working on his sh-t. To be real, I don’t think he had any intentions of doing our shit. I might be wrong, but the way things turned out, I doubt it. I wrote a song that he ended up selling to the Pussycat Dolls and I didn’t hear anything about it until it was time for them to start shooting the video. So, now I had to fight to get my percentage of that song. I got like three songs that are on the Timbaland project. There is one with him and Justin Timberlake called “Release” that I did get credit for and then I co-wrote a song called “Bounce” with him, Dre and Missy Elliott. I also co-wrote a song with him and Magoo called “Board Meeting”. A lot of the songs on there I had parts on but when I started fighting for my percentages on the Pussycat Dolls he started taking me off songs I guess because he was mad I was asking for my money.

Dubcnn: So do you still have any of these songs?

Yeah, I still have some that was supposed to be on his album and some that was from my solo. One of them, “Mean Walk”, I think they put out with Whoo Kid on a mix CD, that was supposed to be my first lil' solo song. There is the one song called “Lil Old Apartment” that was for Timbaland’s album, and one called “Let’s Get High”. He didn’t use any of those. A lot of the songs I was going to put on something and just leak them to try and get the buzz back.

Dubcnn: Do you have any mixtapes in the works?

I had one called “Mac-A-Roni and G’s” that’s on CD Baby. I ain’t had any more of those pressed up, really.

Dubcnn: Is there a full version of that song called “Last Call”?

Yeah, we are either going to put it on Erotic’s album or my solo. A lot of people wanted to buy it, like Greg Street. What’s slowed a lot of sh-t down for me was I didn’t really have the right team of people to work with. That’s how a lot of folks got my ideas, because a lot of stuff I hear out now got me in it, but they use they’re own lil' things in it. But I know my skeletons!

Dubcnn: What about Detox, can we look forward to seeing you on there

I been hearing that Dre wants me on there, but it’s the fact of going through Doc. So, I don’t know about that one. Him and Doc have a relationship where Dre don’t want to step on Doc’s toes, and Doc won’t just come out and tell Dre what’s up. That’s where they always bump heads at. A lot of songs they got on me, somebody put out a mix CD of the Detox album and it had like 3 songs that I did on there. So, I’m really just waiting to see if they are going to be for real.

Dubcnn: What about that track “Weed Snorting” on the Mac and Gs? Where did that song come from?

“A Day Like Today”?

Dubcnn: Yeah, was that a Dre beat?

Yeah, it was supposed to be on my solo album.

Dubcnn: There is a spot on there where it slows down is it supposed to be like that?

Yeah, we kind of screwed it up a lil' bit to try and give it that lil' south side twang. I have some songs I did with Dre, two of them, and I have Timbaland on one and of course I got Erotic on 4 or 5, and I have one produced by Jazze Pha.

Dubcnn: Do you have any unused beats from Dre or from that Deuce/2001 era that you haven’t used?

Yeah, I have some that Doc brought me that he said Dre was going to use for the Detox, and one from either the Busta Rhymes or Snoop albums. That song, “That’s That Sh-t”, Doc brought me the beat and said Dre was going to use it for Detox, but he wanted to see if I’d write a 16 and then Snoop was supposed to be on it. But when I heard the beat again, it was Snoop and R. Kelly.

Dubcnn: So the verse you wrote wasn’t on that song?

No, because I didn’t trust that Doc was going to do the right sh-t with it.

Dubcnn: After the 2001, Timbaland, and the Deuce record how come you kind of laid low and didn’t try to capitalize off that.

I was getting held up by looking out for other motherf-ckers. I was postponing my album and was looking out for other motherf-ckers, instead of looking out for me and my own shit. I was thinking if I help these big names then it would be easier for me to get my own shit out. The sh-t just kept repeating!

I did an album with Big Mike called “Southern Hydro”. The cat that was doing that just didn’t have all the capital to put that sh-t out. We shot the video and sh-t like that. Me and Mike are going to put it out independent, so it should be out early next year. That’s going to be a bad motherf-cker, too! What I am really concentrating on right now is my album with Erotic because that’s what I should have been doing from the jump and we had people come in and try to stop us from doing what we were supposed to be doing. We got the Gena Cide album with me and El-Dog. I got a mix CD from these cats from Dallas Ft. Worth. I got an album I’m doing with mostly females, on some pimp sh-t!

Dubcnn: For some of those that don’t know, tell me a lil' bit about that OG Gena Cide group.

The Gena Cide consists of me and El-Dog, the first album we put out was called “Waste Uva Cular” back in ’93-’94. Then the second was called “Mixed Up Murder”. That’s before I hooked up with Dre or any of them. I wasn’t really as serious as I'm now, I mean we were serious, but we didn’t have as much know-how as we do now. When we started doing sh-t, Doc was trying to get me to go up and work with Dre and try to go over and work with Death Row, but I felt like they were trying to split us up. But we have a new album that we should be dropping in August.

Dubcnn: What kind of features and production do you have on that?

With the production we’re mostly working with Erotic, but we’re trying to use a lot of cats that are down this way that need to be heard. We got a track from Cutta, and one from E-Man. With the features, we got tracks with Twisted Black and as a matter of fact, free Twisted Black! Yeah, Six2 said that! We are working with other artists like Awol, Maniac, Cube, Cadillac Seville, and that’s about it as far as the features on that one.

Dubcnn: Do you have any collabs coming up with Devin the Dude?

I got this one on the Southern Hydro album with me, Big Mike and Devin the Dude called ”Spread Yo’ Hustle”, it go hard, too!

Dubcnn: What about Pimp C? Did you ever work with him?

Yeah, I got this one that I did with me, Big Mike and Pimp C called “Up Close & Personal”, and I wanted to take all the bread made from that and donate it to Pimp's family. I got a problem with people who try to put out shit after people passed away to make money off them, that’s why I want to give it to his family.

Dubcnn: That about does it, do you have anything that you want to say to the fans?

Yeah, watch out, your boy Six2 is coming! So watch out! I got the solo album I’m doing with Erotic. I got the group album coming out. I got a lil'’ surprise for the ladies. I’m trying to drop them like hot cakes!




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