interview SNOOP DOGG [Part 1] (July 2006) | Interview By: Nima

  Dubcnn has once again aligned with the King of the Westcoast; the man that brings it together, that pushes the boundaries that others fail to attain. Snoop Dogg is back on dubcnn for his most indepth interview ever - not just online, we believe its safe to say he's never spoken to any other outlet in such a candid way. In this interview which totals over an hour we spoke to Snoop Dogg about everything imaginable - this is another dubcnn exclusive interview not to be missed. Due to its size we will be splitting the interview into four parts; below is Part 1. Stay tuned for Part 2.

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Our thanks go out to Snoop for allowing us to speak with him to provide you, our readers, with the interview you have all been waiting for. As Snoop said last year;
"Dubcnn: Where they give it to you raw & exclusive"

Interview was done on July 24th 2006

Questions Asked By: Nima

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Wassup Nephew?

Dubcnn: Chillin' man. How you been?

I'm all good! So what it do nephew?

Dubcnn: You know, I saw that little video where you were saying that dubcnn needs some real Snoop Dogg shit on there so I thought we could make that happen!

Yeah! You getting good feedback on the [My Peoples] record?

Dubcnn: Alot of people that post on our forums, they real Hip-Hop heads, they still listening to the old school stuff, and they like this "My Peoples" because you just spitting on there. They like to hear you giving it up for the West Coast, basically, it's getting real good feedback and hyping them up for the new album!

So all this shit I've been slipping out to them, it's been like some hood shit where a nigga really getting his rap on, as opposed to just being so laid back and doing the Snoop Dogg shit. I was like fuck it, I'ma show them some lyrical content.

Dubcnn: That "Vato" track got some good feedback aswell...

We got B-Real on it now, so it sounds REALLY good now!

Dubcnn: He's doing the chorus?

Oh my god! Then I did a remix where I had Diamonique on there, and I got a couple of other Ese rappers that's on there, so we can put that Black & Brown together out here. I keep telling niggas, when you trying to put the West Coast together, it ain't just Bloods & Crips. You gotta get the
Mexicans too. If you don't have them it's not gonna be right. We always been fuckin' with them from day one, so you know what it is. And I just put together two more groups!

Dubcnn: Yeah that Western Union with Bad Lucc, Damani & Soopafly.

Yep, I put them together, and I got Warzone. Oh my god. You think my shit is super gangsta? Shit, I gave them niggas like... See it's shit that I can do with other people that I can't do for my record. Sometimes my fans don't understand the depth of Snoop Dogg. When I get on other niggas records for example when I did the Eastsidaz record, I could really get my gangsta crip on, on they record! Because it's that style of record! A Dogg Pound record, I can really do it this way. But on a Snoop Dogg record I gotta do it the way that I do it.

But I'll say this, on this Warzone and this Western Union record, these niggas got some brand new West Coast shit that muthafuckas is NOT ready for. The shit is right man, it's a good combination when you got Goldie Loc, Kam & Eiht, then you got Bad Lucc, Damani & Fly. These are all good rappers that can handle their own by theyself, but putting them together in a group just makes them a team, it's more structured and organized. I felt like, me bringing them niggas together would make it easier for them as solo artists to get a solo deal, as opposed to just throwing them out there solo wise. You know the game is not really fuckin' with West Coast right now. We gotta make ya'll fuck with us through unity.

If ya'll see us moving together, then ya'll gotta give us a little more respect like "You know what, we gonna fuck with the West Coast, it's cool, everybody from the West is on the same page." As opposed to "We can only fuck with Snoop and Dre cause everybody else don't like each other. I don't
wanna make Game mad, or I don't wanna make him mad, I don't wanna make Suge mad.." Now niggas is like "Man, Snoop Dogg took the lead and said fuck all that shit. If he say everything is cool, then everything is cool. Any nigga that disses a nigga from the West Coast, I don't fuck with him! And if I don't fuck with you, guess what, you ain't solidified. It's either Dre or me that can stamp you out here. Niggas in the Bay can't stamp you. It's only me and Dre! And Dre ain't stamping nobody... *laughs* Not from the West, if you're keeping it real! He fuckin' with Busta, and all his lil Aftermath crew...

Dubcnn: He got Bishop Lamont...

Yeah but, have you heard a record from Bishop Lamont?

Dubcnn: Not yet.

Not yet... how many years you gonna say that? No, not yet.

Dubcnn: I heard Dre made him re-record one bar, 107 times. So they taking a long time...

Nah, that's just how he gets down. I went and did a song with the nigga, the nigga made me do each word, word for word, until I got it right. See what people don't understand is, when you dealing with Dr. Dre, you dealing with a perfectionist. It's like if you dealing with God. So you have to be perfection when you do a record with him, because his sound is right, his direction is right. Everybody ain't prepared for that! Specially if you new. That's a veteran look right there.

Dubcnn: People still waiting for that "Break Up To Make Up" record...

Man that's the record that I've been wanting to do with him, cause I felt like that record above Detox out and any other record that I wanted to do solo wise, because they ain't never seen me and him together on a whole record, but you always know that when we together we the best.

Dubcnn: Hopefully it will happen one day...

If we were to do it, it would be real big, but Dre is different. I always tell him, like I went there about a year ago and told him "You need to can that Detox record and just get on this Break Up To Make Up because niggas don't wanna hear about you being sober!" You know what I'm saying? That's what I told him as a friend, like "They love it when we bombed out, doing what we do! You getting old but you still gotta keep that young flavor." That's why I don't think it's coming out right right now, because don't nobody wanna hear him, not getting high!

Dubcnn: I think one of the reasons that you still get the respect that you get is because you can go and make a record with the Pussy cat Dolls, and at the same time you can go make a record with Bad Lucc and Damani, that's what makes you stand out.

A wide range, you gotta stay versatile. You gotta deal with different people. I'm like a chameleon, I can just get into any enviroment that I need to and just make sure it's right! But notice that I don't never do nothing that's harmful to my career. I'm not finna do nothing with no suckas, I just do shit with people that can enhance what I'm doing. The Pussy Cat Dolls look like a different look, but it's some bad bitches and we had fun doing the video!

Dubcnn: I feel you. But your new record, is it more West Coast'd out with West Coast features and beats? It's probably gonna be more universal right...

Man that muthafucka is West the fuck out. West the fuck out. When I tell you it's West out, it's West out. I even went and got Brotha Lynch Hung, MC Eiht, Ice Cube, I got Game, everything you want from the West... E-40, Too $hort, from the Bay all the way down!

Dubcnn: I heard about a song called "Candy"...

Oh my god. That's the B-Side on the single "Vato". It's me, E-40, Goldie Loc, Kam, Daz & Kurupt.

Dubcnn: Damn!

Produced by Rick Rock. It's vicious.

Dubcnn: That Western Union track been getting some good feedback too. That "I Don't Think So".

That's a track that I had for abou six months, I just threw the hook on it and it was supposed to be just me and Eiht. But I didn't like the way we were sounding on it so I eneded up getting them, and they KILLED it.

Dubcnn: Not alot of people do that trading bars, bar for bar.

Yeah but see that's old school! It's like, we gotta put flavor back in the game! That's one thing that's missing from the West, it's always based on us thinking ONE rapper gone bring it back. It ain't gonna be one nigga that's gonna bring the West Coast back. It's gonna be a team of us that's gonna bring it back. Realistically, I ain't never went nowhere, and that's the only reason why we still alive, cause one nigga been doing his thang. But imagine if I had 40-50 rappers always popping up on TV, videos, movies... Like that South shit right now, in Atlanta. You got so much shit coming out, that even the bullshit is getting play. You understand? Just because it's from that area! Alot of good shit that they making too, but alot of that bullshit gets play, and they wouldn't even give a nigga from the West an

Dubcnn: They on top right now, everybody gets their turn.

Yeah I ain't hating on them, they doing they thang! But when the ball swings this way, we ain't letting it go next time. I was holla'ing at Nas the other night. Me and him was just chopping game and I was like "You know what? Cuzz, look what's happening right now. The West and the East, we ain't even
in the game right now!" He was like "Yeah." I was like "I don't like it!" and he was like "I don't like it either!" I'm like "So what you and me need to do is a muthafuckin' movie, fuck a record! Let's make us a movie to show two bad niggas from the East and the West, and that would definitely bring that shit back home where it needs to be." So I'm waiting on him to get at me, and let me know what he wanna do on that tip. He's dope as fuck, and he's one of the East Coast niggas that... If it wasn't for Jay-Z, he'd be, hands down, the number one nigga in New York.

Dubcnn: Right! Alotta people rate him higher than Jay-Z too.

Yeah because of his content and what not. He gets that other look right there.

Dubcnn: He's deep.

Yeah, and at the same time he actually gave him the business with that "Ether". So anytime you challenge the king and you can really stand in there and squab with him, like Holyfield and Mike Tyson, shot the crowd with some shit like that. It's not ironic that they cool now, nigga didn't want no
more problems!

Dubcnn: I think ya'll can move some things, if ya'll really drop that "Warzone", that "Western Union", we just had "Cali Iz Active", and then that "Blue Carpet Treatment", that's gonna be alot of West Coast records...

Man, you know what? Just to put it out there, I'm gonna go ahead and say it, cause I know you gonna blast the shit out there... They're about to make me the C.E.O. of Koch West. It ain't even no Koch West out here so you know what that means. I'm getting everything from thee muthafuckin' West, Brotha Lynch, B-Real, Xzibit, fuckin' whoever needs a muthafuckin' deal coming straight through me, and I'm putting that shit out.

Dubcnn: That sounds good man. Something alot of people always wanna know about is your relationship with Tray Deee. You just shouted him out on the song "My Peoples". Do ya'll talk? What's up with you and Tray Deee?

Nah, we don't talk, but that's one of my big homeboys. When he went down, he was intoxicated on them drugs and shit, his mind wasn't where it was supposed to be at. Me as a grown man, and I love him and I respect him, once he sobers all the way up, he gets his head on square, he'll know and
understand how much his lil homeboy loves him and looked out for him.

That's why I keep a good spirit, even with the "Ups & Downs" song, when I told everybody, "Nah, that's the homie for life." Just giving niggas a positive vibe as opposed to saying "Nah, fuck that nigga, I don't fuck with that nigga!" That ain't the way I feel. Even though at one part of my career
I felt like that cause we was always clashing. But, I'm a forgiving individual and I feel like, what he's going through right now is enough, I don't want to add more trouble to him, I wanna be a relief for him, and let him know he still got loved ones out here that's pushing him, supporting him, and I'm there for him. I'm a real nigga, you know what I mean? I don't step on niggas when they get down, I try to help them up when they get down.

Dubcnn: You got something new with Kokane on the album?

Nah, but Kokane came through though, I haven't put him on the record yet. He came by the studio and was pouring his heart out. He was in violation aswell, alotta niggas was in violation, just talking bad about me, not wanting to be with me. Then they realised that once they leave me, they ain't shit! It is what it is, I say it like that cause I muthafuckin' mean it. Every nigga that was with me, listen to how they sound, and then listen to what they sound like when they not with me. Garbage, horrible. You can't name a hit record that none of them niggas that was with me, that ain't with me now, that they made on they own! That goes for all of them!

That's why I was like, you know what? I'ma be the bigger man in this situation. Ya'll don't even see how ya'll fuckin' ya'll money up. Everybody loves Snoop Dogg, so if ya'll don't love Snoop Dogg, don't nobody love you. So you not gonna get no fame, you not gonna get nobody to support you, that's not the move no more. Suge Knight spent 8-9 years trying to make people hate me. That's not gonna work! What I put out is what I get! I put out love, so I get love.

Even Jayo Felony, I seen cuzz in San Diego like three days ago, brought him to my studio, we did some music, and now me and cuzz is loved up, and I'm thinking about putting his shit out! And niggas know me and him had problems! You feel what I'm saying? I can get him a lot of love, because he
was willing to forgive me for what I did. Even though I don't think I was in violation, but still, any time contact is made, it's kinda hard to forgive a nigga. So we moved past that, I'm just a changed individual on that tip. Anything from the West, I ain't clashing with you. I'd rather roll with you my nigga! It ain't that I'm scared of you... Somebody just gotta be the bigger fish in the situation, and really make the shit what it's supposed to be!

Dubcnn: You made alot of people squash they beefs, Daz had beef with so many people, and he been really calming down.

Yeah because he understands that he's not gonna win if he's at it with people. If you got a problem with a nigga, go get at him! The fuck is you gonna waste a song talking about him for?

Dubcnn: That's all postive shit that you're saying, it's a positive movement, I hope everybody gets with it. Because, you know, the Western Conference that you did, it was a real good idea. But I felt like, after a few months, alot of people kind of forgot about it already...

You can hear Snoops answer to that question as well as more talk regarding The Game/Spider Loc, Dr. Dre, the new albuim "Blue Carpet Treatment" and much more in Part 2. Stay tuned to dubcnn.



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Full Interview Audio Here [Part 1]




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