interview SNOOP DOGG [Part 4] (July 2006) | Interview By: Nima

  Dubcnn has once again aligned with the King of the Westcoast; the man that brings it together, that pushes the boundaries that others fail to attain. Snoop Dogg is back on dubcnn for his most in-depth interview ever - not just online, we believe its safe to say he's never spoken to any other outlet in such a candid way. In this interview which totals over an hour we spoke to Snoop Dogg about everything imaginable - this is another dubcnn exclusive interview not to be missed. Due to its size we will be splitting the interview into four parts; below is the fourth and final part.

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Interview was done on July 24th 2006

Questions Asked By: Nima

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Dubcnn: I really didn't think it was gonna happen again after I heard the record with Justin Timberlake. I thought okay, this is a different Snoop Dogg now. But you seem to kind of be going back to the old, Snoop DOGGY Dogg.

Yeah I never left! But you gotta understand one thing. Pharrell has been driving my career for the past two years, and nobody even knows that. When I go to the studio with him he's like my Dr. Dre. That R&G record, he basically put that on me, like "You know what nigga, you a bad muthafucka, we gonna make these kind of records on this album. We gonna make these kind of songs. Get Justin in here, get this in here." I was with it! I was like "nigga whatever". And with the Justin Timberlake song, I won a European MTV Award, and an Australian MTV Award. Never won a MTV Award outside of America with any other song I made. I won two with that one fuckin' song.

Then the song was number one on the fuckin' UK charts for three weeks, then my song "Step Yo Game Up" was number five on the Australian charts for five weeks, so it's like that record wasn't a soft ass record. It's just the looks that you see, when you seen Let's Get Blown, and Justin Timberlake. But that was one or two songs! But it was shit on that muthafuckin' record like "Can I Get A Flick Witchu", it was gangsta shit on that muthafuckin' record! I never lose my touch, it's just all about what I put out. What you see if what you believe. That was a great look for me because what it did was, it showed the white folks that I could do they style of music. How else can I get a song with the Pussycat Dolls, or Mariah Carey, if I didn't show that I had that in me. You understand what I'm saying?

Dubcnn: But on this new record, you pickin' the hood over the top spot at the European Music Awards and shit like that?

I mean that shit felt funny man, because I got there late right? The niggas just told me I was presenting an award. I got there late with some house-shoes on and some sweats and tank top. Then the muthafucka told me "Snoop Dogg, you won an award, they finna call your name right now!" As soon as I got out the car! It's like 10,000 fans screaming for me and I didn't even know this shit was gonna happen! So I win my award, and after I win my award, I come back to present an award, they screaming like a muthafucka! I'm like "Man this is some other shit over here!" The little Justin video, muthafuckas is loosing it I'm like "Uh oh, okay. I see what I done did!" I done did stepped into Justin's world, and brought his world to mine!

See niggas don't know how to do that, how can you connect another mans world, and make it yours? Now instead of me having three million fans, I got 13 million fans! What's wrong with that? Snoop Dogg is the most likeable, lovable gangsta rapper you ever wanna meet. But at the same time he can become ugly and gorilla and gangsta too. But it's no need to show that face, this is business right? I'm in it to win it man, like I said, I'm in it for the game.

I always tell niggas, I coulda went on some Snoop Dogg shit and just said "Ay Dre, do my next record." and just lock down and be like "Fuck all yall I got the hottest shit on the West, and I'm the reason bla bla bla". But I'm not selfish. I coulda smashed everythang and did that. Cause he's at my disposal. But I'd rather fuck with other producers, other artists, and just give niggas an opportunity that I feel deserve it. Cause I fuck with Dre, it's not gonna be Terrace Martin, it's gonna be Battlecat, it's not gonna be Soopafly. All these niggas is gone! It's gonna be Dr. Dre produced by. Even if ya'll produced it! You feel what I'm saying?

Dubcnn: It's crazy you say that though. A lot of people been saying that for a long time.

Nah, but when I say that, it's not disrespect, because them niggas will bring a track that sounds cool, but when he's finished with it, that muthafucka is immaculate. Like for example if you were to hear the Stevie Wonder song that Busta Rhymes brought to Dre before Dre touched it, you would think it's two different songs.

Dubcnn: But he still should get some production credit though.

But, at the same time, Dre didn't take that from Sha Money. And when he was doing that for niggas back in the days, they didn't deserve to have their name in the game like that, because he did all of the work! So what you found a sample and you got a cool little drum file, but he brought the shit to life, so he really produced the track! Producing is bringing the track to life! Beatmakers make beats. A lot of niggas make beats. He produces tracks. So that ain't disrespect what I'm saying. I'm just telling you what's real.

I seen him make tracks from scratch. My whole record the nigga made damn near everything from scratch. "Ain't No Fun", Daz and Warren G brought him the little *sings melody*, that's all they had! Dre took that muthafucka to the next level! Warren G brought in the Donny Hathaway, "Little Ghetto Boy, laying in the ghetto streets." Dre flipped it like "Hold on, gimme that!" Took that muthafucka and made it straight hit!

Dubcnn: So you're saying it's wrong that Daz or Warren G would claim that they didn't get the credit they deserved on The Chronic or Doggystyle?

I'ma say it like this: they didn't deserve the credit back then because they didn't do the work. They made beats, Dre produced that record. Point blank, and I'd say it in they face. They made beats, cuzz produced the record. If you a real nigga in the rap game, you'll understand what I'm saying. I can make a beat, but I can't produce! I can make a beat, but can I tell a nigga what to rap about, can I tell him when to come with the hook? Can you break the beat down? That's what producing is.

Dubcnn: Right, but if I brought in the beat, I would still want my name somewhere.

But, if you brought in the beat, that's all you did, was brought in the beat. You didn't produce this record. This song says "Produced by" not "brought in the beat by". Keep it real! So that's what niggas got wrong, and they started pointing fingers and try to bad mouth him, when in actuality Dre doesn't need ya'll, ya'll needed him! Because this shit ya'll learned from him, that made ya'll better producers. He didn't learn shit from ya'll! See that's what niggas don't understand! Before The Chronic, how many hit records did Dre have before that? Everything he made was a hit record right?

Dubcnn: Right.

How many hits did Warren G make, how many hits did Daz make? None. None. Okay now, look at the tracks that they produced on The Chronic. Did they have any records like that by theyselves? No. You answer the question for me!

Dubcnn: Maybe on Dogg Food?

Come on man! Dogg Food was produced by Soopafly, Daz and Dr. Dre!

Dubcnn: Dre mixed it right?

No, Dre produced a lot of that shit! I'm telling you, Daz and them brought Dre beats, and he produced the muthafuckas! "What Would You Do" was just a beat that Daz had did. That "bu-bump, bu-bump", the nigga Dre put all that shit on it, that *sings* What would you do, whaa *sings* just to give it that other shit! I'm telling you what I know man! Niggas gotta give Dre the ultimate respect. Niggas try to bash him and cut his knees down like he didn't do nothing nigga, he's the saviour man! Because what he did was, he showed niggas how to produce. Because niggas was good at making beats, but he showed you niggas how to produce! If ya'll had really did what ya'll say ya'll did, ya'll woulda put records out that sold 3-4 million on your own, like he did. I still have to see it!

All the records that they put out solo wise, GARBAGE. Warren G's last record, HOT TO DEATH. The records in between, I don't know. And these are my homeboys, I don't lie to you, I tell it like it is!

Dubcnn: You don't like the Retaliation, Revenge & Get Back?

He was dissing me!

Dubcnn: I know, but it was still a good record!

I don't give a fuck! I don't like records with niggas dissing me! What I look like man? I didn't smash him though. I had a record I did with Mack 10 that woulda shut is whole career down. I told him and I let him hear the record, I told him "Nigga, I'm gonna let you get away with this cause you're my little cousin, and you rolling with Suge. I'ma let you get away with it." But in actuality I shoulda smashed his ass and kicked him out of the game, but that ain't the type of nigga I am! I love Daz and I know he was brainwashed! That would've been Suge's goal, to make two niggas lose for the price of one. So that's why I say I never really listen to that record cause I know the nigga was dissing. But it didn't sell no units!

Dubcnn: It went gold..

It didn't go gold. They bought 300,000 copies of that record. See you didn't know that though.

Dubcnn: Nah I didn't know that. That's some crazy shit.

I keep my ears to the streets man. I'm glad you're hollering at me though, my nigga! Cause I feel like ya'll niggas is like the connect to what we do. I'm thankful for ya'll, because if it wasn't for ya'll it wouldn't be nobody really representing this West shit and giving both perspectives. A lot of internet companies just want to promote violence and keep niggas at it.

But ya'll giving up both sides, like "Yeah I will fuck a nigga up, but I'm not trying to fuck a nigga up." As opposed to just printing "Yeah Snoop said he gone fuck all of ya'll up!" Like even the Spider Loc shit, the way I said it, it sounds like it's confrontational but it's not! It's just like nigga you need to wake up and get on some cool shit, instead of trying to disrespect the game. The game gotta be on some positive shit! I don't like Suge, he doesn't like me, but when I see him in the club, I don't fuck with him, he don't fuck with me! We just go our separate ways, it should be like that man. It shouldn't be "I'ma make a record about you" cause now my homeboys is looking at you like "We gotta do something to you." And the homies ain't got careers. The homies ain't got a B.E.T. interview to do tomorrow. So they ain't got nothing to lose. So why put them in a position where they gonna risk losing everything? Where you gone risk losing everything.

Before you even get in the game! Nobody even knows you Spider, all we hearing about you is negative shit! Get a hit record out there! I heard him on the video game, the Madden song, that's a cool little song, that "Don't Make Me Angry", I heard him on the NBA live shit, do that kind of shit my nigga! Do shit where niggas can respect you! Cause on some gangsta shit, we all gangsta out here! That don't have nothing to do with what we're trying to put down right now. We on peace right now. Peace always smashes war. Always.

Dubcnn: We gonna see what G-Unit does with him. I hope they put 40 Glocc out!

Well, that's one of my little homies that used to hang out at the Dogghouse, and sit on the sideline, getting him some game, soaking up game. Like I said, I've been the bridge for everybody as far as letting niggas just come and sit around me and get game, then roll and try to do they thang or what not! He used to sit at my house every muthafuckin' day. He never got on the mic, just wanting to get on the mic! Same with Damani, Damani used to come to my studio in Hollywood everyday! Just waiting to get on a song. It's niggas that do that right now! I got a little homie named A.B., that is in the studio with me everyday. I just let him get on a song and he killed that muthafucka.

I'm like Phil Jackson when I go down that bench, I'm not gonna put you in if I don't feel you deserve to be in! I'm on the first team right now. When I get through with the first team, I'll look on the bench and get you in. But when I put you in, your game gun better be loaded!

Dubcnn: That's real!

Snoop Dogg is on some peace shit this year. I'm on bringing the West back. If it sounds disrespectful, take it the way you wanna take it. I'm trying to get everything in order right now, structured. We need to get everybody on one page on the West. I got this crippin' in one page, we gotta get them Bloods on one page, get the Ese's on one page. We get everybody on the same page and we pushing this West Coast shit. Even if I don't like, if I don't love you, it's still mutual respect. It's gotta be respect first. I'm not gonna disrespect you, because first of all, I know you'll get busy like I'll get busy. So why should we get busy if it's gonna ruin everything we're trying to put out? So we gonna leave that to the side and just make records. If I got a problem with you I'll get with you on some real shit.

Dubcnn: We just tell it like it is man, I print that shit word for word.

You know I know what's happening! Even if you did twist it, I'm a gangsta, nigga! *laughs* You know what I'm saying? I ain't got no problems running from nobody, niggas see me, I'm everywhere. I'm out and about. That's the word now! "We done seen Snoop in the club! All this week! That niggas back in the hood again!" Yeah nigga, I'm way back in the hood again! Wayyy back in the hood again, on some real shit. Niggas ain't never seen me mash when I get ready to mash. I never mashed for Long Beach, I never just put my city in the game and said "All my niggas from Long Beach let's roll!" I always rolled with niggas that ain't from my hood, cause my niggas is STUPID! But now, it's time to get stupid! I'm letting my niggas be a part of this, and now ya'll finna really feel the wrath of Long Beach!

Dubcnn: That was a lot of game you just spit. We just did a one hour piece.

Ay, that's what it's gotta be my nigga, and it didn't even start off as that! It's real. Even niggas like Crooked I, he might take it wrong the first time he reads it, but then once he reads it the second time, I think he'll understand what I'm saying. A nigga never really hated him, it's just when you from Long Beach, and you niggas that ain't from Long Beach dissing you, that kind of put a foul taste in your mouth. So it's kind of hard to forgive him, rather than forgiving niggas like Daz. Niggas feel like "Well Daz cut you more, he did this and that" But Daz is my cousin. I know Daz, he's really from the hood, so that kind of shit is acceptable when you know where a nigga comes from. But a nigga that ain't from your turf, you can't really see him doing that to you, without you doing something back to him.

But I'm forgiving and I forgave him, and I'm not tripping. I seen him at the Russell Simmons little peace rally at USC, and I know he thought I was gonna do something to him, cause he was in there by hisself, and I was with about twenty of my niggas. I went up to him and shook his hand, and told him "Cuzz, I ain't even trippin' with you." Cause I know what it feels like to be smashed, I've been smashed before by five or six niggas by myself. I know what feeling feels like. That ain't cool. I don't bring that to niggas unless they really deserve it.

Dubcnn: Before we end this off, lets get a few more words on Blue Carpet Treatment. Why did you choose that title?

This new record I got, The Blue Carpet Treatment, the reason I call it that, is because you gotta roll out the carpet to present all this other shit. My record is gonna present everything else that we're coming with on the West. I'm the carpet. You usually walk down the red carpet and get pictures, now you gotta walk down the blue carpet treatment. Everything else gonna follow.

Dubcnn: You said you worked with Dre, is that gonna be on the record?

Yeah yeah, we got a record, a vicious record. This record is very controversial. On some controversial shit, I don't even wanna give it away. It ain't on no getting at niggas, but just on some controversial shit.

Dubcnn: Alright man, I appreciate you sitting down and talking to us.

All the time man, I'm the Don of the West Coast man, Ice Cube is my Godfather, Dr. Dre is my Godfather, and Ice T is the originator of this gangsta shit. But at the same time, I'm the new boss. I'm the new Al Capone. I'm the new John Gotti, I'm the Teflondon, it's my world. And I run it the way I run it. I don't run it like they did, but I still respect them and what ever they did, they put that shit inside of me to where I am who I am today.

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