interview THE D.O.C.  (April 2008) | Interview By: Chad Kiser

Dubcnn is back with Part 2 of the D.O.C. interview! Last week, D.O.C. talked to us about Detox, Mel-Man and N.W.A and much more. Today in Part 2 D.O.C. chops it up with us about Silverback, his relationship with MC Breed, tells us the latest on Nate Dogg, and of course we talk a little more Dr. Dre, Detox, The Game, Ice Cube, MC Ren and much more!



Interview was done by phone in April 2008

Questions Asked By:
Chad Kiser

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Dubcnn: So whatís up with Silverback, and more specifically Six-Two and the cats you had with that?

Six-Two is still in Texas. I havenít had an opportunity to really deal with Six-Two since. A lot of those guys was really upset with me because they really wanted to take that trip with Dre. They didnít appreciate me taking the record from him. But it was my record. Once I put this thing back together with the good Doctor, I might be able to reach back and grab them and all those young guys, and try it again. When I do records from now on, Iíma send my shit through Aftermath. If it ainít going through Aftermath...

Dubcnn: If it ainít through Aftermath, youíre not touching it, huh?

Probably not, Ďcause Iím not in it for fun no more. It used to be for the love, the art, the rap, blah, blah. But now, itís because itís a billion-dollar business, and it owes me.

Dubcnn: You worked with Breed on more than a few of his projects. How did that relationship come about?

I met Breed through a mutual friend that I grew up with. Breed is a, my Zodiac sign is Gemini, Breedís a Gemini, too, and he has a lot in common with me: Heís a damn fool, heís a damn drinker, and a damn weed smoker. He loves to do all those things all the time, just like I do. So we can hang out together and kick it. Heís a good n-gga! Heís a good...if he couldíve been from Texas, heís a good country n-gga. He can cook his ass off. Heís a great friend. I love him. Thatís my brother.

Dubcnn: Do you have any updates for us about Nate Doggís condition after his stroke?

I heard that Nate Dogg is doing well. I havenít had a chance to see him, but I talked to Kurupt. Kurupt said he was doing good. I talked to G-Dub, and G-Dub said he was alright, donít worry about him heís going to be straight.

Dubcnn: Any plans to get him on the Detox record?

You know what? I donít know. But I wouldnít put it past Dre. All the usual suspects that you would think should be there, Iím fighting for them to be there. Usually I get my way.

Dubcnn: What about those suspects we would want to see on there like a Cube, or a Ren. Like a little NWA type track?

I donít know about that one. Thatís a stretch. I think you might have to wait for my record for that one.

Dubcnn: Why donít we get many Cube, Dre & Ren collaborations?

Well, thatís between those guys. They each got their lives, and they all doing well. Itís like 3 cooks in a kitchen, they ainít got to be in the kitchen together, they straight. But I do believe when it comes to my record, Iíll be able to pull some shit off to be able to give the world some dope-ass shit. At least we know if Iím writing it, itís going to all be dope!

Dubcnn: Do you have any specific ideas for this upcoming album yet?

I wrote Dre a song called...no Iím not going to...I almost let it go!

Dubcnn: Címon, man!

No, No!

Dubcnn: Just a little exclusive, dog??

That n-gga would have been pssed OFF! But I just write songs that feel good to the drums I get. Iím a thinker. I write shit that is going to appear to be thought-provoking. I wrote a song for myself; actually I wrote this song for my album. In my mind I wrote it a year ago. In my mindís eye, I wrote it for Kanye West to sing. Itís a song called ďAmerica The Beautiful.Ē Itís a song about a mother, and her 6 kids. Thereís a brother named Saddam, there are 2 twins called World War I and World War II, thereís an adopted pair of twins that are black that wear red & blue rags in their pocket, and the youngest child is named Freedom. And at the end of the song, America kills her child. America kills Freedom at the end of the song.

Dubcnn: Damn.

I know *laughs*. Rappers donít really want to go there, but Ďcause Kanye said ďGeorge Bush donít like black people..Ē I thought that that would be a really cool idea. And he has the Jesus Walks song, I thought that would be a really good idea for me to get that message out through him, and they would be able to accept it. It really is just a song thatís telling you that shit ainít all itís cracked up to be out here, if you open your eyes and pay attention. Shit is kind of fucked up.

Dubcnn: So is this a song that youíre keeping for your album now?

Yeah. You canít put that on a Dre album because it donít match. If you hear Dre rapping about the government, then you know the world is over.

Dubcnn: Do you have any plans to be involved with Game, or have you been involved with Game?

No, I havenít up until this point, but I have a lot of love and respect for Game. If he ever reached out, Iíd be there. Now, I did reach out to Game about being on my record. Of course he said it would be an honor, but he spent most of his time talking about you just make sure not to leave him out of Detox. I told him Iím not going to let that happen. Iím from Texas, but Iím very connected to west coast rap, and Game means a lot to it. Iím going to represent for west coast rapping, fa sho. Where Detox is concerned, itís going to feel like a traditional west coast record, if I got anything to do with it. itís going to feel like a traditional west coast record, but itís going to have, you know, the rhymes are going to be universal. Big. The one word I would use is: Big. Every song is big.

Dubcnn: Is still along the lines of that 12-step program, or has it taken a whole other direction?

I canít tell you that! Because if I tell you that itís going to throw off the whole record; Iím giving it away!

Dubcnn: Whatís going on with Dre, Game and 50 Cent. All that beef over there.

Dreís not really into drama. Heís not really into bullshitting; heís into making records. We love all the young guys. We love Game, 50, Eminem, Snoopy and wish that they would love each other Ďcause all that other shit is unnecessary. Nobody gets no money from that. Iím not really into beef because Iím actually far from what you would call a thug nigga. All that thug shit is cool, you know, to a certain extent, but when itís not needed itís annoying. You niggaz donít scare me, so I wish you would just talk to me, Ďcause all that other shit is just bullshit.

Dubcnn: I picked up this Bruce Williams Book, ďRolliní With DreĒ. Have you had a chance to check that out yet?

I heard about that; I havenít read it. Iím not really interested in that. Iím not against any of these guys, I want them to make their money, but I cannot endorse any information in the book. That book is bullshit *laughs!* Iím just joking, man, but I donít know about that shit. I ainít got no time for that shit. The guyís trying to make him some money, I guess, itís all good.

Dubcnn: Yeah, heís apparently been an associate of Dreís for about 20 yearsÖ

Heís been around for a long-ass time, ainít no question about that. But not on a level with that book because thatís a little over and beyond. He never had a job where he made any difference in any of the creative shit that went on around there. He was just Dreís people, you know?

Dubcnn: He had mentioned in the book that you had also wrote a version of ďStill D.R.E.Ē, that was almost exactly like Jigga version that was used. How close were the two songs really?

Aw, man, shit I canít even remember that far back. We go through so many songs! The way we do it around here, itís like a family kind of thing. We all put in our bits and pieces to make the best product we can make. We donít really care who did what, we just want the song to be the shit!

Dubcnn: Is it true that the role Ice-T played in New Jack City was initially intended for you?

Iím not sure, but maybe. I had to go audition for it, but it was after the wreck, and I just wasnít in a place where I could do it.

Dubcnn: Thereís a little bit of curiosity about the song ďBridgetteĒ. Is that a No One Can Do It Better leftover?

Yeah, that was a leftover from the No One Can Do It Better days.

Dubcnn: During that time, were there any other recordings done for that album, or the NWA albums for that matter?

Me and Dre was just talking about this shit the other day, but Iím not sure if thereís any other shit that we did. To my best recollection, we only did those songs that you heard, plus Bridgette. Itís like every song I did, we used it.

Dubcnn: Have you, or Dre, ever thought about doing a ďLost TapesĒ type of album, where there would be unreleased NWA or Death Row songs put out?

I donít think that you would hear any of that kind of stuff because theyíre not really in to the past, they into the new shit. But once I start working on my record, Iím hoping that I can go back to Tomica and that sheíll allow me to go though a lot of that old stuff and see if I can find some shit thatís never been used.

Dubcnn: So she may be sitting on some sh-t then?

I donít know! Maybe..

Dubcnn: Ok. We know you wrote for Dreís Chronic album, Snoopís Doggystyle, is there anything else you were involved in during that Death Row era that we may not know?

I was all over that stuff! I was all over the place! Just being in the room, or in there when the shit is being created and putting my little two-cents in here and there like, ďno, it should go like thisĒ or ďno, you should do it like that.Ē Really, no more or no less than that.

Dubcnn: You also helped on Snoopís Blue Carpet Treatment as well, right?

I got 4 songs on that one: Thatís That Sh-t, Round Here, Imagine and I canít remember the other one.

Dubcnn: There was one on there that, ďThink About ItĒ, that I thought might have been you.

Nah, that wasnít me. I would never write Snoop some shit that didnít sound like Snoop. Itís going to sound like classic Snoop if I wrote it. That was him at his best! Iím not really into all the new shit.

Dubcnn: I know you busy with that Detox record, so bang out that hot record with Dre, and then weíll look forward your new record after that.

ďVoices Through Hot VesselsĒ! Iíll be honest with you, I hate that name, but if thatís what the good Doctor wants to call that shit, and heís going to push the buttons, he can call that muthafucka ďWorld Wide Wonder WheelĒ if thatís what he want to, just put the bitch out!

Dubcnn: Aight DOC, it was a definite honor to talk with you, and I appreciate the time you took out to speak with us and keep us up-to-date.

I appreciate the love, kid!




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