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Dubcnn recently sat down to speak with T-Pain, we touched on his career so far, his work ethic, the collaboration with Mike Jones, the Nappy Headz, working with the Ambassador of the Bay Area, the king of slang, Mr. E-40 Belafonte as well as much more.

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Interview was done by phone in February 2006

Questions Asked By: Inspire

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Dubcnn: Aight first question, who has influenced you as an artist?

Uhm, it was my dad basically, he used to take me the studio with him when he used do music, he used to take me the studio with him and that kind of just rubbed off on me.

Dubcnn: Okay cool, when did you decide to start using the vocoder effect on your tracks?

Uhm, not too long ago. It was something that I was tryna do, I was basically just trying to make my voice an instrument for one of the songs that I was doing, because I couldn't really play the notes that I was trying to sing, but when I put that effect on it, it kind of made my voice another instrument.

Dubcnn: Was your sound influenced by Roger Troutman?

Nah, not really - It was just something that I was trying to do, I was looking for that effect for a long time and when I found it, I just kind of went crazy with it.

Dubcnn: Aight. How did you feel when you were discovered by a man whose song you were covering in the first place?

Uhm, it was crazy - I didn't think it was real, until he actually signed me, so that was kind of weird to me.

Dubcnn: When will the Nappy Headz double CD be dropping?

Uhm, it'll be pretty soon, it's still in the works right now, so we can't really give a date on it.

Dubcnn: Aight, and your still in full contact with them?

Definately, oh yeah - all the time.

Dubcnn: Okay. Who else is signed to Konvict/Jive records apart from yourself?

Well, we've got two new artists. J-Lyric and a new artist. I've got him on the road with me right now, doing shows with me, so he should be coming up pretty soon too.

Dubcnn: Aight. Was it your goal to become a singer rather than a rapper in the long run?

Not really, it was just something that happened, it wasn't really a goal, it just happened basically.

Dubcnn: Alright. What artists do you think are hot right now in the game?

Chris Brown definitely, and Ne-Yo, they're really sounding like the best right now to me.

Dubcnn: Aight. Have you got any plans to do a collaboration with Young Cash?

Young Cash? Definitely. We already got plans and they're going down already, we've been doing collaborations before I got signed, me and him got signed at the same time, we were already friends way before the record deal. I was doing tracks with him before I even thought about getting signed.

Dubcnn: Oh alright cool. Your album has a lot of Latin toned tracks, where does that inspiration come from?

That's just from me, you know what I'm sayin? It's all me, that's what came out of me, at that instant - that's kind of how I was feeling at that moment, it's just a lot of stuff, but it's all me.

Dubcnn: Alright. Do you have a favourite unofficial remix of the song, "I'm Sprung" ?

Yeah, it's one that came out in Miami, a girl named "Danger" did it, that was my favourite.

Dubcnn: Were you surprised on how fast "Robbery" from the Nappy Headz took off?

Yea that was great - that was real good, I felt like I had a deal without even having one, it was fantastic.

Dubcnn: Ok cool. How did you hook up with Mike Jones for "I'm in love with a stripper" ?

Urm, we were always trying to get on the phone together, so once I came up with that song, it was ??

Dubcnn: Aight, and the people want to know, are you really in love with a stripper? *laugh*

No! *laugh*, nah that was my homeboy, I took him to his first strip club after a show one night, and the song was really a joke.

Dubcnn: *laugh*. Any plans on performing at BET's "Spring Bling", in Daytona in March?

I hope so, I'm not really going to try and force it, you know what I'm sayin? I'ma wait and just, if they don't pick me this year then they're going to have to pick me next year basically. I don't wanna be like, yo yo, you've gotta pick me, I'm this good - I've been doing this...blah blah. When it happens man, they're going to have to do it.

Dubcnn: What are you planning on doing next? Are you planning on going back to the studio to do another album or..?

Definitely, I'm always in the studio. All the time - even when I'm on the road I've got a studio that I have on the tour bus.

Dubcnn: Okay. Will we be able to hear you on any other upcoming tracks from any other artists?

Urm, you can hear me on Charlie Wilson's album, Britney Spears', Nick Lachey, Joe's. Alot of them coming up.

Dubcnn: Cool - Who would you like to work with in the future?

Urm.. We'll be here all day - a lot of people like Busta Rhymes, Devin The Dude, Andre 3000. A whole lot of people.

Dubcnn: Aight. Your on E-40's new album. How was the collaboration process with that?

That was good, it was me, him and Lil Jon and that was a real good experience, just being in the studio with him.

Dubcnn: Okay. How has your life changed since you got a record deal?

Uhm, it hasn't really changed, there's just a lot more money - that's all.

Dubcnn: What is your ultimate career goal?

Just being able to sit back and make money, take care of my family. Hopefully.

Dubcnn: What other artists are listening to at the moment apart from yourself?

Really just Chris Brown. That's who I'm mainly listening to right now.

Dubcnn: Okay, Just wondering if you've got any last words for the fans?

Urm. Thanks for the support! Go cop the album.


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