interview TYRESE (PART 2)  (June 2007) | Interview By: Eddie Gurrola

Dubcnn is proud to present the second part of our mega video feature with Tyrese. In the second part of our interview, Tyrese speaks about a variety of different topics, including his in-studio chemistry with Kurupt, his experiences on tour, and the creation of the amazing title track from his recently released “Alter Ego” album. He also clues us in on the “Alter Ego Part 2” re-release, which will be in stores July 3rd. We cap the feature off with footage of a phone conversation between him and Busta Rhymes.

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Interview was done in May 2007.

Questions Asked By :
Eddie Gurrola

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Dubcnn: I wanted to talk about one track from your “Alter Ego” album. On the last track, “Alter Ego,” it seemed like you were going head to head with all of your alter egos, and that was a really awesome track. We were all talking about it on the forums on our site and everything. So, how did you go about writing that one?

You know what’s crazy? I physically wrote every song on my album, but that’s the only song that I didn’t touch a pen and a pad to. I sung that off the top of my head, I [came up with] all my rhymes and sung everything off the top of my head. I was at the vocal booth, and I never left the mic. I did that whole song [right there.] So, I knew then that that was some shit that had been on my mind for such a long time. It just flowed out of me – it just came out. What I did was, I recorded the record from top to bottom. I never like, did the end, and then came back to the beginning and all of that. I did the intro, first verse...I did the whole shit from front to back. It was crazy.

Dubcnn: So it just kind of all flowed out at once, basically?

It just all came out because this is some shit that I’ve been dealing with for a while. It’s called an identity crisis! I’m one man, but I do a lot of shit, and the world knows that I do a lot of shit. It had to be some shit going on in me, personality wise, where I’m able to go from a movie set to a stage performing the same night, [or] where I’m able to go run a company and have artists, and be a family man. It’s a lot of shit going on. There’s a few people that do all of this shit too, but not quite like me.

Dubcnn: You’ve got it covered on all fronts, man.

Why not?

Dubcnn: Kurupt was all over your album. He was on four tracks, I believe. So, we heard something about you guys doing a duo album together. Is that in the works?

It’s just a concept right now. We basically did a duet album on this album, because I’ve got him on so many of my joints. It’s definitely a strong concept, and we’re going to put it together. There will never be any chemistry like Black Ty and Kurupt, ever. I don’t care how you cut it up and chop it. I inspire him in a way that no one has ever inspired him, and the same for me. Even when I don’t feel like rhyming, and I don’t want to fuck with the mic, when he comes around, he just makes me pick my pen and pad up, and get it moving.

Dubcnn: Yeah, you guys seem to have a great chemistry on all the tracks we heard on the album. So, right now, you’re going to be on tour next week…

No, I’ve been on tour for the last five months. I’m home, and I’ve just got a few shows left from that actual tour. Then, it’s time to start promoting “Transformers,” and getting into that.

Dubcnn: When you’re doing the tour, have you been performing Black Ty songs also, or has it mainly just been the R&B stuff?

No, I’m doing Black Ty every night. It’s crazy, sometimes in the middle of an R&B song, they’ll start chanting, “Black Ty! Black Ty!” They want it. We’re about to shoot a video. The first Black Ty video is coming up. We’re about to do two or three – I want to do “Roses,” "Get Low” and “U Scared.” It’s gonna be exciting, because right now, it’s the summertime. Women want to be naked and wear shorts and little skirts. The fellas want to get their muscle game up. Me and Busta Rhymes finna go to the gym tomorrow, fuckin’ with 50 Cent man, this nigga’s muscle game is crazy right now. I gotta get back man, I’ve got to go get right. *Jokingly* 50 Cent, I’m coming for you! *Laughs*

Dubcnn: You’ve got your company, Headquarter Entertainment, as well. Last time you talked with us, you said it was nine different companies under one roof. So, what’s going on with that? Have you been developing more stuff for the company?

It’s always a progression. I think at the end of the day, that’s just a reflection of my personality – wanting to do so many things at the same time, [and] just being able to say [that] whether it works out or not, that you tried, and you gave it your best shot. At the end of the day, every blessing that is taken for granted becomes a curse. God wouldn’t bless you to have a talent or an idea for you not to execute [it,] because he could have given that idea to someone else.

Dubcnn: So, we’ve heard that you’re going to be working on a new album called “Black Rose” as well. Is that just going to be a Black Ty album?

“Black Rose” is “Black” for Black Ty, and then you’ve got “Rose” for the softer side of the album, the R&B.

Dubcnn: So, it’s going to be both hip-hop and R&B again?

Yeah, but it’s going to be all on one disc this time. I’ll do six or maybe seven songs of each.

Dubcnn: Are you working on that now?

Kind of, sort of, but no. It’s crazy, the way I do music. You’ve got some people that create and write their songs year round, but I don’t do that. For me, I feel that creatively, I know what I want to say, I know how I feel, and I just like music to be fresh to me. If you record a million records, and you just sit on them, then they used to be hot when you first did them, but they’re not hot any more. For me, emotionally, I don’t have nothing to say right now.

Dubcnn: I guess that’s a good way to approach it…

I ain’t got shit to say. I did close to 300 records for Black Ty. I was working every single day, doing like five or six songs a day. I had so many records, and I got so much shit off my chest, [that] I was almost depleted. So, you’ve got to let shit happen. You’ve got to get into new arguments with your girl, you’ve got to have new conflicts with the homies, you’ve got to travel and have shit happen, and that way you’ve got some shit to talk about. I’ve talked about everything that’s happened so far, so, other than that, now I’m just rappin’. Now, I’m just sitting in there like, “What rhymes with car? What rhymes with this?” Then you’re rappin’. I don’t rap...I’m an MC.

Dubcnn: So, you just mentioned you were going to be working with Ludacris on something. Is that for his album, or your album?

My album, “Alter Ego,” is being re-released. It’s going to be called “Alter Ego Part 2.” That’s happening on July 3rd, which is the day before “Transformers” [is released.] We’re putting about four new songs on each album, and I’m going to put the making-of Black Ty on there, [which is] about 45 minutes of footage that you can look at on your computer. Then, I’m gonna shoot about five videos, some real high-quality, inexpensive videos, and I’m gonna put them on the DVD. You can look at it on your computer, watch it in your car, or whatever.

Dubcnn: That will be worth it, definitely. Sometimes record companies re-release albums with a couple new tracks, but that sounds like a lot of new stuff…

I’m gonna give them more than enough good so they can go out and buy the album.

Dubcnn: What types of tracks have you been recording for this? Who have you been collaborating with?

Well, I got a joint that I just did with Ludacris, and there’s another Kurupt joint called “Confessions of Me” that I’m looking to put on there. I’ve got some real dark records that I’m gonna put on there.

Dubcnn: So, you worked with R. Kelly on “Alter Ego” a couple of times. Those songs have been awesome, so are you going to be working with him in the future on anything else?

Oh yeah. Rob, that’s my best man. We’ve got a few more joints to do, man. We’ve got a bunch of joints to do.

Dubcnn: It seems like you’re one of the busiest people working in the entertainment industry. How do you manage your time? What’s the secret to managing your time?

Scheduling. If I schedule it, I show up. But, for the most part, I love working. I just came off a vacation, it really wasn’t a vacation, but it was at the same time. They just opened up a brand new hotel in the Bahamas called The Cove. It was a real big deal. So, they flew a bunch of VIPs out in a private jet, a 56 passenger private jet, [with] probably about 14 of us on the plane. I went out there, and hung out. [It was the] grand opening, but I got bored. I got bored because you just have to sit around and let a whole day go by and not be busy. That day doesn’t do it for me. I loved the view, I loved the hotel, but I’d rather be busy.



Full Interview In Video For Download : Here (Video: WMV)




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