interview ICE CUBE LIVE - VANCOUVER, BC - Commodore Ballroom | (April 30th 2006)

Ice Cube, who is currently on tour promoting his upcoming album "Laugh Now, Cry Later", was in Vancouver performing along with DPG, WC and DJ Crazy Toones this past Sunday, April 30th.

Dubcnn was in attendance at the legendary Commodore Ballroom to cover the show.

Below we have a review, some video footage and pictures of the show.

Show Revi

Before Ice Cube came out, Tha Dogg Pound opened up and got the crowd hyped. They performed all their hits from "New York, New York", to "What Would You Do?" and even did their new single "Cali Iz Active". They had a relatively short set (around 20-30 minutes). But It was just enough to get the crowd started.

After a short break, Crazy Toones came out, got set up and settled. The lights went out and Ice Cube got ready to come out. As he walked out on stage, the crowd went crazy! Then the beat came in for "Natural Born Killaz" and the show was under way. Throughout the one hour set, Ice Cube let it be known that in his absence from the music industry in recent years, he hasn't lost a step. He performed with more energy than most new comers in the game. He kept the crowd involved, even performing the same "Fuck You Ice Cube" sketch that he did at the Up In Smoke Tour.

WC acted as more than a hype man throughout the course of the show. He did his job of keeping the crowed hype, plus got into some solo material, performing "The Streets". Plus, the crowd went crazy when he started C Walking like only WC can do.

The two performed such other hits as "Bow Down", "Gangsta Nation", "Today Was A Good Day", "Hello", "Jackin For Beats" plus "Child Support", and "Why We Thugs" off Ice Cubes upcoming album.
Overall it was a great show. It's amazing to see a legend like Ice Cube still interacting with fans and being excited about new material after rapping for over 20 years. There's not many people that can pull that off let alone still attract sell-out crowds every night across North America. Don't miss this show if it comes to your town!


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