interview QUIK & AMG (THE FIXXERS) - Rimac Arena, San Diego, CA | (March 2007)

On March 24th 2007, the newly formed Fixxers (Quik & AMG) were live at the Rimac Arena in San Diego, CA. The event was a huge success and created further interest in the new group who, as we exclusively revealed recently, have signed with Interscope to officially release their upcoming album "Midnight Life" and the single Can You Werk Wit Dat in the summer.

The event was attended by Dubcnn reporter, Eddie Gurrola who took some photos for the featured gallery, interviewed Quik and has since compiled an Event Report of the show as well as features on K-Dot & Jay Rock

Event Report

Hip-Hop-Palooza: by Eddie Gurrola

On Saturday, March 24th, Pazzo Entertainment hosted an excellent hip-hop concert at the Rimac Arena in San Diego, California. An event so grand it was called “Hip-Hop-Palooza,” the gathering featured performances from San Diego natives The Kneehighs, rising stars Jay Rock and K-Dot, as well as headliners Quik & AMG (as The Fixxers), and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony.

Since the event was open to all ages and the venue was large, the concert attracted a huge crowd of young people. This was a treat for many, considering that most concerts in the San Diego area are restricted to guests 21 and over, and they are typically hosted at smaller venues. Once the concert started, the massive standing-only floor section acquired an energy of its own, and the atmosphere seemed more like a colossal party than a concert.

The show started with a performance from The Kneehighs, a local independent group. Their lyrics, saturated with references to the San Diego lifestyle, assuredly struck chords with the audience. After this, Jay Rock and K-Dot took the stage. They brought a great energy to the crowd as they performed songs from their forthcoming albums, including Jay Rock’s hit single “Lift Me Up.”

With the opening acts amping the crowd up to a soaring level, Quik and AMG (The Fixxers) stormed the stage. They kicked off their set with the classic Tony Toni Tone collaboration “Let’s Get Down.” Since Raphael Saadiq was not in attendance, Quik relied on the crowd to sing his verses, which was an easy assignment as most of his audience seemed to have memorized the lyrics. Quik proceeded to run through more of his classics, including “Sweet Black Pussy,” “Jus Lyke Compton,” “Mo Pussy,” and “Tonite.” AMG performed some of his solo cuts as well, treating the crowd to “Bitch Betta Have My Money” and “Vertical Joyride.” But The Fixxers went above and beyond a typical performance, and made sure that their fans had a unique experience.

Early on, Quik and AMG invited some of the ladies to join them on stage and show off their dancing skills to the crowd. Quik also made sure he personally connected with more of his fans by going into the crowd twice! He first went into the front area of the floor while performing “One On One” and “Do I Love Her,” with a new AMG verse replacing Suga Free’s part. Later, he even ran all the way to the top of the stands and performed in the aisles. To conclude their fantastic set, The Fixxers performed their lively new single, “Can U Work With That,” and got a great response from the hyped-up crowd.

The Fixxers were a tough act to follow, but Bone Thugs-N-Harmony were up to the task. They performed for over an hour, doing classics such as “1st Of Tha Month,” and “Tha Crossroads” as they smoked constantly. They stopped their performance to do a tribute to Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G., playing Makaveli’s “Hail Mary” as Krayzie Bone poured an entire 40 oz. bottle of liquor onto the stage in remembrance. They next went straight into their Pac collaboration, “Thug Luv,” and followed it up with the Notorious B.I.G.-featured “Notorious Thugs.” Bone also gave fans a peak at their new album “Strength & Loyalty,” performing the new single “I Tried.” Although there was a strict 11 PM curfew, BNTH expressed their disdain for the rule, with Layzie Bone declaring “We’re gonna go all night!” Krayzie Bone proceeded to perform his verse from “I Don’t Give A Fuck.” Unfortunately, the venue turned the lights on at around 11:20 PM, and Bone had to call it quits. However, the fans were treated to a spectacular set.

With stellar performances from legends Quik, AMG, and Bone Thugs and promising new acts Jay Rock, K-Dot, and The Kneehighs, the concert attendees were treated to an unforgettable night. Dubcnn would like to give a shoutout to Pazzo Entertainment for putting on such a wonderful event. We would also like to thank Quik, AMG, Jay Rock, K-Dot, and Top Dawg Productions for granting us interviews for this feature, and Michael, Anthony, and Arman from Pazzo for treating Dubcnn so kindly. We would like to extend our congratulations to them on the success of this concert. Be on the lookout for more quality concerts from Pazzo Entertianment if you are in the Southern California area.rt


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