In case you missed it, on Friday, Aug. 21, 2015, the Sirius XM Radio Show “From The Press Box to Press Row” via Channel 141, broadcasted a brand-new, exclusive interview with The D.O.C. During the conversation with host Donald Ware, The D.O.C. premiered his recovered voice to the world for the first time! It’s been over 25 years, but his voice, still in it’s early phases of returning, sounds crisp and clear.

Topics discussed during the interview include his thoughts on the Straight Outta Compton movie, his relationship with Dr. Dre, police brutality, the making of his stand-out project No One Can Do It Better, and an upcoming documentary on The D.O.C. with an attached music project in which he reveals that he will feature 2 solo songs to “test drive” his new voice. He also speaks on a new Dr. Dre project in the works, LeBron James, the Dallas Cowboys, and much, much more!

It’s been over 25 years since the tragic accident that robbed not only The D.O.C., but hip-hop, of a very special voice. The D.O.C. has been responsible for countless hit records with Dr. Dre (The Chronic), NWA (Efil4zaggin), Eazy-E (Eazy Duz It), Snoop Dogg (Doggystyle) and many others. It’s finally time to once again hear from the “kid with the golden voice”.

Listen to the interview in full below! Shout out to Chad Kiser.


Microphone Masters Radio is back and bringing the heat. J-Luv holds it down on the solo tip this episode and shares his thoughts on the Straight Outta Compton movie. Seems like the flick was a bit of a trip down memory lane.

What should multimillionaire athlete do to keep his nose out of trouble? Limit the size of his posse? Avoid gentlemen’s clubs and all places after midnight? Of course not. Cris Carter would tell them to ‘get a fall guy’ that can take the wrap when trouble comes your way. J gives his thoughts on these comments.

Advances in medicine and technology seem to happen every day. Cars can pretty much drive themselves and Planned Parenthood takes on a new meaning with the ability to select the gender of your child and weed out diseases. Have we reached the tipping point?

A show would be incomplete without the heat so this episode features tracks from: Sean Price, Horseshoe Gang, Jered Sanders, Your Old Droog, Cory Gunz, Talib Kweli, Method Man and more.

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Microphone Masters Radio Episode 108 (08-26-15) Tracklist

50 Cent – 9 Shots
Intro: J-Luv’s thoughts on Straight Outta Compton
Horseshoe Gang – Half a Meal
Jered Sanders – Who Am I
Sav Killz – Roc With Us
Segment 1: Get Yourself a Fall Guy
Big Boi feat Raekwon and Andre 3000 – Royal Flush
Method Man feat Redman & Hanz On – Straight Gutta
Mick Jenkins – Alchemy
Your Old Droog – Blood
Segment 2: Cars that Drive themselves and ability to select the Gender of Your Child: Has Science and Technology approached the Tipping Point?
Sean Price feat Ike Eyes – Bobby MC Bars
Talib Kweli – Leslie Nope
Saafir – Cash Me Out
Tum Tum – Caprice Music
Chris Rivers & Cory Gunz – Barz for All
Outro: Last Words and Urban Motivational Quote
Isaiah The 3rd – Rebel Yell

Microphone Masters Radio Episode 108 (08-26-15Show (Stream/Download)

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Legendary hip-hop radio station, 93.5 KDay, will host their Fresh Fest event Friday, Sept. 25, 2015 at the Shrine Auditorium.

For those who have been living under a rock, KDay is one of the most recognizable brands in radio, as well as the rap game. Expect an electrifying array of performances from various hip-hop luminaries.

Artists including Kurupt, Mystikal, Too Short, Juvenile, Twista, Ja Rule, Yo Yo, and many surprise guests will be gracing the stage, performing their latest and greatest.

Get tickets here, and be sure to stay tuned in to DubCNN for updates on this epic event.

Tune in to 93.5 FM KDAY on the radio, or online at www.935Kday.com. Follow KDAY on Twitter @935KDAY

Shout out to PD Adrian Scott.


Big Prodeje is back with his 1st Single and accompanying video off of his newest Solo Project California Classics, which we featured on DubCNN recently. You can view that here.

This is the video for the title track off of the album, which features DJ AK on the Talk Box. In the video, Big Prodeje takes us back to the block, with an urban scenic presentation that definitely mirrors the song.

The song is a banger! With Big Prodeje ripping through three verses with his trademark charged up delivery, reminding us all of why South Central Cartel was one of the most influential West Coast hip-hop groups of all-time. He lays his bars over a ridiculously thumping West Coast track. Check the video, and be sure to download the new album on iTunes.

Big Prodeje – California Classic (Video)


Recently, DubCNN sat down with one of the rising stars in the South…BWA KANE.

With Heavy affiliation with hip-hop star KEVIN GATES, and with numerous collaborations with stars including Juvenile and Project Pat…BWA KANE is well on his way to making a firm entrenchment in this rap game.

In the interview, we talk about his new project, produced by super-producer ZAYTOVEN, go into his top 5 MC’s, as well as get insight into the making of BWA KANE’s, SOULJA SLIM dedication song. Read the interview in full, below. Only on DubCNN! Shout out to Dj Muddie Watuz.

Interview conducted in July 2015.

Questions asked by: West Haven Blast.

DubCNN: DubCNN checking in with heavy-hitter BWA KANE. What’s good fam?

KANE: Koolin koolin.

DubCNN: First of all, for heads that are sleeping, BWA KANE has been buzzing all over the country recently, and has collaborated with numerous heavyweights in the hip-hop game…including Kevin Gates, Project Pat, and many others. Can you give us some collaborations you have been involved with?

KANE: Of course…Kevin Gates, Boobie Black, Juvenile, Tana, Fresh, Project Pat, Lil St. Louis,…I fuck wit who fuck wit me.

DubCNN: Dope. Now last time we talked you mentioned that you were working on a project with super producer ZAYTOVEN. Is that project out? And if so, where can fans get it?

KANE: Not out, he coming real soon though. It’s called “Barely Famous”.

DubCNN: Tell us about BWA (Bread Winner’s Association) movement fam…

KANE: BWA is a family, a way of life….not just a brand. We love each other rich or poor.

DubCNN: No doubt. Can you tell West Coast fans a little about your hometown…and how it was for you growing up?

KANE: I grew up in north Alabama, Athens Huntsville. You know we get out and get it, but west coast is some of my favorite rap music so salute the west coast.

DubCNN: Through your eyes, how has West Coast hip-hop influenced the South fam?

KANE: Man all the way back to Mac Mall, rip Mac Dre, rip 2pac… I mean damn, E-40, Mack 10DJ Quik is my favorite producer and rapper… So much I could say. 100it.

DubCNN: Who does BWA KANE draw inspiration from, when he lays down music in the studio?

KANE: Kevin Gates.

DubCNN: Who are your Top 5 MC’s of all-time?

KANE: 2pac, Scarface, Kevin Gates, Nas, C-murder, rip Soulja Slim.

DubCNN: On a recent track of yours titled “Soulja Slim”, you pay homage to the late great MC…with references to Soulja Slim throughout the hook, and verses. What impact did Soulja Slim’s music have on you KANE?

KANE: Slim’s music was next after PAC so it was my life. Everything he talked about was me…feel me? I mean I was in New Orleans when they announced his passing on the radio. Loved Slim.

DubCNN: Dope. What new projects are you working on fam? Album, Mixtape, etc…

KANE: New tracks from Kevin Gates, Boobie…the ZAYTOVEN tape, “Bwa Blood Witta Attitude“, “The Red Print“…Gangsta shit but real life music.

DubCNN: Where can fans find you on social media fam?

KANE: IG @1kanebwa / twitter @artillerysouf / fb artillerysouthent Bwa.

DubCNN: No doubt KANE. The floor is yours…any last words?

KANE: Us, as in Bwa, we love all our fans. We appreciate each and everyone of you.. Thank you DubCNN as well .. #idgt #BWAorNOTHING

Download the Brick Squad Monopoly hosted mixtape, “Feed the Animals“, presented by West Haven Blast, BWA Kane, Apparel Zoo, and Dj Deceptacon here!
The mixtape contains tracks from artists such as Mitchy Slick, Tash, Big Prodege (South Central Cartel), Jackie Wade, Hazerd, Sy Ari da Kid, West Haven, BWA Kane, Tam Tam, Kokane, Project Pat, Trae the Truth, and many more.

Download the “Blood with the Mudd” mixtape by BWA Kane here!

Check out a new joint from BWA Kane below. Produced by @Zaytovenbeatz

Check out one of BWA Kane’s recent videos below.

BWA Kane – I Ain’t Diddy (Video)


Recently DubCNN sat down with Neil Brown Jr., the actor who portrays Dj Yella of the legendary rap group N.W.A. in the recently released “Straight Outta Compton” biopic.

We talk with Neil Brown Jr. about his previous work in Hollywood, including tv, and filmwork, and his process of getting to this point as an actor. He also jokingly informs us that the main focus of the movie is actually, Dj Yella.

In addition, Neil Brown Jr. delves in to the researching aspect of portraying an iconic rap artist, explaining how the actors, the original N.W.A. members, and F. Gary Gray himself, would correspond and creatively interact with each other. He reveals that the actors were so in-tune with their respective roles that they were even able to successfully record N.W.A.’s entire musical anthology for use in the actual film! And this is only the tip of the iceberg. Only on DubCNN!

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***Shout out West Haven, Ghetto Flame, and Avian Emelle.


Jay Rock has dropped three tracks in recent weeks indicating a new project was close.

First up was “Money Trees Deuce,” “Gumbo” and then what has now turned out to be the LP’s titled track “90059.” Today Jay Rock has unveiled the album’s tracklist and artwork via the pre-order on iTunes. Currently the release date is marked as August 18, 2016 but that’s just a temporary date, we’ll update you when it’s confirmed

Guest appearances include Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, Ab-Soul, Busta Rhymes, SZA, Isaiah Rashad, and others.

Jay Rock – 90059 (Tracklist)

01) Necessary
02) Easy Bake [ft. Kendrick Lamar & SZA]
03) Gumbo
04) Wanna Ride [ft. Isaiah Rashad]
05) The Ways [ft. Sir]
06) Telegram (Going Krazy) [ft. Lance Skiiiwalker]
07) 90059
08) Vice City [ft. Black Hippy]
09) Fly on the Wall [ft. Busta Rhymes]
10) Trees Deuce [ft. Lance Skiiiwalker]
11) The Message



To say that Hip-Hop films have a checkered history would be a gross understatement. Motion pictures focusing on the culture have ranged from the commendable to the cringeworthy, with few successfully channeling the rawest emotion of the genre’s best music. Straight Outta Compton, then, emerges as a miraculous anomaly. A stunningly acted, exhaustively researched biopic examining Compton’s first supergroup, the pioneering N.W.A., it succeeds in both humanizing the groups members and contextualizing their fiery message – a rallying cry that is as important today as it was over 25 years ago.

Director F. Gary Gray quickly and adeptly establishes our core characters (the iconic trio of Dr. Dre; Ice Cube, and the late Eazy-E) as unusual talents stifled by the reality of their unforgiving environment. An incredible opening scene sees Eazy enter into a terse negotiation with some particularly merciless drug dealers. As the hostile dealers attempt an ill advised double cross, Eazy displays an early but crucial glimmer of his shrewd, street-bred business acumen. Dr. Dre is introduced as a frustrated bedroom DJ with an astounding musical knowledge but an unfulfilling role in his initial outfit, the World Class Wreckin’ Cru. A young Ice Cube’s unwarranted confrontations with the LAPD, meanwhile, fuel his “reality rap” and early, aggressive stage performances.


As Eazy grows increasingly weary of his dalliances with imprisonment or death, the aforementioned trio align with MC Ren and DJ Yella with the intention of putting the spurned Compton on the map. A pivotal scene emerges when the group are unjustifiably harassed by law enforcement during early recording sessions for their debut album. As N.W.A are accused of dressing like gang members, forced to the ground without any explanation, and provoked by the cops’ racial slurs, the scene becomes increasingly gripping but equally uncomfortable. The parellels between the tension building on screen and the current, charged racial climate of the United States are obvious. Witnessing Ice Cube use this disturbing encounter as motivation to deliver some of N.W.A’s most incendiary lyrics (“police think they have the authority to kill a minority”) ultimately becomes cause for applause.


It is during the groups turbulent formation, when Gray provides a frank but impassioned explanation for N.W.A’s rage, that the movie is at it’s most affecting. Compton is compellingly depicted here, a fierce breeding ground that generates freak encounters with psychotic Bloods; dingy, swarmed nightclubs that scare off stiff A&R’s; telephone wires drooping above cramped, low-income housing, and a looming, restless police presence. The narrative becomes more familiar when things transition out of the CPT and further afield. As the group tours the nation and racks up increasingly sensational headlines, internal conflicts emerge and the dynamic inevitably unravels. The break-up is an unavoidable but worn trope in many musical accounts, but it’s a testament to Gray; the movie’s screenwriters, and most notably the cast that they commit to the material with unwavering aplomb. Their performances make key events that even casual fans are well versed in (Dre’s dubious alliance with Suge Knight; Eazy’s harrowing AIDS diagnosis) startlingly nuanced.

Of the core cast members, Jason Mitchell is a revelation as the incomparable Eric “Eazy-E” Wright. There is one uproarious scene in the movie when the partying group are confronted by an aggressive – and armed – hotel guest seeking his missing girlfriend. Eazy emerges, only to antagonize this guest further by explaining that his girl is otherwise occupied. He of course relays this message in as blunt and perverse a way as possible. As the enraged boyfriend gets ready to charge, Eazy reveals a considerably more powerful firearm and plants its scope squarely on his target. He then chases his foe down the hall while the infra-red beam remains fixated, laughing with a manic, childlike glee. In this moment, Mitchell becomes Eazy. He captures every characteristic that made Eazy such a beloved public figure – the crazed charisma that at once made him as frightening as he was endearing. With his pitched tone and confounding ability to transition from comic to cold-blooded, Eric Wright truly was a “unique voice,” as is referenced in the film. Mitchell adapts that voice with a conviction and confidence deserving of an Oscar nomination.


It can be conceded that there are valid criticisms of Straight Outta Compton – slight examples of exercising a revisionist history are peppered throughout, and founding members Ren and Yella are unquestionably downplayed in favor of the movie’s producers, Dr. Dre and Ice Cube. Nonetheless, it cannot be overstated how much of a triumph it is to see a major studio present Hip-Hop history to a worldwide audience. Furthermore, Universal have done so without diluting any of the members ire or trivializing the racial profiling that created tracks like “Fuck Tha Police.” As a result of a fantastically authentic cast (also including O’Shea Jackson Jr, inspiring as his father, Ice Cube) and the invested direction of someone who experienced the group’s social and musical impact, Straight Outta Compton transcends the “Hip-Hop film” niche and withstands as an extraordinary drama based on true events. We have once again witnessed the strength of street knowledge, and it remains utterly essential.

Review by Conan Milne for DubCNN.com