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0 caught up with an artist from Alabama you should be familar with, Tam Tam.  The female MC has a record produced by SD’s Dennis Blaze and has recorded with Keith Murray and Jaz-O.

We sat down to find out more about Tam Tam, her take on the industry and the music that’s coming out of her region right now, we also touch on how West Coast hip-hop has influenced that particular region.

Interview conducted in February 2015.

Questions Asked By: West Haven Blast

DubCNN: Checking in with a very hot artist; you most definitely should not be sleeping on, TAM TAM. What’s good TAM TAM – get us up to speed with a little about yourself and your team?

God is what’s good. Faith without works is dead and the team and I are most definitely working. B.I.Z and I currently have a record out that’s gaining a lot of attention called “If You Love”, produced by Dennis Blaze from Club Killers & 95.7 KISS FM, San Diego. It’s available at all distribution outlets. It’s amazing to see how the people are responding to the record and the DJs and Stations are showing a lot of love.

The journey to get to this point has been up and down; a lot of struggles and disappointments from people, but it has also been a great learning experience because my Faith in God has grown stronger. The love for my craft, my son & my family is what motivates me to keep pushing. I’ve experienced so much and I would like to have a positive impact on our youth. I’m a pioneer in Alabama, along with Mike White “Tha Beholder” and “B.I.Z”. Tha Beholder is the first male rapper who worked with me.
B.I.Z & I both had a situation at Big Cat Records. However, I dropped my first Mixtape “Think It’s A Game” with Big Oomp Camp, hosted by DJ Mist & DJ Montay and several Mixtapes followed. I speak on Tha Beholder & B.I.Z because they are an intricate part in my career as well as my life. The three of us are cousins. It’s more than just music with us. It was when I linked with Cool V “The Official Whistle” that I began to evolve as an artist and obtain a better understanding of the Industry. He has taught me so much. I’ve grown as a business woman. Cool V is responsible for my marketing and branding at Rated Next. We have a lot of things in the works. You can check us out on Kendrick Lamar’s “So You Wanna Be Signed” Vol. 1 Mixtape hosted by DJ Flipcyide. The records we have on there are called “Laid Back & Thowed”, produced by LST; B.I.Z has the record called “Screens” Feat. Kafani, produced by LoLo and I’m on the Remix. Tha Beholder record is “Everythang Match”, produced by Ken P.

Our brands are Team Rated Next, Juelz of Rome, Divas on Deck, Rated Next Radio Network, Thowed Off Entertainment & Noisy Neighbors. “So You Wanna Be Signed” Vol. 2 hosted by The Game & DJ Flipcyide will be our next release and the record that we have on there is called “Clubville”, produced by Burn One. Be on the lookout for “Hookah Dreams” by B.I.Z, “7 Days of Hell Reloaded” by Tha Beholder & my E.P which is untitled as of right now. DJ Wizz “The Waxx Kutta” and I are cooking up a Mixtape for the second quarter. I have a crazy catalogue that I can’t wait for the world to hear. However, I do have out an all female Mixtape hosted by DJ Papito called “The All Female Industry Takeover” Vol.1. The fam and I are just keeping that focus and remaining positive and productive.
DubCNN: You havea single out now featuring the legendary KEITH MURRAY, titled GIVE ME THE BEAT. Tell us how this collaboration came about, & how it was to work with the DEF SQUAD MC. Where can fans get it?

I’ve been working with the producer LST of 21st Century Sound for many years. LST was doing some work on Keith Murray’s project and he sent me over a track. The track was a re-worked version of George Benson’s “Give Me The Night”. I remembered that classic. I did my research on this hit to see how I wanted to approach the record. We’re talking about a classic record so I knew I couldn’t miss with this one. I had to nail it. I called in the R&B singers Eric Long and DPC to flip the chorus. Once the chorus was solidified, I zoned into the verse to make it fun and relatable while bridging that generational gap. I sent the record back to LST. LST called me a few days later to say that he let Keith Murray give it a listen and it was a wrap after that. Keith Murray stamped it. It’s on youtube and will be available for distribution second quarter. Working with Keith Murray is a pleasure and I’m looking forward to working with him again.


DubCNN: Your video MY LIFE IS REAL has features from names like Cool V, Mr.Collipark, Yung Joc, Khia, and Yung Berg. That’s a very impressive list! Tell us a little bit about this video and its cameos?

My Life Is Real is a song that I wrote about the things that I experienced in my life with my Ex and him having to go do prison time and me being left to raise our son as a single parent while pushing my career forward. It’s crazy how that video turned out because the video actually captures me on my job as an artist and the camera man following me to major shows and events. A lot of the footage was not planned out, just me in action and capturing who I was interacting with at that time. We took the footage and added a concept to it in the editing process and the results gave us some nice views.

DubCNN: Dope! What are your feelings on hip-hop today in general? And as a female MC what are your thoughts on the lack of female MCs in the game today?

I get asked this question a lot so that just means that people know that there is an issue and would like to see change. I’m the bridge in the game. What I mean by that is that I’m not too young and I’m not too old. I’m right there in the middle. I’m an 80’s baby so I can relate to it all. I believe Hip Hop has many branches. It would be boring if everybody sounds the same. Being different and having your own style is what I like to see in an artist. It’s not about age, color or a coast; it’s about the music and bringing people together. There are a lot of female MCs/Rappers out here. Very few have the budget or marketability for the top and people have been conditioned to only want to see female rappers with less clothing. Female MCs/Rappers have to take a stand and start working with each other before we expect anyone else to make sure that we remain relevant. Some expect from others the very thing that they won’t do. I like to see other females doing their thing. Competition drives greatness; consistency is what builds the brand.


DubCNN: Tell us a little bit about the city you hail from Tam Tam…and how West Coast hip-hop has influenced that particular region?

I’m from the South; Huntsville, AL. Huntsville is a small college town with old money and a great place to raise kids and retire and we love football. Roll Tide! We have an excellent Space program among many other things like Engineering & Agriculture. Our market is a place to break music from other areas but not our own. We don’t embrace our own like we should. It’s very under-saturated; very few music conferences and not enough events that focus on fashion and film. Not a lucrative place to make money for a musician from here. Rich in musical history; Fame Recording Studio is in Muscle Shoals, AL and we have the Blues & Old School Festival here in Huntsville. My God-Father Joe Douglas (Manager of Frankie Beverly & Maze) brings the O.S Festival and Tha Beholder and I perform every year. We embrace the West Coast; most of us grew up listening to our favorites from the West. We don’t sound like the West, but we love that Soul in the music and sometimes you will hear it from certain artists that are from here. Alabama doesn’t have one particular sound in my opinion. It’s a lot of variety here. It’s been more difficult for me to completely break out in the South because I don’t sound like I’m from the South. I do a lot of work with producers from the West so certain records that I create have that feel of the West. The West is showing me a lot of love and I appreciate it.


DubCNN: Correct me if I’m wrong, but you also play a role in Radio Promotion/DJ Pools. What do your activities consist of in this field of work? And how did this exciting opportunity come to fruition?

I wanted a better understanding of the Industry from the Radio & DJ standpoint. I also wanted to expand my network. How I became the Director of the RW Record Pool started out as a volunteer situation. I had a record called “U Bop’N” that was hot in the streets, clubs & radio. I didn’t have the budget to show the DJs my appreciation for helping to break that record so I decided to volunteer some time at Ron White’s Record Pool. Well, I implemented a lot of changes with the help of Cool V & Marques “Mr. E Films” Emerson. We made sure the DJs were fed at the meetings, upgraded One-Sheets, Fliers, Websites, and Sponsorships & made the pool digital. Alabama needed this type of structure. Pushing the RW Record Pool throughout the network of Big Image & #TRN re-established the notoriety of the pool and gave the pool a global reach.


DubCNN: You also have a single that was placed on YELAWOLF’s SHADY/INTERSCOPE mixtape; I AM ALABAMA, titled TALK DIRTY. Can you tell the fans a little about this single and the mixtape?

Yelawolf is from Alabama. DJ Frankwhite from Montgomery, AL reached out to me to send him over the records from my city that was making the most noise. As the Director of the RW Record Pool all of the records were coming through our pool so I knew what was working and what wasn’t working. Jaz-O and I were in the studio creating at that time. Ken P. played a few tracks for Jaz and me and when Jaz heard the instrumental to what is today called “Talk Dirty”, he told Ken P. the instrumental fit me. He could hear my vocals on that track. I completed the record and sent it to Jaz and Jaz said it was hot so that’s the record we decided to give Frankwhite for Yelawolf’s tape.


DubCNN: Who are your top 5 MCs of all-time? You have also collaborated with Jay-Z’s mentor himself, Jaz-O. How did this union come about?

L Boogie, Tupac, Biggie, Jay-Z & Nas….I reached out to Jaz-O while I was working with the RW Record Pool to assist him with working his music. I never mentioned I was an artist. We developed a friendship. I invited him to one of our Record Pool events as a special guest. One day I was playing some music and he wanted to know who the female MC was? He really enjoyed what he was hearing. I reached out to him to attend my Mixtape release party and he showed up. We began going to the studio to work on music together. We have several records together. The record “Hush Money” will eventually drop as a single. You can also check me out on his project.

DubCNN: What projects does TAM TAM have on deck for 2015?

The All Female Industry Takeover Vol. 2, Alabama Street Music hosted by DJ Papito, Thowed off Click, The Perfect 16, Thowed off Click-Cadillac Music Vol.3, Thowed off Click-Certified & Affiliated 2, Beauty & Tha Beast Vol. 2 and a few more singles and videos.


DubCNN: What’s your YouTube page TAM TAM? So that fans can check out some of your videos, like the bangers we discussed previously?

Head over to Youtube/TamTamOfficial.


DubCNN: Where can fans reach you on social media TAM TAM? And where can fans purchase your projects that are available now?

My official site, YouTube, Facebook, SoundCloud or Twitter.


“You can never have enough pork!” and “…you would become a bacon pizza crackhead!” Those are just two quotes from this episode of Microphone Masters Radio that you must listen for yourself and try not to laugh out loud.

This episodes topics include the bacon wrapped pizza and how sports networks will react to the trend of millennials dumping their TVs. The four man crew of J-Luv, Rich Nix, Starr Saxxxon & Blaze Rock weigh in on both topics.

They also welcome special guest: Suga Kane to show. He talks about his approach to Tha Unda’s Return of the West – EP and Western Block’s Pressure Point projects. Kane also shares how difficult it is to let go of a beat for fear that the artist’s vision does not aligns with his own.

You can also expect some heat from Fashawn, J-Live, Locksmith, Dizzy Wright, Nas and more!

Reach out to the show at and check us out on Facebook!

Microphone Masters Radio Episode 82 (02-25-15) Tracklist

Western Block – Over the Top
Intro: Bacon Wrapped Pizza?!?
Prhyme feat Ab-Soul – Dat Sound Good
J-Live – Red & The Kid
The Frontline feat EA Ski – What is It?
Segment 1: Millennials Dumping TVs. How will the Networks Respond:
Blaze Rock – King Kong
Fashwan feat Nas & Aloe Blacc – Something to Believe In
Tha Unda – Return of the West
Dizzy Wright – Train Your Mind
Segment 2: Suga Kane
Go Ezko! Feat Phil Ade & Drew Love – Miseducation
Dice Raw – Bloody Mary
Locksmith feat Rebecca Nobel – I.O.U.
Segment 3:
Surreal Gang – I Told Ya
Audio Push feat OG Marco – Heavy
Outro: Burning & Rich Nix Quote
Yelawolf – Whiskey in a Bottle

Microphone Masters Radio Episode  82 (02-25-15) Show (Stream/Download)

Thank you for your continued support of Microphone Masters Radio and you can hit up the show at or hit the comment section or the Dubcnn Facebook page. Tell a friend to tell a friend!


Yesterday we confirmed that Problem was planning to drop his “Outta Town” mixtape with DJ Holiday right here on DubCNN today…and sure enough he has!

After dropping his LA Leakers “Pull Up” freestyle and his Hub City homage ‘Compton‘ he released the T.I. and Rich Homie Quan featured “Hennessy” – produced by Problem, League of Starz and MARS – with news that “OT” was set to follow today!

The follow up to his “354: Lift Off” mixtape from last year you can stream or download the full 21 track project below! The cleverly titled mixtape alludes to the ATL heavy feature lineup which includes the likes of Rich Homie Quan, K Camp, Future, 2 Chainz, Two-9, Jermaine Dupri, Lil Jon, August Alsina as well as Bad Lucc, Travis Porter, Trinidad James and more! Give it a spin and drop a comment!

Problem – OT (Outta Town) Mixtape

Problem – OT (Outta Town) Tracklist

01) Another Day (Feat. Travis Porter, Bad Lucc & Two-9)
02) Strap (Feat. Cash Out)
03) Hennessy (Feat. Rich Homie Quan & T.I.)
04) Hallaluah (Feat. Trinidad James & Bad Lucc)
05) Wait For It (Feat. Jermaine Dupri)
06) Aint Seen Nothin Yet (Feat. K. Camp)
07) Milkin (Feat. Young Thug)
08) No Way (Feat. Rich Homie Quan)
09) Witch 1 You Workin (Feat. Young Dro)
10) In Motion (Feat. T.I.)
11) Say That Then (Remix) (Feat. 2 Chainz)
12) Nike (Feat. Johnny Cinco & 31)
13) The Bank (Feat. Que)
14) California Rari (Feat. Young Thug & Future)
15) Me So Cool (Feat. Cashout, Yakki Divioshi & Yummy)
16) She Knows (Feat. Travis Porter)
17) Be Like That (Feat. T.I. & Shad The God)
18) Andale (Feat. Lil Jon)
19) To The Sky (Feat. Trinidad James)
20) I Need a Grammy (Feat. Quick Flip, Cashout)
21) Made For This (Feat. August Alsina)



Hard to believe but it’s been just over 10 years since The Game dropped “The Documentary” – time flies!

Game stopped by CampusSports to discuss his new album – Documentary 2 – where he alludes to working with Dr. Dre, Scott Storch, Swizz Beatz, Timbaland and more!

Game also talks NBA, his take on College Sports, and discusses who the better athlete is, him or Snoop Dogg!

Watch it now and drop a comment!


It’s been too long since we updated you on Bay Area & Oakland rapper/producer Renz Julian.

Renz and have history, we’ve been keeping you posted on his music since 2007!

Late last year – December 2nd, 2014 – he released the street album & documentary movie entitled “Thug Scholarship,” the follow up of the critically acclaimed “Armageddon” in 2009, and 2011’s “Alphabet Hustle” street album with the Demolition Men.

The album features club banger’s such as “Playin’ House” with Mistah FAB as well as introspective lyrical joints such as the title track “Thug Scholarship”. The album was released on Field of Dreamz Ent. and distributed by indie powerhouse Empire Distribution.

The documentary takes you on a journey around the Bay Area streets, telling the story of urban economic struggle, and the affects of growing up during crack epidemic of the 1980’s. Thug Scholarship is a minority scholarship fund for inner city youth started by Julian and a subsidiary of his record company Field of Dreamz Ent. Music videos, interviews, in studio, and behind the scenes footage is included. The film also includes appearances by E-40, The Jacka, Mistah FAB, J. Stalin, Big Drawz of 211, Field of Dreamz Ent. artists, & more.

The album is available via iTunes and all digital outlets. You can buy or rent the movie online at or Vimeo on demand.

We wanted to draw some attention to the project, below you can see the key videos from the release as well as the tracklist!

Renz Julian – Timebomb (Video)

Renz Julian – Playin’ House (Video)

Renz Julian – Thug Scholarship (Video)

Renz Julian – Thug Scholarship (Tracklist)

1. Intro
2. Immature
3. Thug Scholarship
4. Day in the Life ft. J. Stalin
5. 20 Racks
6. Playin’ House ft. Mistah Fab
7. Coke & Henn
8. Spot on Lock
9. Shine
10. Shady Girl
11. Occupy the Block
12. Renegade
13. Yowda ft. The Jacka
14. Action
15. Gotta Go Now
16. Timebomb


Today’s the day you can cop the new release from DubCNN alumni Demrick, “Losing Focus” is available now via iTunes.

In recent weeks we’ve dropped off “Skyscraper” and then “Blowing Money Fast” from his Scoope DeVille collabo project featuring B-Real of Cypress Hill & Taylor gang signee Berner and then yesterday brought you the Cali Cleve produced BANGER “All The Way” with label boss Madchild and Arizona’s Futuristic.

To celebrate the release of his new album “Losing Focus” today he’s teamed up with Funk Volume emcee Dizzy Wright for the release of his new video for “We Still Here” – a fresh cut where they spit about their ironclad hustle over a sick beat by Cali Cleve.

“I met Dizzy at the High Times cannabis cup last year and we immediately became friends. I told him I had the perfect track for us to rock and he said lets go,” remembers Demrick. “This track is all about celebrating life and reflecting on all the hard work it took to get to this point. For the video we just threw one massive party, invited all our homies and had a blast. Light one up and press play!”

Demrick – We Still Here (Feat. Dizzy Wright) Video


Last week the Watts Riot and DubCNN alumni Bad Lucc dropped a new track “Hood 2 Hood” available for stream.

Today you can check out Bad Lucc’s new song “Top Of The Diamond” produced by League Of Starz featuring Problem, Ab-Soul and Punch. The track is to help promote the “Diamond Lane America” album due for release in Spring. This song will not be featured on the album.

Check it out below and then go back and give Outchea (Free EP Download) another spin while we wait for “Diamond Lane America.”

Bad Lucc – Top Of The Diamond (Feat. Problem, Ab-Soul and Punch) Audio


That’s right people! RICO aka TASH is back with a brand new album and a tour! Tha Alkaholiks and Likwit Crew member is back after a solo album hiatus of nearly six years with a new LP, “Publicity Stunt.”

Last time Tash dropped an album it was the 2009 project “Control Freek” – featuring the single “New Bikini” – which was a decade since his acclaimed classic debut “Rap Life” album.

He recently signed with Paper Chase Entertainment/Winner’s Circle Distribution to have his work distributed through the Empire Distribution network and on March 3rd 2015 will release “Publicity Stunt” featuring Dr. Dre, Xzibit, King Tee, J-Ro, Beatnuts, E-Swift, Da Beatminerz, Rah Digga, Busta Rhymes, Dilated Peoples, Diamond D, Tony Touch, Defari, Q-Tip, Mos Def, Ras Kass, Classified, J-Wells, CeeLo Green, Ice-T, Feddie Demarco and more.

You can pre-order the album now via Amazon and Google Music - but to give you a flavour of the project Tash and his team have given DubCNN two exclusive new records for you to stream!

You can already peep one of the tracks that orignally dropped in 2013 – the Dr. Dre produced “Louis XIII” with Xzibit, King Tee and J-Ro – but we can also bring you the cut “Smoking & Drinking” and Da Beatminerz and Rah Digga assisted “Somethin.”

Give them a spin below and then check out the tracklist – and don’t miss the details of Tash’s supporting tour further down the page!

Tash – Smoking & Drinking (Audio)

Tash – Somethin (Feat. Da Beatminerz & Rah Digga) (Audio)

Tash – Publicity Stunt (Tracklist)

01) Smoking & Drinking
02) Louis XIII (Feat. Xzibit, King Tee & J-Ro)
03) Grumpy Crocodile (feat. Beatnuts & Alkaholiks)
04) Somethin (feat. Da Beatminerz & Rah Digga)
05) Bully Foot (feat. Busta Rhymes)
06) Toast To This (feat. J-Ro, Dilated Peoples & Tha Alkaholiks )
07) Bang (feat. JuJu, J-RO, King Tee & Psyco Les)
08) Next Level (feat. Diamond D)
09) Likwit Rhyming (feat. Tony Touch, Xzibit & Defari)
10) Read My Lips (feat. J-Ro & King Tee)
11) Coast To Coast (feat. J-Ro & King Tee)
12) All The Way Live (feat. Q-Tip)
13) Body Rock (feat. Mos Def & Q-Tip)
14) Kick It Over (feat. King Tee & J-Ro)
15) You Wont (feat. Black Silver, Self Jupiter & Ras Kass)
16) Classified (feat. Classified )
17) Leave Your Boots On (feat. J-Wells)
18) All Day Every Day
19) Too Much Bass
20) What You Sitting On (feat. Damgermouse, Jemini & CeeLo Green)
21) I Roll Chevys
22) Last Call
23) Chevy 64 (feat. Black Silver, Ice-T & Feddie Demarco)
24) Carz (feat. Concrete Babies, Black Silver, Prince Po & Main Flow)

Once the album is released Tash will head out on “Da Paper Chase Tour” alongside Cappadonna, Spice1, Mitchy Slick, Black Silver and the newly founded Popa Wu Records artists Young Dirty Bastard, Free Murda, D&G and BoNasty.

The tour starts on March 17th in Austin Texas and is going through the Southern United States from California to Florida and back. Cities include: San Diego, Ca, Phoenix, Tucson, Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Amarillo, Lubbock, Midland, San Antonio, Austin, Houston, Corpus Christi, Colllege Station, Waco, Fort Worth, Dallas, Wichita Falls, Norman, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Shreveport, Little Rock, Memphis, Jackson, New Orleans, Gulf Port, Mobile, Montgomery, Birmingham, Atlanta, Huntsville, Nashville, Knoxville, Tallahassee, and more – see the full listings here or on the flyers below.

Da Paper Chase Tour