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About DubCNN.com

DubCNN.com, The “Westcoast News Network” was created in 2001 by Duncan Rutherford (Rud) and a team of dedicated Hip-Hop fans.

The Vision

To create an outlet for existing artists, new artists, labels, producers and companies that we’re being isolated by other outlets. To introduce a new kind of online magazine, one which kept things simple, one which could slowly and steadily make a difference to a genre which was often ignored.

The result saw the collaboration of the, “West Coast Connection Forum” and the integration under the Rollin’ On Dubs Network. Since September 8th 2002 when the site went live we have been working to make this the #1 online resource for your west coast hip-hop needs. We quickly became one of the pioneers of Online Hip-Hop journalism – even being the first to trail mediums in any genre of website;

  • Before iTunes – DubCNN was the ONLY site delivering daily MP3 streams and downloads from our own network with the support of artists and labels. We also sold our 2003 CD release “Westcoast Unified” as a digital download – an unprecedented step.
  • Before YouTube – DubCNN was the ONLY site delivering video content in streaming WMV and downloads including music videos, exclusive interviews and behind the scenes content.


Along The Way

In 2006 the site was relaunched with a new look and functionality. We also unfolded a new chapter in DubCNN’s history when Lil Jay (of WestCoast2K.net), who had been working hard for the same cause since 1999, joined with DubCNN to work with us in the pursuit of our goals. From then on DubCNN became the one-stop site to get all your Westcoast Hip-Hop news, interviews, audio, reviews and much more – Daily!

In 2012, to mark our 10 Year Anniversary, we relaunched once again on a new web-platform and a whole new design. Over the coming years we’ll be bringing the entire DubCNN history into once place so you solidfiy our place as the only online resource for West Coast Hip-Hop.

In 2015, we’ve one again re-modelled DubCNN.com to give you the best experience no matter how you choose to use the site; whether on Desktop, Tablet or Mobile your journey should be seamless. We’ve also integrated our legacy content back to 2004 – with more still to add [as of 01/12/15] – and are working on more new features to launch during the year.

We would like to thank everyone involved in DubCNN from its beginning through to present day and we all thank you, the visitors, for your continued support and recognition. Without every single one of you we would not be able to do what we do.


Media Policy

We host a vast amount of media on DubCNN and with that comes a responsibility to both our readers and the people we promote. Readers should note that all our media is virus checked and prepared with the focus on safety for the medium you browse the site through. The media we present is either owned by DubCNN where stated or provided to us by people who allow us to utilise the media for means of promotion. We commonly use both .mp3 and .wma format for audio we provide, both format’s are recognised and used worldwide and we feel are the best for means of promotion.

All audio hosted on the DubCNN server is for usage only through the site, hot-linking is not welcomed and will be investigated if we find anyone doing such. There may be media located on DubCNN that is not created or owned by us, we apologise if anyone or any company finds this the case, if you do and you wish us to remove it, then please contact us via the Contact Page to discuss the issue.

If you wish to utilise media that dubcnn hosts then please contact us via the Contact Page and we can discuss the possibility.


Advertising Policy

We allow the purchase of advertising slots on DubCNN for companies, artists and labels that wish to promote through the medium of banners, social media and email campaigns. When we are approached to run a campaign we investigate the advertisers to ensure legitimacy and quality for our readers. We stress however that we are not responsible in any way for the dealings between you as a reader and the advertiser. Please read through all information provided on the advertisers pages to make a decision before purchasing.

Advertisers should note that any payment made for advertising for a fixed term, i.e, weekly, monthly or yearly is not refundable unless

a) it is agreed prior to the agreement that in certain circumstances we will refund the difference
b) we opt to remove your campaign on grounds we decide upon

For example, if you have agreed to purchase a slot for one month and then want to remove it from the site after two weeks then we will do that however no refund will be given as we have booked the slot for that term for you alone.


Privacy Policy

We believe that the privacy of our readers is paramount and as such we have strict policies and guidelines in place to protect the data of our subscribers, customers, forum members, poll responders and contest entrants. We hold all information securely either online behind password protected systems or offline in secure locations. We operate a opt-in, opt-out policy and have no problem removing any one from our database of subscribers, customers, forum members, poll responders and contest entrants upon request. We do however reserve the right to retain details of any one we have had business relationships with for a period of 12 months after our initial relationship.

We are an independent company who ensures that as well as data security, data protection is vital. We will never sell or allow any other third party to view our database of subscribers, customers, forum members, poll responders and contest entrants for marketing or any other purpose.



If your computer allows cookies you may notice them being used on this site, they are there to aid your browsing experience, to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners.

If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policy or wish to discuss anything you have queries about not outlined above then please contact us via the Contact Page.