KDAY: Suga Free & Kokane Talk New Album, Friendly Competition & Creative Process for “SugaKane” Album


Dynamic West Coast Rap Duo Suga Free and Kokane join KDAY’s Morning Show with Romeo to promote their highly-anticipated album, “SugaKane,” and discuss their creative process for this project 25 years in the making.

The childhood homies turned legacy rappers described their passion for the game, still practicing their craft daily and how friendly competition led them to create a back-and-forth energy that would have the album complete in only three weeks.

Suga Free describes taking inspiration from the horror movie “Carrie” to set the scene for his favorite song on the upcoming record, “B*tch Killer,” inspired to prove his dopeness to Kokane and deliver the best version of his bars for Kokane to add his own rhymes for a polished finished album.

The long-awaited funky project will be available for streaming across all platforms this Friday, April 28!

You can follow Kokane and Suga Free on Instagram to keep up with their career and upcoming shows:

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