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Exclusive Big Saccs Update..


Most of you may remember the name Marlon from The Relativez second album he was the one with that smooth voice singing some of the hooks.
Well Big Saccs told dubcnn that he is producing Marlon’s debut album which is tentatively titled “Bedroom Certified”.
‘I’m half way done…XL and Bumpus played keyboard on a few traccs…It’s sicc!!!’

Be on the lookout for Marlons debut album and other Big Saccs projects like “Connected Project Vol2” and Big Saccs anticipated solo album coming in 2005.

The 213 album in Europe has a bonus cut!


Which features Daz Dillinger and Soopafly.
The song is straight fire and is called “Whistle While You Hustle”.

Make sure you support 213 and pickup their album in stores now!

First Single From Arsen & Mista Cane!!!!!!!!!


The highly anticipated debut group album by Bay Area sav’s Arsen & Mista Cane is set to drop in January, and Dubcnn can exclusively bring you the first single from the record!

The song is called “Close To You” and features Killa Keise on the first verse. This heater is produced by Davey D and is A MUST CHECK for everybody. Make sure to check out the song below and rush to the store to pick up this record as soon as it drops.

I can already see that this is gonna end up being a slept on record, so wake up before it’s too late and get wit it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the song:

Arsen & Mista Cane – Close To You (ft. Killa Keise)

If you ain’t hip to Arsen & Mista Cane yet, check out the exclusive interviews we conducted with them in the interview section. To see the CD cover in full size, click on the little pic to your left.


Eastwood Droppin’ Mixtape Vol. 2


After the first series of his Self Made Records Mixtapes, Young Eastwood is returning with Vol. 2. Wood, who’s record with Death Row is up, is currently thinking of his future as an artist, and is gonna decide wether he signs to Tha Row again or not in near future.

I had the chance to hear the Vol. 2 mixtape and I gotta say it’s hot. I’m gonna have some audio up for ya’ll really soon. Check out the tracklisting below:

01. Hoez A House Wife (SMA Remix) – Eastwood, Tri, Live Wire
02. Money, Hoez, Clothez – Eastwood, Bizzle, Live Wire
03. S.M.A Party – Eastwood, Gail Gotti, Roscoe, Bizzle, Cutty, Live Wire
04. Million Dolla Spot (SMA Remix) – Eastwood, Bizzle, Cutty, Live Wire
05. Coosh – Eastwood, Cutty, Live Wire
06. Dippin Chevys – Eastwood
07. Pimpin’ – Eastwood, Tone, Live Wire, Bizzle, Tri
08. Holocause 3000 – Eastwood, Kurupt, Gail Gotti
09. Untitled unreleased track
10. Untitled unreleased track

Big Von Interview From Xplosive Mag


All you Bay Area cats know Big Von through his shows on KMEL Radio. He has the infamous “On The Block” show with strictly Bay Area Hip Hop and much more. The homie C-4 from Xplosive Magazine took the time to sit down and conduct and in-depth interview with the man about the politics over at the radio stations and what it takes to get radio-play. Below is a little part of the interview, to read the full thing either pick up the new Xplosive Magazine or click here to read it on the Siccness board.

What do you think about what gets played on the radio these days? モPeople always complain about the songs that get played on the radio, but if they was here all day and hear the phones ring and hear people request the sh*t, they would know. People think we sit here and think ムletメs pick the most f**ked up song we could play, just to piss everybody off.メ NO! People seem to think that since I work inside the radio station Iメm some sort of like corporate white suite type dumbf**k. NO! Iメm from the same place everybody else is from, I just happen to know what goes on in here. Donメt think that I like the sh*t. Iメm not a fan of a lot of the sh*t that goes on. Then you go ムOkay this song sucks,メ but ainメt this the same song you watched on TV? Donメt blame the radio. MTV playinメ a thousand times, BET playinメ it a thousand times. He must really suck, thereメs only a million people that bought his record.ヤ

It’s a great interview, make sure to check it out!

NSE VMA’s Party Aug. 27th


National Sports Events and Intrigue Liqueur are teaming up for the Sports & Entertainment Event, an after party to the MTV Video Music Awards this Friday. It’s gonna be hosted by none other than Houston and features special appearances by the likes of Chris Tucker, MTV’s La La, Kanye West, Missy Elliot and others.

For adress of the venue and more information, click here to view the flyer.

Kleptoez Production!


It doesn’t matter if you are an established or upcoming artist if you need some fresh beats at a reasonable price you should give The Kleptoez a shot.

They have the freshest production and I’m not only talking about westcoast beats because they produce all kinds of beats from R&B to crunked out beats.

Head over to their official homepage to find out why Longbeach legends Foesum signed one of these talented young cats and listen to some tight production samples by clicking HERE

Kemo/Dead Silence News


This summer has been a hot one especially since our air conditioning has been out for a minute. Kemo’s “Simple Plan” album dropped, June 29th, and has been receiving excellent feed back and reviews. Just last week Kemo rocked the Conga Room during the LAMC week. This was the Third time on LAMC but first as a solo. He was joined by the members of the Dead Silence Alliance. Most, Jehuniko, Monica, Sicko, and Monomaniac. The show was off the cadena. Thanks to all that came out to support. By the way the new Chevy chimerical is out on Telemundo Featuring “Return Of The Tres” a DH Classic. The Blaxican can be heard on that doing his thing.

Upcoming show

Sunday Aug. 22nd with Los Tumbados & Humo Verde @ La Strada

3000 Los Feliz Blvd

for mor info: