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Dubcnn Brings You “Deep Blue Sea!”


No it’s not the movie but the song by Cormega featuring Kurupt and Jayo Felony called “Deep Blue Sea”

It’s fresh off the upcoming Cormega album droppin May 25th.

Introducing The Dubcnn Online Store!


Those of yall that don’t have a Paypal account but want to order Westcoast Unified Volume 1 using your creditcard or your parents creditcard, can do that now. Because as of today DUBCNN accepts orders from VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DINERS CLUB CARD & more.

All traffic is handled over Secure encrypted SSL Connection and best of all its so easy to use, just follow these simple steps:

First fill in the card owners info and press the Continue button.
After that, enter your creditcard information and press the PURCHASE button.
Last but not least make sure you enter the shipping address so we know where to send the cd.
All transactions will be handled by one of Europe’s biggest banks (EUROLINE) and online creditcard processors Ideb.se in association with Soundproof.tv!

Click Here to order the most Diverse Westcoast Mixtape to date.

You can order all our future products such as T-Shirts, Mixtapes, Artist albums, Webdesign packages, Production packages and much more using this new Dubcnn function.
All our merchandise will be available in the shop cathegory coming later this month.

I’d like to thank my friend Shawty Slim and Idebs support team for helping me these past few weeks to get this up and running.

Everything will be back to normal regarding interviews and daily audio updates.

Keep it locked on DUBCNN your NR 1 Westcoast News Source, we got so much more for yall.

Extra Large Changes His Name


The homie Extra Large aka XL was recently forced to change his name to XL Middleton. Here is the full explanation he posted in our dubcc message boards:

” What up famm,

So here’s the deal – basically my rap name “Extra Large” is an infringement on a trademark held by DJ Extra Large, some cat that maybe a few of yall might have heard of, if you have you probably know he’s worked with a few dudes but whatever. Last week I received a cease-and-decist letter from his lawyer (that’s right his lawyer!!!) ordering me to stop using the name because I was infringing on his trademark and they could bring legal action if I didn’t stop. My first thought was, this is hip hop and in hip hop, whoever blows first with the name should be the one who can lay claim to it, running to a lawyer is like snitching to the police as far as something like this is concerned. I’m mainly pissed because he sent me a vague and threatening e-mail telling me “the name needs to change or there’s gonna be problems”, to which I responded cool and asked why we couldnt both have the name, he’s DJ Extra Large I’m just Extra Large. I never got a response, not until his lawyer stepped in, what a bitch move. Not only that but his lawyer tried to say I couldn’t shorten it to just “XL” which I know is bullshit because there’s a Chino XL out there so why not sue him? I’m just like, okay I cant really do shit because I dont have the money to afford a lawyer at this point, so as of today I’m changing my name to XL MIDDLETON. Of course yall can feel free to call me XL or Extra Large if yall want just like people still said Biggie Smalls even after he had to change it to B.I.G. I just dont get it, we supposed to be bringing the West back and unifying is obviously the only way we can do that, but how when everytime you try to do something positive like putting out dope music somebody gotta turn around and try to bring you down? Fuck that prepare for my response song coming this week “Call Johnnie Cochran” and also the remix by Big Saccs cuz the big homie Saccs aint feeling this whole situation neither.

Holla back
XL Middleton fka Extra Large.

Hollowtip Presents his Group The Mercenaries!


The album “War On The Streets” is produced mainly by the slump factory. Not many featurings on here besides I Rocc and C-Bo The group did real good on their own the album is slumpin.

“War On The Streets” drops next tuesday so go and cop it. As always Dubcnn lets you preview a cut before you decide. So here’s the bangin song “Keep It Gangsta pt 2” ft C-Bo.

Support the westcoast hiphop!

Caz is back with a new Album and DVD!


Rapper Caz is preparing his third album by giving out an EP next week FOR FREE!
The cd contains a few new songs and a few older hits from his past 2 albums.
So if you missed out on his former work and love that that westcoast gangstarap make sure you cop this “Coast 2 Coast” cd next week. Caz has worked with many of hiphop’s greatest artists, from Krayzie Bone, Layzie Bone, LV to C-Bo, Dj Battlecat, EVE and many more.

Checkout the exclusive front and back cover of the EP. This will be out in the streets starting next week to promote the real album dropping june 15th.

Head over to http://www.ghrec.com/ and recieve a freecopy by just leaving your address. Also make sure you checkout our Exclusive interview with Caz later this month.

Lifestyle Update


Ya’ll know about Lifestyle, the Long Beach duo consisting of Snoop Doggs little brother Bing aka Pretty Tony, and HIT.

They released their debut solo album “Liquid Cocaine” a few months ago, and they’ve been busy doing shows lately. They recently performed at the L.G. Productions Car Show in Fresno together with E-40 and others. We have a couple pictures from that show up, check them below:

Pic 1 | Pic 2 | Pic 3

They have another show TONIGHT, May 2nd, at the House Of Blues Anaheim, for the Warbux CD release party where they will be performing along with the rest of the Soul Hood Family — Mecca Dawn, Prime and P.S.C–G.B & EMONEY. The show is 21 & Over. To see the flyer for the show click below:

Flyer Front | Flyer Back

They have one more show lined up right now on June 27th, again with E-40, aswell as new latin rap sensation Gemini in Sacramento, at the Woodland 3rd Anual Indoor Car Show at the Yolo Co. Fairgrounds. Here is the flyer for it:

Car Show Flyer

But don’t think performing is all they’ve been doing! In the meantime, Lifestyle & Soul Hood Entertainment have completed a new Mixtape called Stylefornia 2 which will feature new music from the whole roster. It’s set to come out in Spring, to stay update, make sure to hit up the official website soulhoodentertainment.com.

Stay tuned for more information aswell as audio here soon!

Last Minute Additions To West Coast Unified


What’s poppin’? Just want to let ya’ll know about a new song added to the West Coast Unified Vol. 1 CD dropping in May!

It’s off the hinges, it’s by Spice 1, Rappin 4-Tay, 40 Glocc & Michelob, meaing the Game Bangaz. The song is called Pedal 2 The Metal and is a heater, smooth but still hard, with Spice 1 singing a tight hook. This is just another reason to order the CD if you haven’t yet.

Order now, for $8,99, through PayPal click Here.
For Money Orders and Cash, please contact us at contact@dubcnn.com.

We have both the Front & Back cover up here too, check them below:

Front Cover | Back Cover

And here is the album sampler again:

-=| West Coast Unified Vol. 1 Album Sampler |=-

Here is the final tracklisting, it’s final this time!

01. Bad Azz Intro
02. Big Saccs – Intro
03. Sean T, Mista Cane & Arsen – West Coast Unified (Stand Strong)
04. Bad Azz Presents Crooked I – Everyday
05. Tha Chill – The Truth
06. Ras Kass – Exclusive Drop From Jail
07. Scipio – City Of Angels
08. Bad Azz Presents Daddy V & Bad Azz – Weed Blowin’
09. Neshay ft. Neb Luv & Roscoe – Play That Song
10. The Game Presents Young Lucky – Strike Back
11. Bad Azz Presents Moss Maja – Gangsta Stroll
12. Warren G ft. Chuck Taylor – Turn It Up Now
13. Balance – Way I Am Remix (Ft. Knoc)
14. Chag G ft. Lil HD, Ecay Uno, Cee Wee 3, 2 Man Loc – West Coast Streets
15. Bad Azz Presents Kay9ine – Kay9ine Is Back
16. Frontline ft. E-A Ski – What Is It
17. Mc Ren Presents Xzibit, Tash, Defari – Cali Kings
18. C-Bo Presents Young Lucky ft Jay Tee & FJ – Fake Homies
19. Bad Azz Presents Lifestyle – Gotta Be The Music
20. Damizza Presents Nate Dogg, Roscoe & Sixx John – Nasty Gurl
21. Neb Luv (5 Footaz) ft. Crisstyle (IV Life Fam) – Road Rage
22. South Central Cartel – Bang Like A Bitch
23. Spice 1, Rappin 4-Tay, 40 Glocc & Michelob – Pedal 2 The Medal
23. DJ Quik, Playa Hamm & Juvenile Commitee – Come Together
24. The Prophet – My Bizzness
25. Warren G Presents Snoop Dogg, Warren G, E-White, Bad Azz, Kokane, & Daz – After Dark
26. Bad Azz Outro

Pick Up The Cinco De Mayo Mixtape


Playa Rae got his new mixtape up for purchase. It was made in honor of Cinco De Mayo and boasts a good line up. Monteloco, Savage Life, Mr. Kee, Errelevent, Playa Rae and many more. 25 tracks in total and you can get it for 5 dollars shipped. Pretty much, you’re only paying for Shipping. On top of that, Industry HiJack, his previous Mixtape, is available for the same price. Head on over to D.U.G.O.U.T.’s website to cop these.