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Rossi Rock – When I Call You


While still prepping his upcoming tape AGASSI for those patiently waiting, San Diego tan boy Rossi Rock drops his newest joint “When I Call You” to hold over his restless, yet faithful fan base. A follow up to his previous single “19 & 55”, Rock is in pursuit in perfection and making the best music he can, even if it means taking the extra time to do so. A smooth joint for both the ladies & gents, the SD emcee tales his experiences with the opposite sex as only he can. Refining his techniques and growing into his own sound, the proud Padre is driven by more than accolades and acceptance, but more so by his son.

Trev Rich – Vapors


Supplying a complicated and conflicting collage of moments in his latest visual “Vapors”, Colorado’s Trev Rich remains transparent about his rocky relationship(s), and the mixed emotions that only add to his confusion. With bottles as empty as promises, there’s no clarity for one of the most vivid verbalist still unfortunately unsung in rap. A standout off his The Way We Love EP, Trev has a certain richness in his music and message, making him relatable through a balanced blend of rhyme and reason, which is complimented by crafty wordplay and witty wisdom his fans truly appreciate it. Tune in.

Lucy Camp – Down Talk EP


From Luzid to her Virago tape, to her official video for her single “Sixteen”, to her now debut EP entitled Down Talk, this once diamond in the rough, now polished, shines bright on her introductory project. Featuring N.Y. rhyming residents and musicians Tone Deff and Fjer to help guide and usher in the eighteen year old emcee and singer with immense talent by the name of Lucy Camp, giving fans old and new a genuinely gripping EP.

Stacking syllables with style and tongue twisting techniques, the San Jose native shows she is well ahead of her time with her rhyme and adult level maturity, properly balanced by her youth and the years still ahead of her. Having first heard of Ms. Camp through my Bay Area brother & artist Stanley Ipkuss out of Berkeley, it’s been a gratifying experience seeing an individual with her abilities receive deserved praise for her passion and skill.

Peace to Tone Deff for recognizing her potential and the entire team helping share this young wonder woman with the world. Cop your copy of Lucy Camp’s Down Talk EP here & become familiar with one of the newest and more note worthy artists out there.

Pomona Dray – “Pomona vs Everybody” (Official Video)


Pomona, Ca. hip-hop artist Pomona Dray has just released his new visual for “Pomona vs Everybody”. Video directed by C.E.O Percy and filmed by GuapCityProductions. Edited by Potentate. Check the video and drop a comment. Only on DubCNN.

Pomona Dray – “Pomona vs Everybody” (Official Video)

Gavlyn x DJ Hoppa – One Way To Go


Currently finishing up touring Europe with her equally talented home girl Reverie after having released her new collaborative effort with long time friend and creative counterpart DJ Hoppa, Gavlyn gives us the next phase in her growing process. After experimenting through her own indie imprint Peach House with Make Up For Your Break Up, Gavlyn reunited with Hoppa and her Broken Complex origins to create some of her dopest work to date.

Both proudly repping for The Valley (818), the two combine for a potent pairing on their project Why Wait; a boom bap oriented operation, showcasing the songstress’s story telling skills and her raw poetic perspective that has turned her into an artist in high international demand. Providing the first visual to better compliment the project with “One Way To Go”, the uplifting and persevering record has her focused on her highs rather than her lows & letting her listeners know that all the negativity doesn’t really mean much.

Problem x DJ Quik – Rosecrans EP


When a legend teams up with a young productive player in his prime, such as DJ Quik and Problem, you get a combination of old recipes mixed in with new ingredients cooking up some of Compton’s finest fully authenticated audio filled with unmatched flavors. Collaborating on their recently released Rosecrans EP, the master chef (Quik) and his young connoisseur of cadences (Problem) blend their styles while simultaneously linking the CPT’s past, present and future in regards to the city’s rich rap history. Only six joints in total with notable appearances from fellow Comptonite The Game and Wiz Khalifa, this short but strong EP shows a creative & gangsta chemistry rooted in the Hub City, which is undoubtedly recognized as a hot bed for hip-hop greatness worldwide.

Listen to the EP’s self titled track “Rosecrans” featuring The Game and Candace Boyd & download your full copy of the Rosecrans EP here.

Aston Matthews – Days Like This feat. Izaq Roland


While fans wait and grow more anxious for his soon to be released Chapovelli tape, Latino Heat aka Aston Matthews let’s go his new joint “Days Like This” to help build the already high anticipation for the Lakewood/Carson city chapo’s next project. Known for arranging his records with chant like energies & that anthem feel, it isn’t till midway through the track that you hear his killer cadence & menacing style that has made him a fan favorite like the wrestlers he grew up idolizing. Not restricted by borders of any kind, and that’s word to Trump, Aston Matthews sets a dark and divergent tone to his upcoming body of work, as some of his primos are locked in the pinta & he finds himself on that same road.

Joey Fatts – Farrakhan feat. Vince Staples


Both byproducts of the city of Long Beach, Joey Fatts teams with fellow hometown hitter Vince Staples to bless fans with their hood gospel on their record “Farrakhan” off Joey’s recently released mixtape I’ll Call You Tomorrow. Named after the myth like minister of Islam, the two Crip affiliated artists share and show their distaste for street swine, or in other words, the police. Now whether its “f**k the police” or “no pork”, the message is clear, all the damage, dysfunction and discrimination associated with the police has bred two of the most intelligently ignorant and insightful rappers coming out The Beach & the entire west coast for that matter.