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Microphone Masters Radio Show is back with an episode that is bursting at the seams. J-Luv and Blaze Rock hold it down but special shout to Rich Nix, who will give us a report next episode on SXSW and to Starr Saxxxon.

Special guests include legendary West Coast artist Kokane, Bad Lucc and Tash. Kokane takes talks about the creation of his West Coast classic, Funk Upon A Rhyme and the beef (or lack therof) between Ruthless and Death Row. He also sheds light on how faith plays a part in his long career that spans two decades. Bad Lucc, the Diamond Lane representer is often found next to his label mate Problem but he is on a mission to step out of the shadows and gain more notoriety. Tash, is well, Tash in all of his Alkaholik glory!

Check out heat from Black Milk, Yelawolf, Blu, Kam, Exile, Ab-Soul, Skeme, Mystic, Ivory, MC Eiht, Jay Electronica, Kokane and more.

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Microphone Masters Radio Episode 86 (03-25-15) Tracklist

Intro: Beats by Dre making huge profit
Yelawolf – Led Zeppelin
Jay Electronica feat Jay Z – Road to Perdition
Black Milk – I Guess
Kokane – From the Funk To The Beat
Segment 1: Kokane Part 1
DJ Efn feat Blu, MC Eiht & Kam – South-West (Remix)
Ivory feat BravoH – Speak My Language
Nutso – I Just Don’t Know Main
Segment 2: Kokane Part 2
Kokane – My Day is Coming
Mystic – My Life
Exile – Klepto
Ab-Soul – 47 Bars
Segment 3: Bad Lucc Interview
Bad Lucc feat Problem and Jay Rock – Get Em
Skeme feat Freddie Mac – The Statement
Blaze Rock – Gratis
Segment 4: Tash
Tash feat Kokane – Wet Paint
Xzibit feat King T & Tha Alkaholiks – Louis XIII
Outro: Burnin & Rich Nix Quote
Kokane – Slow Burnin’ 22.5 Degrees Farenheit

Microphone Masters Radio Episode  86 (03-25-15) Show (Stream/Download)

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Yesterday while at a bail hearing in relation to the charges he faces, Marion “Suge” Knight, collapsed after a LA County prosecutor called him a “prolific and unrepentant criminal” who has led a “shameless life of crime” while arguing to set the bail level for the trial at $25 million.

Suge – who is charged with murder, attempted murder and two counts of hit-and-run – sat through the hearing where the prosecution went through 295 pages of written arguments and supporting evidence that implicate Knight in robberies, extortion, money laundering, assaults, witness intimidation and battery over the last three decades.

The LA Times confirmed that according to his executive’s attorney; “Just, bam. He’s unconscious right now.”


We’re back with another “On The Come Up” feature on a new artist as today a remix by an LA unsigned artist named Jay.Rumph caught our ear.

Sometimes flipping a current hit single can be a good way to get noticed and Jay has done exactly that with his sample of the Myles William Remix of Yuna’s “Lullabies” on his track “Forever In October.”

The Artist/Producer and Drummer who resides in Los Angeles, CA but was born in Birmingham, Alabama is an LA representer who discovered a passion to not only play drums, but to write and produce music, while studying at LSU.

He’s got some new music bubbling away but for now we wanted to drop off his “Forever In October” record with the Yuna sample as well as an older solo cut called “Old School Cadi” – listen below and drop a comment!

Jay.Rumph – Forever In October (Myles.William/Yuna Lullabies Remix)

Jay.Rumph – Old School Cadi


During a recent interview with Revolt TV, Game has confirmed that his sixth studio album, “The Documentary 2,” will drop this summer.

The release date will share his son’s birthday, June 30, last time out he told CampusSports he was working with Dr. Dre, Scott Storch, Swizz Beatz, Timbaland and more on the follow up to his 10 year old debut, and he believes he could’ve dropped them back to back;

“I feel like I could have released it after The Documentary 1, but…You know how they say, ‘Things just happen for a reason?’ 10 years later seemed perfectly fine, I mean, it’s my sixth album. My sixth solo album and I think that the 10th anniversary is huge, so why not put it out 10 years later? And then the actual Documentary 2 is gonna drop on my son’s birthday, June 30. Cause I think it’s big. And then his birthday falls on a Tuesday, which is the day that music is released to the world.”

Game when discussing his acclaimed debut 10 stated “the old me was wack” –

“When I listen to my first album and everybody thinks it’s so amazing, but I think I’m better than that, I listen to it and I hear all the flaws and the young me. And I’m like ‘Man, I would have never did this song like that today.’ I was just listening to it today. Cause I got all these 10th anniversary concerts. And so, I have to learn all these songs. Cause I don’t listen to myself on a daily basis. It is the hardest thing in the world. But the old me was wack. I’m dope now.”

Watch the full interview below via Revolt TV.


Born and raised in Ohio Joe Danger has been recording and producing since the mid 90’s and in 2005 released an album with his group “Outtanowhere” entitled “It’z Only Tha’ Beginning.” In 2010 he released a follow-up record untitled “Nowhere To Run, Nowhere To Hide,” however after 7 years the group disbanded in 2013 and since then he has been working on a solo project/compilation entitled “100% GANXZTA: Tha Albulation.”

While usually “On The Come Up” is reserved for strictly ‘new’ artists we wanted to highlight Joe Danger and the westcoast features on the two lead tracks from the new album.

Heavily influenced from the 90’s era gangsta rap Joe Danger’s production is create what he calls “Northern Gangsta Muzik” – listen to his two singles, “Whip Appeal” featuring Shade Sheist and Black Ryan and “Let’em Know” which sees verses from Slip Capone and Big Merc. Give them a spin below and drop a comment.


Joe Danger – Whip Appeal (Feat Shade Sheist and Black Ryan)

Joe Danger – Let’em Know (Feat. Slip Capone and Big Merc)


With the release of Fast and Furious 7 only weeks away, Tyrese is keeping busy and today it’s on the music tip!

He’s building up to a planned album release in July – titled “Black Rose” – and has released the video for the first single “Dumb S**t” featuring Snoop Dogg and a cameo appearance by Wiz Khalifa.

The track – which leaked last year – samples The Fugees’s “Killing Me Softly” and the black-and-white video sees Tyrese and Snoop in a classy visual directed by Matt Alonzo. When asked about the video Tyrese said;

“Matt Alonzo and I had a ball making it. It’s spring and as we warm up, I wanted to drop this dumb s**t to get some energy going. This song ain’t for saints, it’s for real people who have made mistakes in relationships and did some dumb s**t.”

Watch the video below and when you’ve finished ensure you get over 50 FREE Tyrese tracks courtesy of the DubCNN 2012 release “Black Ty aka Tyrese – Invisible Bully: The Lost Tapes

Tyrese – Dumb S**t” (Feat. Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa) Video


As we’ve been reporting over recent weeks Snoop Dogg and Pharrell are back in the studio and the new album “BUSH” will drop on May 12th via iTunes.

The futuristic visual for the lead single “Peaches & Cream” featuring Charlie Wilson has just been released!

Watch it now and click here to pre-order on iTunes.


Snoop Dogg – Peaches N Cream (Feat. Charlie Wilson) Video


It’s been far too long since we had new music from E-White but today the Long Beach representer has handed a brand new record!

Last year we heard off E-White when he spoke to DubCNN at the “2014 West Reunion” and then again when he featured on a track when we introduced readers to West Haven Blast - but today he’s back on the long overdue solo tip!

E has teamed up with Cartel Sons for a new record titled “Everything Iz Everything” that will featured on CartelSons new album titled “Tha Hardworker” that is set to feature Kurupt, Bad Azz and more! We reached out to E-White and he told

“Shout out to CartelSons for Everything Iz Everything! [I’m] coming back from hiatus. Shout out to all of the artists on the project, Kurupt, Bad Azz and the whole L.B.C. It’s still DPG, ain’t nothing changed! Shoutout to the WHITE HOUSE! Shout out to DubCNN, Rud and the team, shouts to my man West Haven, I appreciate ya’ll! DubCNN is still, and always will be my favorite hip-hop site.”

Check the new single below and ensure you follow E-White on Twitter and lookout for him on stage with Ric Hard on April 3rd in Whittier, CA – artists that would like to perform hit him up!


E-White –  Everything Iz Everything (Audio)

Editor note: upon first publish we believed this track was from a new E-White album, it has since been confirmed it’s actually from CartelSons new album titled “Tha Hardworker” due later this year.