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New 580 ft. ProHoeZak Cut Up Now


Wassup ya’ll, we got a new heater by Bay Area group 580 with ProHoeZak on the hook called “Stop Stealin’ That California Game”. The song is produced by Platinum and is definitely a must check. It’s off their upcoming album slated for a 2004 release, so stay tuned for more news on that too. Check out the song below.

580 ft. ProHoeZak – Stop Stealin’ That California Game

In other news, we have the tracklisting for the new NBD Presents Marsh Nut – “”Uncut Packaged and Shipped”” here, it looks hot. It’s dropping on Platinum Bound Entertainment and features the likes of M-Dash, Mista Cane, Mac & AK, Tatem 1 and many more. To see the cover to the CD, click below:

Front Cover

1. Iメmma Hustla- Marsh Nut Feat Mdash
2. Knocked Out- Marsh Nut Feat NBD
3. Pimpin In my Eyes- Marsh Nut
4. Jacka- Never Seen a Man
5. Rudy Poots- Tilt
6. Smoke Wit Me- Mdash
7. Off Balance- Marsh Nut Feat Mdash & Untamed Nillaz
8. Exclusive- Mista Cane
9. Pimps Perspective- Marsh Nut Feat NBD
10. Oh No!!- Marsh Nut
11. Iメm the Shit- Lou Rawls
12. Hug the Block- Marsh Nut Feat Mac and AK
13. Cup Full of Rum- Marsh Nut
14. On a good one- NBD
15. Get on the Corner- Marsh Nut feat Prohoezak
16. The Shit- The Rogue Warriors
17. You Must Think- Marsh Nut
18. Out of Control- Tilt
19. Why U Mad- NBD
20. Swole up ya cheddar- Marsh Nut
21. We gone Ball- Marsh Nut feat Playa Rae
22. Nuthin to Discuss- Marsh Nut feat Mdash
23. What Iメm about- Marsh Nut Feat PB (produced by Tatem 1)
24. Tough Guys- Mdash
25. Whatever it Takes- Mista Cane & Arsen
26. Life- Marsh Nut Feat Mdash & Mista Cane