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First off, I’d like to aplogize to everyone, visitors and artists alike, for my lack of updates lately. I’ve had a little trouble with logging in, but it’s all solved now.

At the start of the month, 98.9 More FM in San Diego/Tijuana Mexico, held the first ever Latin Rap Festival. They set up the concert at El Foro in Tijuana, a perfect spot for a concert. The show was PACKED the moment the doors opened. Line was around the corner, no bullshit. It was promoted well. First artist up was Young Sicc. Since he opened the show, the crowd wasn’t really into it yet. It took Slow Pain and the Old Town boys to really get it jumpin’. I was shocked at how much crowd participation that had. Mr. Shadow came out next. He had some good crowd control. He did most of his popular songs “Haters,” “If You Ain’t Ballin’, You Stallin'” and others. Psycho Realm and Street Platoon we next. They killed it. Just as Sick Symphonies usually does. Mr. Lil-One came out. He brought his brother(along with his rhyme partner, who’s names I forgot), Shysti and the beautiful and talented Michelle Ambriz with him. He went through most of his tracks, he did a sogn with Shysti off of their Spanish language duo album, entitled “Rap En Espa´┐Żol.” It should be dropping on Tuesday, as well as the Latin Kings compilation and Shysti’s solo. Look out for Riverbottom ya’ll. Next group was Aztec Tribe. I’m not very familiar with them. Personally, I wasn’t feeling their set. But, to their credit, Sick Symphonies and Lil One wore the crowd the fuck out. Two very heated sets to follow is not easy. Closing the show was Delinquent Habits. They’re just not the same without Kemo. It’s like watching Bone Thugs without Bizzy, N.W.A. without Eazy, there’s just something missing there. But, again, they couldn’t match what Sick Symphonies and Lil One did before them.

Overall, it was a great show. First of it’s kind. I can only see it growing into something bigger in the next coming years. Props to 98.9 More FM and props to Shysti and Rags for putting together this show.

Next show I want to talk about is the F.I.L.T.H.E.E. Immigrants album release party. The album is out, as of May 11th. I gotta give it up to F.I. They put together a very good show. Their opening act was L.A. legend 2Mex. He tore it up, as usual. He did tracks off the Mind Clouders a;bum, “B-Boys In Occupied Meixco” album, his self titled album and a bunch more. A lot of energy in his set. He closed his set by bringing out the Shape Shifters crew. That was a tight way to close it. The crowd was very hype. Eric Cubichi came out and spoke. A lot of people were in attendance, from legends like Mellow Man Ace to Sick Jacken. This duo came out and performed a few tracks. I didn’t catch their name, they were coo though. Finally, F.I.L.T.H.E.E Immigrants came out. They did “Propagangsta,” “Liberta,” “Push Of A Button,” “Pass The Torch” and bunch more. The song that most stick out was “C.H.I.L.D.” This song was amazing. Dutch wrote the record so that the beginning letters of the words spelled out the word Child. So, he would spit something with C, then an H, an I, an L and then finally a D. It was very creative. The song had a lot of meaning, it’s something ya’ll show check for. They had so much energy. So, if you ever get a chance to see them live, do so. Pick up their self titled album, it’s out now.

Props to all the artists that performed at any of these shows. If I left you out, I’m sorry.