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Big Von Interview From Xplosive Mag


All you Bay Area cats know Big Von through his shows on KMEL Radio. He has the infamous “On The Block” show with strictly Bay Area Hip Hop and much more. The homie C-4 from Xplosive Magazine took the time to sit down and conduct and in-depth interview with the man about the politics over at the radio stations and what it takes to get radio-play. Below is a little part of the interview, to read the full thing either pick up the new Xplosive Magazine or click here to read it on the Siccness board.

What do you think about what gets played on the radio these days? モPeople always complain about the songs that get played on the radio, but if they was here all day and hear the phones ring and hear people request the sh*t, they would know. People think we sit here and think ムletメs pick the most f**ked up song we could play, just to piss everybody off.メ NO! People seem to think that since I work inside the radio station Iメm some sort of like corporate white suite type dumbf**k. NO! Iメm from the same place everybody else is from, I just happen to know what goes on in here. Donメt think that I like the sh*t. Iメm not a fan of a lot of the sh*t that goes on. Then you go ムOkay this song sucks,メ but ainメt this the same song you watched on TV? Donメt blame the radio. MTV playinメ a thousand times, BET playinメ it a thousand times. He must really suck, thereメs only a million people that bought his record.ヤ

It’s a great interview, make sure to check it out!