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Quick Update


I been bigging up Juda Starr and Brian Lewis something crazy lately, and rightfully so. They got the heat when it comes to these live shows. I reported on a few of their upcoming shows, but they’ve been pushed back. The show this Thursday, with Members of the Visionaries, Brother J and Trenseta, was pushed back to Jan. 7 of 2005, still at the same venue(Vault 350). The show on Friday, with Buckshot, Brother J and others, has been bumped to Jan. 8 of 2005. But, Buckshot will STILL be at the Malibu Inn this Friday, he’ll do a few tracks, but the real performance will come in Jan. Stay tuned for that. If you’re in the L.A. area, pick up the L.A. Weekly, look for the ad for Friday’s show, you’ll be in for a pleasant suprise. Peace!

Any more info needed, hit up Juda’s Site