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Too Short Show W/ Pics


Props to Juda Starr and Brian Lewis for putting on yet another good show. Juda Starr Ent. stays doing it big. They’ll be throwing a Digital Underground show next week, stay tuned for that. Last Thursday, November 11th, at the Vault 350 in Long Beach, Too Short tore the house down. I got there in time to see Short’s set. He went through all his classics and new material. As usual, he does has good crowd control and participation. Outside of the few fights that I seen, the night was smooth. The Vault 350 is a real good venue. Females were looking good, as well. And shouts to the cats from WestCoastRydaz, they were there reppin’, too.

Caution: Some of these pictures contain nipples, becareful if you’re viewing from work or school. 18+.

Too Short 1

Short 2

Short 3

Short 4

Short 5

Female Showing tits

Dirty Rat


Signing Fans 1

Signing Fans 2

Signing Fans 3


Female 2