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Warrior, Strong & Crooked I Rime Mag (Scans)


Out on newstands this Saturday (7.27.05) Worldwide!!!!!

DJs Strong and Warrior have been grinding out on the streets of L.A. for a while. Its about time they got with one of the West Coast’s TOP magazine publications: RIME Magazine! This full page article skims the surface of what these two DJs are REALLY about! Grindin! Check the front cover for whats inside this issue.

California is known for its sunshine and splendor, the women, weather and the weed…It’s known for Palm Trees and Gangstas. And the DJs known for documenting the way of Cali life best are LA’s
DJ Warrior and DJ Strong, who for (over the last two years), have put out over 50 mixtapes with various themes showing as much California Love as ‘Pac was rappin’ about

Get a copy of RIME Magazine:

Available at tower records or your local magazine shop.
or Online at HipHopWest.com

Click the following links to see exclusive photos from the RIME/JOKER photo shoot (photos by Estevan Oriol):

Warrior & Strong 1
Warrior & Strong 2

Click to see the RIME Magazine cover and article itself:

Crooked I Cover
Crooked I Article

Shouts to Warrior, Strong, Crooked I and HipHopWest.com