Home News Lil Tone Ft. WC – “Money Comes And Goes” (Audio)

Lil Tone Ft. WC – “Money Comes And Goes” (Audio)


While some artists do guest appearances and features on a regular basis, some are very picky when it comes to who they rap with. West Coast legend WC is definitely more on the picky side, but when he does decide to collaborate with somebody, we listen.

Today is such a rare occurance, as Dub can be heard on a track with up and coming West Coast rapper Lil Tone, who has songs with Mike Epps, Kokane and now WC under his belt.

He has a mixtape out right now entitled “The Coronation“, on which “Money Comes And Goes” featuring WC is featured. Check out the song below:

Lil Tone – Money Comes And Goes (ft. WC)