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Six Reasons Interview (August 2012)


Six Reasons is on his grind for real. His single, Michael Myers is picking up more steam each day.

From L.A. to Albuquerque to Corpus Christi and all places in between, the rhyme spitter is kicking in the door at radio.
Now he brings you the video to the song and dubcnn.com sat down with Six Reasons to talk about the video and how it feels to be gaining momentum.


Interview was done in August 2012.

Questions Asked By: Javon Adams

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Interview Audio


Dubcnn: Javon with dubcnn.com…man, this is getting to be a routine. I like this type of schedule that we keep. I’m with the one and only Six Reasons. What’s good with you?

Six Reasons: Man, ain’t nothin’ going on but the rent and that’s already spent. You know what I mean?

Dubcnn: *laughs* Now I want to talk to you…we spoke a couple of weeks back but you have some real cool news. You have the video for Michael Myers coming out. That track has been really catching fire. We talked about it before but I want to just…it seems like new stations are adding it all the time. You have the video coming out. Talk about the video because I have seen the behind the scenes YouTube thing that you have out there. It really looks like a sexy video. But talk about the video and how you are feeling with the momentum that the song is getting. And also you had the mixtape that just dropped as well. So talk about that.

Six Reasons: Well you know, first I just want to give a shout out to my team. Team work makes the dream work. The video is incredible man. When I shot Rain Dance it was a crazy video and I was wondering how do I out do this. I was thinking, ‘How do I out do this?’ When its time to shoot again we are always about going to the next level or the next plateau. So how do I out do this?

I honestly didn’t know how we were going to do it but leave it up to Wolfskin (director) and I’m telling you…Michael Myers was so much fun man. It is so true to the element of the song. It is sexy, dark and it turned out 100 times better. I knew it was going to be a great video but it is truly a movie man and the location to the models to the costumes were hittin’. Everything was on point man. I had so much fun doing that video.

I’ve done dozens of videos and most of the time they are cool for the first hour and then your next twelve hours feel like work. You’re there 12 or 13 hours a day so the first hour to hour and a half is cool but the rest of the hours feel like work. This shoot was fun the whole time. It was turnt up. I had a gang of people come through and bless the set. From DJ Charisma from Power 106 to Crisco to Tino Pachino and a bunch of radio people. Even…

Dubcnn: You had DJ Amen in there too, right?

Six Reasons: Yeah, Amen from KMEL from the Bay came out. I had Chi Town’s Finest Breakers. Man, they blessed the video and did some dancing. You know they have been on everything from Ellen to Oprah. I had to let Oprah know that I got ‘em too, Oprah!

Dubcnn: *laughs* I saw that.

Six Reasons: So they came through and blessed the set and it was so much fun. Just the energy. I had so much fun and it’s befitting because the track, like you mentioned is getting a lot of love man. From the DJs to the actual club DJs to radio and on-air personalities and everything in between are gravitating to it. It’s picking up steam. The track is still young. Even Felli Fel and Jesse Ortiz from Power 106 made their own little video before we even shot the video. So shout out to them for the support. But it is an overwhelming amount of support that I’m getting off the record. And like I said, teamwork makes the dream work. It was really the team that helped execute a video of such magnitude. It’s sexy. It’s not one of those videos that makes you say, ‘What’s that?!’ We stuck to the theme and still made it sexy.

I hate corny videos so it ain’t corny. I promise you. It’s sexy and it’s interesting and it is true to the element. It’s just like the song. I’m having a lot of fun man. Just doing a bunch of shows. Just dropped “80’s Baby” so we are promoting that everywhere. And I’m getting feedback everyday. I’m talking about Face to Face feedback. People that run into me in the streets and say, “80’s Baby” is crazy.

I ran into Scipio…shout out to my man Scipio. He had “80’s Baby” and hit me up at like 8 o’clock in the morning and said, “Yo, this sh*t is crazy!” And I was like, “Yo, this is someone that has been in the game awhile and been out here grinding.” So it feels good for him to say that this sh*t is hot. Somebody that is in the game that I actually respect says your sh*t is hot and all across the board people are really feeling and digging this project. I think it is cool and I am getting a lot of love man. And from that aspect I’m blessed and I’m grateful. Even dubcnn.com taking the time to reach out and check back in and find out what’s going on…I’m grateful for it. I’m grateful.

Dubcnn: Well, you know that’s how we do it. And we are wrapping up with Six Reasons but I want to ask you…So having it on Power 106 in L.A. is big but when you think of markets like Albuquerque, Corpus Christi, Bakersfield, Las Vegas and the list goes on. Are any of these markets new to you? And is that opening up opportunities for you in terms of to perform and do some of those things. Are any of those markets new for you?

Six Reasons: Ah yeah man. All of the markets are new as far as getting on air spins, especially New Mexico. It’s crazy and I’m like, ‘Wow’. I know I sound like I’m babbling because I can’t fathom it. I mean, God is amazing and really can’t fathom it. I have a show coming up in New Mexico in a few weeks. And they picked me up in Vegas and they are showing me a lot of love there. And I think this is the first record that I put out that is getting love out there in Vegas. So we are charting all new waters with this one. This is all uncharted territory with this one so I am enjoying the ride. Like I said, the song is still young. It’s still a baby. So I can just imagine once the song really starts to saturate another 8 weeks. So I’m not rushing it. I’m not pushing and I’m not forcing it. I’m enjoying the ride. I’m really enjoying the ride, man.

I’m sightseeing on the way up. Meeting all kinds of new artists on the way up and meeting a lot of artists that have made an impact in the game. So I’m sightseeing and enjoying the ride and taking as much information from everybody around me as I possibly can. Especially my fans…they are my conscience. They let me know what they like and what they don’t like. All they ever tell me is, “Do You. Six, we want you.”

Especially when you put out a project like “80’s Baby”. Most mixtapes these days all sound alike. It’s like everybody went to the same producer and went to the same ghost writer.

Dubcnn: *laughs*

Six Reasons: So when you are putting out something that is as original and authentic as I am…because I know what kind of music everybody is playing and making but I did my own thing anyway. So it is kinda going up against the machine and going up against the giant with nothing but your own authenticity and your own originality and life experiences. That’s the type of sh*t I was talking about and it was received. I’m overwhelmed by it.

Play “80’s Baby” and every song sounds different, feels different and puts you in a different mood. I didn’t want it to be like most mixtapes where if you heard the first song then you’ve heard all of them. They have 15 songs on their mixtape but it sounds like one long a*s song. And that’s what I did not want to do. But I know that’s what’s in…I don’t really follow trends, I just do me. So to see everybody receive it and respect it the way they have is just overwhelming man. So whoever out there that doesn’t have “80’s Baby” needs to get it.

Dubcnn: So, matter of fact, any last words for dubcnn.com? Let ‘em know where…get ‘em the website for Six Reasons and all that stuff. Last words for dubcnn.

Six Reasons: I just really want to thank Dubcnn again for being so supportive and proactive and helping me grow my career already. Without y’all it would be impossible (like trying to) climb Mount Everest. So when you see me, you see we!

You can pick up “80’s Baby” via dubcnn.com or you can just go to my website. Follow me onTwitter and all your favorite social sites. Punch in Six Reasons and I’m right here. I do interact and we can talk about anything. Make sure you add my YouTube page.

Dubcnn: I hear you. That’s what’s up.



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