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Crooked I – The Other Side (Freestyle)


I’m sure by now most of you have heard the recently released Slaughterhouse album “welcome to: Our House“. The Shady Records/Interscope release finally saw the light of day on August 28th and the group has since been busy touring and promoting their album. One thing you might have noticed, was that Crooked I was featured on every song on the record – except one: “The Other Side“.

To appease his fans – and just because he’s Crooked I and he raps for fun – he recorded a verse to the song and released it for free today:



  • musicjunkie562

    Best Rapper in the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! C.O.B!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dr.Driss

    Hi im from france and i follow your extraordinary website the best one about westcoast cultur/music since many years so since the changes of the website i would like to download you free songs but i cant i can only dwnld free mixtapes please help to get your good songs thx a lot and keep it Dub PeaceAndSupportFromFrance!!!!!

    • Rud

      Thanks for the support, are you using a Mac or non flash device?

  • Gustapin

    I’m not to happy with the format change either. 10 years of the OG setup and now this. I mean a face lift is kool but a whole revamp I dunno.

    • Rud

      Hit me with your full feedback fam – rud(at)dubcnn.com at=@