Rampage of the legendary Flipmode Squad released his highly anticipated mixtape “Remington Steele” following the success of his “Gimme The Night” single earlier this year.

His first cousin, hip hop legend Busta Rhymes formed “The Flipmode Squad” and Rampage became “The 1st Lieutenant” aka “The Last Boyscout” of Flipmode. The group – which included Rah Digga, Spliff Star and Baby Sham – all made cameos on Busta Rhymes first solo offering titled “The Coming.”

Rampage went on to release a RIAA Gold certified album titled “Scouts Honor, By Way Of Blood” and now as CEO of Deep Freeze Entertainment, he dropped “Remington Steele” produced by multi-platinum producer, Felony Muzik.

DubCNN caught up with him to find out about his past, his present and his future.

Interview conducted in June 2015.

Questions Asked By: West Haven Blast

Rampage of Flipmode Squad Interview Audio


DubCNN: Checking in with Rampage from the legendary filpmode squad, What’s good, my man?

Yeah, Yeah…what’s the word? Salute, Salute!


DubCNN: As a veteran in this game, with the certified gold record, with hits like, “Wild for the Night”, with Busta Rhymes “Flava in ya ear” remix etc – what’s your opinion on the game as of today?

Out with the old, in with the new. You got to keep going, you can’t stop. Us artists as veterans got to salute the new generation. How are they going to know something if we can’t teach, so I’m into teaching. I teach my artists to be authentic. A lot of guys are missing that authentic flavor. So soldiers like myself, and others, got to touch the younger so they know about their history, and how to survive and hip hop.


DubCNN: How did you get your start in the game?

I got my start in the game in 92… with my first cousin, which is Busta Rhymes. He put me in the game. But I actually started making demos in Brooklyn, New York with my cousin, who produced “Wild For The Nigh”, which is Backspin. I was just making demos and demos and demos and demos, and finally I got someone in my corner that was like “Yo, That’s Dope” and Busta is definitely an icon and he will tell you what he thinks, and definitely give you his solid opinion on some things…and I kept pushing and pushing…just because he was my cousin didn’t mean I didn’t have to push…I just had to push that much harder because he was already out there, he was moving around with Leaders of the New School.

It gave me the opportunity to go on the road for the first time, with the Leaders of the New School, Public Enemy…it was an experience. He taught me a lot about the game, and a lot about being an artist and he also talking to you can’t wait on nobody you got to get up and do it yourself. So I’ve been doing it myself since day one.


DubCNN: Recently you had an event in L.A., can you tell us about the event?

The event in LA was the Remington Steele release party…salute to “All Eyes On Me” PR, and my manager; together a party featuring old school and new school rappers to pay homage to your boy…so I salute everybody that showed up. It was a smash it came off…a lot of people performed, Judge Da Boss performed…NBA stars were in the building, hustle TV was in the building…it was a real dope atmosphere. Salute to producer Felony Music…It was just a lot of things going on man, you had to be there! It was a great vibe, and I salute L.A. for coming out for your boy.


DubCNN: Let’s get into that Remington Steel mixtape. What can fans expect, that haven’t heard it?

Well, what you can expect on this mixtape is authentic Hip-Hop. If you love real hip-hop, if you love the groove…then this is that groove for you, with a 2015 flow. It’s dope…I got a lot of joints on there that you’re going to remember…Actually, the concept with doing Remington Steel was, going back to records that a lot of MC’s from my era was scared to touch…And, you know, the way the game is moving right now, Nobody Is Loyal…I’m going to go back and touch those records bring them out…DJ’s needed something to vibe to. And I think every DJ needs this Remington Steel in their arsenal. It’s very classic…at its highest level. I did my thing, producer Felony Music did his thing…So, you know, is something you can groove to, it’s clean, I don’t cuss on it not once…don’t ask me for the dirty version because you won’t get it. It’s one of those projects that you can listen to from the beginning to the end. So, if you love real hip
hop, love where I come from which is Rampage the First Lieutenant of the Universal Flipmode Squad, then you already know how we get down.

Authentication hip-hop. You can’t get that nowhere else. Nobody’s cut from that cloth but me. And, you know, I’ve got another one coming real soon too. We can drop it on DubCNN for FREE for EVERYBODY to have! Let’s put it on the site man…Let’s give it to everybody for free, and let them be the judge of this real authentic hip hop I’m doing right now.


DubCNN: Let’s get into your label. You already touched on a couple of artist that you’re pushing including Judge Da Boss, and Byrd-B, who has a single produced by Dame Grease…Can you tell us about them?

Byrd-B is from St. Louis…everybody in St Louis. Byrd-B is on the come up for real GO MODE mixtape is out NOW! Judge Da Boss, SOUTHSIDE PHOENIX, is out NOW! RAMPAGE/RAS KASS coming soon!…EDM joints,etc. I’m VP now over at 24k Mixtapes, as well. Shout out ALL EYES ON ME pr, etc. We are definitely attacking the game from all angles. I’m proud to say I’ve got a great, great team, and a great, great chance. So I salute EVERYBODY and but I forgot, man, I just got a lot going on. It won’t stop.


DubCNN: You’re gonna have to drop that on DubCNN when you do…

It’s (Nazzo’s) record…featuring Ras Kass, and myself. You’re going to get that as soon as possible. It’s a joint that is needed for the game, because a lot of people do not show homage to where they come from. We are all “Hip-Hop Babies”, and we all salute the game of Hip-Hop and this record shows are pushy a shin for the growth of hip-hop.


DubCNN: What was it like growing up in New York for you Rampage?

I grew up in Flatbush, Brooklyn with Busta Rhymes. Growing up in Flatbush, I had a great childhood. Had a father that played music…Had a mother that stayed working. My mother always made sure that I had…So mama, Mother Katherine, I salute you. I had a great childhood growing up…riding bikes, stealing bikes, stealing cars, doing everything that a Brooklyn kid can do. Went to school, finished that, got into to the music business, had a famous cousin who believed in my movement, but I also believed in myself…and I made it happen. It ain’t where you from it’s where you at. You can make it anywhere. You gotta believe, you gotta stay humble, and you gotta stay true to yourself. A lot of artists don’t stay true to themselves. Execute. Understand. Understanding is the key.


DubCNN: Who are your top five M.C.’s of all time?

1. Busta Rhymes, 2. Rakim, 3. Big Daddy Kane, 4. KRS-1…One more?…Grandmaster Caz. No…Jay-Z. No. Let me get one more. Let me get two more. Tupac. And that’s it. No, one more…Nas! That’s my final.



DubCNN: You personally, what is your favorite compilation you have been involved in of all time?

First Flipmode album.”The Imperial”.


DubCNN: We’re a west coast site, but we love all. What west coast M.C.’s in your opinion have had the most influence on the game?

Mack10. Snoop Dogg. Wc. Ice Cube. Dre. Xzibit. Tha Alkaholiks. Mellow Man Ace. Cypress Hill. Digital Underground. E-40. Kokane. Kendrick Lamar. Dj Quik. 2ndiinone. Tha Eastsidaz. JJ Fad. Eazy-E. Tone-Loc. King Tee. Mc Eiht. Rodney O. Money B. Kurupt & Daz, Warren G, Nate Dogg…I can keep going! These are all people that inspired me on the ink. Lady of Rage .It’s one more person for the West Coast…hold on….I got it! Tha D.O.C. !


DubCNN: What is the current situation of the Flipmode squad now?

Everyone’s working on their own solo things, so right now it’s about me. Rampage, Deep Freeze Ent,, etc. We making moves.


DubCNN: Deep Freeze is the name of the label, right?

Yup. Deep Freeze is the movement.


DubCNN: Touching back on that Remington Steel, is there going to be an album to follow it and when can fans expect that?

I’m going to keep this series going. A couple more are coming. I’m drop one in September… Remington Steel RE-LOADED and more to come. Expect that Remington Steele series, expect a new single from Rampage, my cartoon coming…what things come in man. Judge Da Boss, Byrd-B, etc. We don’t stop working. Teamwork makes the Dream Work.


DubCNN: Where can the fans find you and or contact you on social media?

INSTAGRAM and TWITTER: @therealrampage


DubCNN: Thanks a lot from Thanks a lot from me personally. Appreciate you taking the time out. Any last thoughts?

I want everybody to keep following me…keep this thing alive…and you already know my movement, Deep Freeze…and you know…all you haters, fix your face. That’s all I’ve got to say.