(Official Video) Rossi Rock ft. Bodega Bamz – Suav City


Proudly representing the Suav City, or better recognized as San Diego California, Rossi Rock is one the freshest faces to appear on the west, aiming on staking his claim amongst the coast most noted & dominant artists. Affiliated with N.Y.’s Bodega Bamz independent imprint Tan Boys, the SD MC is fully focused on grabbing and garnishing the rap game’s attention & turn it onto the same talented community from which he stems from. Made familiar with his music through a cousin of mine in recent days, I became not only a fan of his music, but of his mindset, demeanor and future promise as an artist. His previous project The Storm was released in March of last year, furthering his name into his current situation with a style all his own; now dropping an official video for “Suav City” featuring the lead tan boy himself, Bodega, Rossi looks to end the year rockin’ on a strong note & marking 2016 as a year that couldn’t come any faster for the new found talent from deep down south.