Mac Minister Has Message For Funk Master Flex (Defends Tupac)


Funkmaster Flex continues to catch heat over his opinionated stance on Tupac Shakur (Flex claims 2pac was the reason for The Notorious B.I.G. being killed). Treach, Spice 1 and now Mac Minister have issued powerful responses. Listen to a phone call Mac Minister made from prison to, in which he addresses all of the drama.

“That sh!t Funk Flex said about ‘Pac ain’t a real n!gga and when Suge and Pac came to the East Coast they in their hotel rooms. Let me shut that b!tch down. 2Pac is a product of his motherf*cking mama. She is so real. She birthed that n!gga in jail. She was feeding him the knowledge, the wisdom and gave him a certain understanding that other motherf*ckers can’t understand ’cause you ain’t on that level. The realness that’s in him, his mama displayed that.
“Pac walked through a hotel lobby [and saw] two white jumping on a n!gga that he didn’t even know. [He] opened fire on these white boys. Found out out they was the police. Went to trial [and] beat it.”

Mac talks about 2Pac getting set-up to take a rape charge and speaks on Wack 100, Flex, Diddy, Biggie, Suge Knight and E-40. Check the interview below. Article via