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On The Come Up: Da Cotton Pickas ft. Fleetwood & Marvelo Hathaway – “U Don’t Trust You”


Rising hip-hop artists, Da Cotton Pickas, Fleetwood and Marvelo Hathaway, releases a powerful new single and video, titled “I Don’t Trust You.” Stream single using link provided. Check the song below and stay tuned.

“Representing their ancestors people whom were hard workers and never gave up or gave in even when getting cheated out of their wages. There is a film series connected to the movement the first one entitled “DA COTTON PICKAS” based on the con game called share cropping which includes a soundtrack “NEGRO SPIRITUALS” now available on all platforms, the second film installment will be ” GIMMIE MINES” a powerful visual demand for the broken promise of the mule and 40 acres there is a single currently out off the soundtrack entitled ” I DON’T TRUST YOU” this film debuts Januaray 2021 with soundtrack featuring KHUJO from Goodie Mob ,the collective plan is a continual out pour of black culture told from the soul of black folks thru their different gifts of art each artist brings lyrical experience which embodies encouragement motivation self love defining perseverance which is the sole description of black people in America.” – Da Cotton Pickas