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Gospel artist, Big Unc (Believer In God Unleashing New Creativity) was last on DubCNN in 2011 with his single “Get Down.”

That single was from his “Watch Wut Happenz” album released on Battle Shield Records and today he’s back with news of a new album he plans to drop in July.

“West Coast Revival” is the album’s titled and the lead single is the up lifting song titled “Walls Fall Down” that “takes the listener into a place of worship even during those rough times in life. With soulful singing and powerful deliveries, Walls Fall Down is sure to be a must-have record for fans of inspirational music.”

Check the Gospel Gangstaz featured single below!

Big Unc – Walls Fall Down Feat. Gospel Gangstaz (Audio)


DubCNN has made a habit of resurrecting classic records with Throwback Tuesdays and Westcoast Wednesdays but today we heard a record in the office that took us right back and we had to get an impromptu “Unreleased” post out for the weekend!

The track in question is an original Dogg Pound version of the Tupac classic “Can’t C Me” from his “All Eyez on Me” double album released in 1996.

The “Can’t C Me/Us” track has limited history behind it, some say it was originally recorded in 1993/94 for the planned Dr. Dre and Ice Cube collaboration album “Helter Skelter,” some say it was to be on the DPG debut album “Dogg Food” but that it missed the cut as it was clearly a Dr. Dre production and didn’t fit the soundscape and some say it simply didn’t make the cut.

In our 2006 4 part exclusive Snoop Dogg interview, Snoop did touch on production on Dogg Food that indicated that the fact it was a Dre production is unlikely to be the reason it was left off;

Snoop: Dogg Food was produced by Soopafly, Daz and Dr. Dre!
DubCNN: Dre mixed it right?
Snoop: No, Dre produced a lot of that shit! I’m telling you, Daz and them brought Dre beats, and he produced the muthafuckas! “What Would You Do” was just a beat that Daz had did. That “bu-bump, bu-bump”, the nigga Dre put all that shit on it, that *sings* What would you do, whaa *sings* just to give it that other shit! I’m telling you what I know man! Niggas gotta give Dre the ultimate respect. Niggas try to bash him and cut his knees down like he didn’t do nothing nigga, he’s the saviour man! Because what he did was, he showed niggas how to produce. Because niggas was good at making beats, but he showed you niggas how to produce! If ya’ll had really did what ya’ll say ya’ll did, ya’ll woulda put records out that sold 3-4 million on your own, like he did.

Whatever the reason is the track deserves to be heard as has both Daz and Kurupt on top form.

While many fans will have heard this at some point down the years, we’re aware there’s a legion of fans that haven’t so take a moment to give the only version that exists a spin below – a cassette rip from the vault of a former Death Row Records engineer that leaked in the early 2000s.

Listen, drop a comment and share this page!

Tha Dogg Pound – Can’t C Me (Feat. George Clinton) Original, Unreleased (Audio)

For those using iOS, mobile or a non-flash compliant browser – listen below

DubCNN will be dropping some other throwback, unreleased tracks from a variety of artists – including some more Dogg Pound rarities over the coming weeks so ensure you keep checking back!


West Coast Rap Legend Luni Coleone is back with long overdue new music!

“G Shit” is a street anthem that features Versace Villin and Obnoxius and serves as the second single off the upcoming “West Coast Certified” project executive produced by Tony Cash.

The single was produced by Roadeezy out of Southern California. Give it a spin below and drop a comment!

Luni Coleone – G Shit (Feat. Versace Villin & Obnoxius) Audio



In late May 2015 DubCNN was invited to cover the Block Party LA  in Los Angeles, CA featuring an extensive list of hip-hop heavyweights.

We get exclusive performance footage of Talib Kweli, as well as exclusive interviews, and drops, from the likes of Ab-Soul, Curtiss King – who discusses when he heard that a record he produced for Murs would feature E-40 – Overdoz, Bad Lucc, Jake & Papa, the homie DJ R-Tistic, Ramaj Eroc, Dean Risko, Name Brand, Junia T, TassNata, and many many more!

Watch in full below!


Following the success of their recent collaboration project, Fort Worth bred, LA based emcee Nick Pratt and Bay Area based producer Lazy J take it down to H-Town and put some screw on the tracks with a little help from DJ Slim K of The Chopstars!

The official Chopped Not Slopped version entitled “Dark Purple Matter” turns Nick’s storytelling Texas drawl and Lazy’s funky boom-bap into the perfect slowed down swangin’ soundtrack just in time for the Summer.

Hop in your slab and roll down the windows with this to ride out – listen below!


J.O Jetson is an indie Hip Hop/Pop artist from the Midwest region. His stomping grounds are Chicago, IL and Minneapolis, MN, which have had major influences in his direction of music. J.O Jetson’s sound shows there are no boundaries to the art of Hip Hop as it’s constantly changing and evolving.

J.O has performed with Ray J, Paul Wall, Rick Ross, Juvenile, Twista, Devin the Dude, Sean Paul from the Young Bloodz, and many others. His new sound is catching on in a major way. His single, ‘Whirlwind’ has solidified and maintained a major buzz due to social media and is growing daily.

J.O is an artist that shows skills and versatility in his image and song by mixing the hip hop sound along with Dubstep and EDM sound. There is one artist in particular that J.O is inspired by, Pitbull from Miami. How he transformed and found his craft after getting in the industry, from underground urban to a nationally recognized pop star. J.O started in the urban circuit and still keeps his foot in that door. He has done songs with urban artists such as Paul Wall from Houston, and Triple Seas from New York. J.O’s favorite thing about music is being able to display your craft to others and meet so many different ways of life along the journey.

J.O. Jetson sat down with DubCNN to discuss his career, his “Whirlwind” single and video, what he’s learned from his time with Snoop Dogg, Twista, Lil Wayne and other artists he’s performed with, as well as many other topics.

Interview conducted in June 2015.

Questions Asked By: Chad Kiser

J.O Jetson – Whirlwind (Video)



DubCNN: First things first, give us a brief introduction and tell us a little about J.O. Jetson?

J.O Jetson is an EDM, pop, rap artist based from the mid-west. Currently I reside in the twin cities Minneapolis St Paul Minnesota. My sound is influenced through my path, and walks in life. Influences of Funk, Dubstep, Hip Hop, and southern sounds are displayed in my music and Art.


DubCNN: Born in Nashville, yet you’ve lived in Chicago, Minneapolis, and Houston. How have those musically-rich cities helped form who you are as an artist?

It’s helped me in many ways. One by showing me different genres and art forms by moving around, seeing different aspects of the culture, from others point of view. It also help me develop as an artist and find myself in my craft, more less be me verses another copycat. It also strengthened me as a musician, I know how to play piano, clarinet. The piano has helped me a great deal with production and recording of my songs. Being on key with your voice is a big deal in any form or genre of music.


DubCNN: Tell me about your most recent single, “Whirlwind” and why you chose that particular song to be a single.

It’s a song that represents our lifestyle; it gives you a look into our sound and what were about, which is the life of the party. When you listen to the J.O sound you know you’re going to get high energy music to dance to, with that heavy base and club feel. Whirlwind is the beginning of what’s more to come from J.O Jetson. The song is definitely catchy and has that cross over club appeal.


DubCNN: You’ve performed with several heavyweight artists such as Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Snoop Dogg, and Twista to name a few. How does having those kinds of experiences motivate you, and what have you learned from those artists that you carry with you on your own journey?

It motivates me by showing me as an artist you can get to that point with hard work and dedication. Something that I’ve learned from them is work ethic. To survive in this music you have to work hard, very hard to succeed to the top. It won’t just fall in your lap. I also learned a lot about performing live, and really putting on a show, and really keeping a hold of the crowd or audience. These are key things to having success in this biz. Also knowing business as an artist now a days is a must do to the fact everything is so accessible.


DubCNN: Who has been your greatest inspiration musically?

Pitbull, I love his transition in his music career, from Urban to main stream Pop sensation. I see a lot of him in me! I respect that and see a lot of his transition in me, going from urban to a more pop stream cross over. I started heavy in the urban circuit when I first introduce my sound to the world. I had a lot of Houston connects, which landed me a song with Paul Wall. I have a lot of Southern influences in my sound still to this day. Pitbull came out during that crunk area from Miami, bringing that banging hood sound, and transformed into a monster on the club jams. I respect the change, the style, and the music! Just as I did he found his lane and niche.


DubCNN: At what moment did you realize that this is what you wanted do?

I’ve always known I guess, I’ve always been musically oriented since a child, I definitely knew by my teen years that I wanted to be a part of music some type away, I just didn’t know what it was going to be. But when I got introduced to hip hop, I knew I definitely wanted in. I was hooked by the age of the 13 to the whole culture; music, break dancing, the whole nine.


DubCNN: What can current and new fans expect from J.O. Jetson?

New Music, Album dropping this summer L.O.T.P the life of the party album which will be out in July, tours and show dates performing at SXS West March 19th as well as Coachella in Palm Springs April 5, and I’m working on a VR Project (Virtual Reality) applying music to the technology as a featured artist for the platform. I’m also in the works with a designer on a clothing line based on destroyer jeans, which is ripping and flaring denim.


DubCNN: What other projects are you involved in, not necessarily with music, but maybe other ventures?

I’m working close with a clothing designer of Destroyer Jeans, which is flaring and destroying denim. I rock this type of style of jean often in my outfits. We will be working on a Jetsonlife brand to release at a later time of next year.

DubCNN: What do you want people to get from your music?

Fun, inspiration, and unity music brings people together. My music is high energy, fast pace, club-orientated, music to party too, the definition of night life and street life. Influenced by many sounds, such as Funk, Dub Step, Hip Hop, EDM, and southern. You get a whirlwind of production on J.O record. I have so many influences if anything you get the sense of unity through my song and arts.


DubCNN: What are some of the spots our readers can check your music and videos?

You can find me on spots like Vevo, Youtube,, Pandora, and Slacker Radio.


DubCNN: Where can people reach out to you via social media?

For any future updates on J.O Jetson check me out on my website, or twitter, facebook, and instagram.


When you think of Michigan and Hip Hop you think of a city like Detroit and artists like Eminem, Royce 5’9”, J Dilla and Guilty Simpson to name a few. Often overlooked is the city of Pontiac and an artists that goes by the name of Ro Spit. The rhyme spitter and entrepreneur (he co owns a sneak shop in Detroit called Burn Rubber) stopped by Microphone Masters Radio Show to speak his mind.

J-Luv asked Ro if he has any regrets as he has travelled this Hip Hop road,

“You can’t dwell on what you don’t have. You can’t dwell on what you’ve lost. Life is about right now. It’s about what I have right now in my possession and then looking to the future to build upon that. But you have to take what you can right now. You can’t worry about not having a deal or not having a producer…you have to figure it out and build and learn from it.”

His upcoming project, IV Life, features the aforementioned Royce 5’9”, DeNauN and Raheem DeVaughn but among the title’s multiple meanings Ro likes to think of the project as an I.V. (Intravenous),

“(it could also stand for) and intravenous needle and being a lifeline to the hood. My music being that. I’m a deep thinker and I try to hit all aspects of everything. I just want people to see…I want everybody to be able to enjoy and get a piece of this. “

Ro went on to share how please he is with the finished product,

“My whole this was that I wanted to put out a project that I could look at and if not one person bought it or not one person downloaded or listened to it then they’re crazy. The world is crazy, not me. This is exactly from top to bottom what I wanted to put out there. “

No matter the genre, artists need to have a day job that pays the bills until the music starts to generate enough revenue. In many respects Ro falls into this category but there are a couple of differences.

“Every independent artist has to have some type of quote, unquote day job. I’ve been blessed and lucky enough to own my day job and it be something cool that fits into what I am doing. It’s a blessing and it’s a successful business and a worldwide business…”

Check out the full conversation on Microphone Masters Radio Show Episode 98 to learn about how Ro Spit interacts with the Reeboks of the world to design shoes and get his take on what makes a good interview.

Ro Spit on Microphone Masters Radio Episode 98 (06-17-15Show (Stream/Download)

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Wrongkind Ingles dropped their single “Strapped Up” and “WKI” in late 2014.

Today the trio of Sean Deez, Boe Almighty & G.G. take turns kickin’ that “Gangsta sh” on a new cut over an interpolation of the Westside Connection track “Gangstas Make The World Go Round.”

Give it a spin below and drop a comment!

Wrongkind Ingles – Gangsta sh (Audio)