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After months of hype and build up DUBB has today unleashed his new mixtape, “Perfect Timing” hosted by DJ Skee & DJ Whoo Kid.

In the last six months we’ve dropped tracks including “Malcolm Martin Mandela,” “Want Everything” alongside Dave East & Emilio Rojas, the “Dead Presidents” video alongside Emilio, “Bodega & Liquor,” “Transition,” “My Day,” “Come & Go” and the Clyde Carson featured “This Mufucka.”

Last time out he dropped the Jake&Papa featured “Grindin” and confirmed the mixtape would drop on Dubb’s birthday  – April 21, 2015!

Well today is the day and DubCNN has the full FREE 14 track project featuring Crooked I, Joell Ortiz, Fred Da Godson, Emilio Rojas and more over production from Cy Fyre, League Of Starz, Duke Dinero, Dj Relly Rell, Remixx & others!

Give it a spin below and drop your comments – and remember DubCNN has been THE home for Dubb for years now, dropping his past projects Face Of California, The DepartureThe Layover and “Never Content.”


DUBB – Perfect Timing Hosted by DJ Skee & DJ Whoo Kid (Mixtape) (Audio)

DUBB – Perfect Timing Hosted by DJ Skee & DJ Whoo Kid (Tracklist)

01) OTM (Out The Mud) (3:47)
02) My Day (4:40)
03) Doubt Demons (Feat. Emilio Rojas) (5:02)
04) Middle America (Feat. Jake&Papa) (4:41)
05) Favorite Things (3:26)
06) Praying Aint Enough (Interlude) (1:01)
07) Reverse Racism (4:12)
08) Pretend (Feat. Crooked I, Joell Ortiz & Fred Da Godson) (5:00)
09) Mastermind (4:45)
10) Sit Back and Relax (3:35)
11) Grindin (Feat. Jake&Papa) (3:26)
12) Moments (3:24)
13) Q’s Lyric (Feat. China Marie) (3:16)
14) One Way (Feat. Jenny Kinney) (3:39)


DUBB back edit-IG-02


West coast hip hop veteran Glasses Malone has just dropped a monstrous new single from his long overdue “Glasshouse 2″ project.

He dropped his free #GlassHouse Mixtape right here on DubCNN in 2012 and then leaked “Freak” and “Get Busy” and hinted at a sequel in 2013 before dropping the D-Nyce laced “Step” from the project last summer.

Glasses has today dropped a new record titled “Thuggin” that features a Kendrick Lamar guest verse via iTunes – listen below and cop it here.

Glasses Malone – Thuggin (Feat. Kendrick Lamar) (Audio)

Stay locked for more news on  “#GlassHouse2” coming soon!


Recently DubCNN was invited to an exclusive filming of the B-Side Show, at the B-Side Shop, in West Covina, CA.

We catch up with K-Day’s CeCe the Mamacita, Rabbit of the B-side Show, get an exclusive interview with DJ Choice One himself…as well as a freestyle and exclusive interview with HeadKrack of Dish Nation!

Watch the exclusive below and drop a comment!

B-Side Show Exclusive With DJ Choice One & HeadKrack of Dish Nation Interviews


Industry legend and Independent Hip Hop Power Broker, Wendy Day stopped by this weeks Microphone Masters Radio Show. For those unfamiliar with Wendy, she is responsible for such deals as the historic Cash Money Records/Universal deal and instrumental in Eminem’s trajectory.

As stated on her website, she is an accomplished consultant to independent artists and labels and helps them grow while teaching them the essentials to success in the music business. The devil is in the details after all.

“I spend a lot of time on the road with my artists teaching them how to do promo tours. Going into different cities and very much like politics you want to go in and kiss babies and shake hands…”

Wendy doesn’t call the shots from afar. She told J-Luv of Microphone Masters that it is imperative that she be hands on during this process.

“I travel with them for the first three or four weeks so that they really have an understanding of how to do it well. And I think that is the difference between my clients and other artists. They really have an understanding of what it takes to win and are willing to go that extra mile. They are willing to outwork everybody.”

Many aspiring Hip Hop artists bemoan that despite quality projects or exciting stage shows they receive no accolades from their hometowns. These same artists find that when they leave their hometown to travel to the next county, city or state that they are more likely to be embraced. When asked if Wendy found this to be true not only with her clients but within Hip Hop Ms. Day had this to say, “It’s not only true, it is one of my marketing principles.”

Not one to speak in absolutes, Wendy did note that Atlanta, New England, Chicago and New York are apt to accept hometown artists without making them earn their Hip Hop stripes outside of city limits. She goes on to say that this approach is more cost effective especially when the artist hails from a larger metropolitan area like Miami where the barrier of entry is expensive. Additionally, DJs in these markets tend to shy away from local talent.

“…the DJs that exist there (in the bigger cities) are awesome, awesome DJs but it is rare that they break local artists there because they want to play the more national, recognizable music in the clubs.”

Her approach is an effective one and allows her to make this claim about her strategy,

“If I can get an artist bubbling outside of their home market and then come back into their home market we can usually own the home market.”

Peep out the entire conversation on Episode 89 of Microphone Masters Radio Show .

Wendy Day on Microphone Masters Radio Episode 89 (04-15-15) (Stream/Download)


You’ve heard his voice on the E-40 banger, Wasted and peeped his collaborations with countless Bay Area artists but what do you know about Sic Wid It Records emcee Cousin Fik? He stopped by Microphone Masters Radio Show to preach the Hip Hop gospel of all things Fik.

J-Luv asked Cousin Fik how approaches tracks that will feature other talented emcees like Clyde Carson, E-40, Nef The Pharaoh and others.

“Whenever I get on the track with somebody else, especially somebody that I look up to skills wise I try to use what I have been practicing on on my own. So if I was jumping on another track with 40 then I would use what I have been practicing with on my own on that particular track to see where I have improved.”

When you are part of a label with a legendary and well respected artist like E-40 it would stand to reason that you would seek his counsel on all things related to the music business. So, what advice has Charlie Hustle shared with Cousin Fik?

“Stay Woke. Don’t be closed minded. Keep up with the times and with what is going on but don’t follow suit with that. Take what’s going on and add your own sauce and finesse. The game changes every day. (You have) new mixtapes coming out, new singles coming out. Back in the day it used to be every Tuesday but now it’s every day so you have to keep up. “

Peep out the entire conversation on Episode 89 of Microphone Masters Radio Show where Cousin Fik talks about his upcoming album, Luxurious and shares how often he hits the studio to knock out the tracks that keep your head nodding.

Cousin Fik on Microphone Masters Radio Episode 89 (04-15-15) (Stream/Download)


Last month we confirmed MURS will release his debut Strange Music solo project on May 19 titled “Have A Nice Life.” In the next update we dropped the track “No More Control” featuring MDNR – and a pre-order link.

Now the L.A. Hip-Hop veteran has dropped the tracklist for the album as well as the politically charged video for “No More Control” where MURS takes a stance against police brutality and also against black on black crime, making the point that #BlackLivesMatter in all cases, not just the stories that make the news. MURS explains;

“No More Control is about not letting the media or the powers that be control us or guide us into thinking that the problem is anything other than violence, a lot of my contemporaries would have you believe that the problem is just the police, which, I am not disregarding at all, I am just as sickened and fed up as everyone else with what we’ve been seeing on the news. But what about what’s not making the news? It is very rare that someone from the hip-hop community and the black community would stand up and say, ‘I think the majority of the opportunity for change is still in our control.’ They want us to be victims, to think ‘march and protest’ because that’s the victim role. Yes, the police are out of control, but what can we control? We can control the culture of violence in our community. Instead of looking at what we can control, we’re looking at the justice system to convict these one, two, three or one hundred police officers. Bringing these killers to justice is only part of the solution.”

The tracklist for MURS’ “Have A Nice Life” due Mat 19th is;

Have a Nice Life
Surprises (featuring Ryan “Myagi” Evans)
Mi Corazon
Woke up Dead
P S T D (featuring E-40)
Okey Dog
Pussy and Pizza
Two Step (featuring King Fantastic)
No More Control (featuring MNDR)
Skatin through the City
The Worst
Black Girls Be Like
I Miss Mikey


MURS – No More Control (Feat. MNDR) Video

MURS – No More Control (Feat. MNDR) Audio


Rampage of the legendary Flipmode Squad has just released his highly anticipated mixtape “Remington Steele” following the success of his “Gimme The Night” single.

Having exploded onto the breeding ground of Brooklyn, NY in 1994 he partnered with his first cousin, hip hop legend Busta Rhymes to form “The Flipmode Squad” under the moniker “The 1st Lieutenant” aka “The Last Boyscout” of Flipmode. The group – which included Rah Digga, Spliff Star and Baby Sham – all made cameos on Busta Rhymes first solo offering titled “The Coming.”

Rampage went on to release a RIAA Gold certified album titled “Scouts Honor, By Way Of Blood” and now as CEO of Deep Freeze Entertainment, he has dropped a new mixtape titled “Remington Steele,” produced by multi-platinum producer, Felony Muzik.

You can stream the project below free!


With To Pimp a Butterfly still burning up the charts and breaking records Kendrick Lamar has released Behind The Scenes footage of his upcoming new video for “King Kunta.”

Watch Christian San Jose’ BTS footage of The Lil Homies + Director X directed video!

Kendrick Lamar – King Kunta: Behind the Scenes Video