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New Music By Michelob, Flexx, Eastwood…


It’s been a while since we hit you with some news on Bay Area artist Michelob and his partner in crime Flexxarally. I got a couple new mixtape songs from them here for you to download, a little taster of what they got goin’ on right now!

Look for more updates on Michelob and Flexx soon, a lil interview should help get ya’ll back in the scoop.

On to the audio:

Michelob, Flexxarally & Zigg Zagg – Your Girlfriend (Kurupt Re-twist)

Michelob, Flexxarally & Eastwood – Favorite Whore (Snoop/Goldie Re-twist)

Michelob, Flexxarally & Eastwood – Westcoastin’ (Pop Lockin’ Re-twist)

Michelob, Flexxarally – How We Get Down (Bad Azz Re-twist)

Enjoy the songs!

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