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Spider Loc & Felli Fel Are “Connected”


Since the day Spider Loc bumped into Young Buck in Atlanta two years ago and rattled off an acapella that would convince Buck to introduce him to 50 Cent, the West Coast native has been lowriding to a new beat. Now a fixture in the G-Unit family and the original representer of G-Unit West, Spider Loc has been living much fatter since he earned 50 Cent’s acceptance. He’s traveled around the world twice-over after growing up in the mean streets of South Central Los Angeles, and things are just getting started. With many West Coasters finding it hard to carve their niche in the hip-hop game, Spider has an incredible platform to introduce his talent.

Together with the Los Angeles hip-hop radio icon DJ Felli Fel (Heavy Hitters), Spider Loc is releasing this official mixtape entitled "Connected" to put his name back into the fold and get his music back in the streets. Featuring 20 new and exclusive tracks from Spider Loc and guest such as Ice Cube, Glasses Malone, BG Knocc Out, Young Buck, Snoopy Blue, Papa Smurf, Young Hootie, and others, this mixtape is S.P.I.’s hard work put into full effect. Showing you the G-Unit hustle and way with words that landed him on the team, this mixtape is something fierce from the West Coast player.

Tracklisting for "Connected":

1. DJ Felli Fel Intro
2. I Know Ridaz Feat. Papa Smurf
3. Money Maneuver Feat. Big Foot (produced by Da Riffs)
4 Can’t Be Right Feat. Papa Smurf, Big Foot & Snoopy Blue
5. Ain’t That Easy (produced by Da Riffs)
6. Not A Dance Feat. Young Buck & C-Bo
7. Bluetiful Feat. Piper (produced by Da Riffs)
8. Big Blacc Boots Feat. Ice Cube
9. Been Around The World
10. When We Ride Feat. Snoopy Blue, Big Foot & Papa Smurf
11. I Wonder If The Homie Know
12. Hold You Down Feat. E Note
13. Just Another Day In LA Feat. Young Buck, Papa Smurf & BG Knocc Out
14. New York, New York Feat. Papa Smurf
15. First Degree Feat. Piper, E Note & BG Knocc Out (produced by Da Riffs)
16. West Coast Roll Call Feat. Glasses Malone, Young Hootie, Piper, BG Knocc Out, Papa Smurf & Snoopy Blue (produced by Da Riffs)
17. No Talking (produced by Da Riffs)
18. Its So Hard Feat. Big Foot & Papa Smurf
19. Gon’ Pay Me Feat. Young Buck
20. Bitches Ain’t Shit

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