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Exclusive Interview With Kurt Kobane


Dubcnn sits down with multi-platinum producer Kurt Kobane, formerly of Death Row Records and who has produced on projects like �Too Gangsta For Radio�, �Suge Knight Presents: Chronic 2000�, Snoop Doggy Dogg�s �Head Doctor�, and 2Pac�s �Until The End of Time� among others.

With all past obligations and contracts having expired, Kobane has started his own imprint, Hitsylum Inc., to bring new sounds, talent, and a fresh energy to the masses who have grown tired of mediocre music. Once thrust into the role left vacant by former Death Row CEO Suge Knight�s incarceration in the early 2000�s, Kurt Kobane gained invaluable experience heading up the once powerful west coast label which helped shape, train and prepare him for the next level which has arrived.

Having worked with iconic artists such as 2Pac, Jodeci, Snoop Dogg and others, working closely with labels like Cash Money, Ruff Ryders, and making connections with top executives at Universal and Warner Bros. to name a few, Kurt Kobane & Hitsylum will tap into the untapped, lucrative Midwest markets of talented artists, writers, and beat makers.

Dubcnn recently caught up with the former Death Row producer to discuss what he�s been up to these last few years, working with 2pac and other Death Row-related topics, as well as his latest prot�g� Awal and his Hitsylum projects.

Exclusive Interview With Kurt Kobane

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