Home News Video: D.I.S. & Bz Bwai – “Rebel” (Reggae/Hip-Hop Fusion)

Video: D.I.S. & Bz Bwai – “Rebel” (Reggae/Hip-Hop Fusion)


A lot of you will be familiar with Soul Assassins affiliate O. Brown, who’s been featured on dubcnn several times in the past through various collaborations with the likes of B-Real among others. He’s been venturing out a little bit, as a part of the group D.I.S., which has been seeing some success on the underground scene. For their latest joint, they linked up with Bz Bawi and are taking it back to their Belizean roots with the Reggae/Hip-Hop fusion, check it out below:

D.I.S. & Bz Bwai- Rebel (Video)