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Exclusive Album Sampler: Daz & WC’s “West Coast Gangsta Shit” Album‏


Another day, another DubCNN exclusive! As promised yesterday, today we are bringing you the EXCLUSIVE album sampler of Daz and WC’s collaboration LP.

The release of the album, titled “West Coast Gangsta Shit,” is scheduled for July 2nd 2013 and features the single  “Late Nite[buy on iTunes and watch the video].

In our most recent updates we released the second track from the album called “Whatcha Gon Do” followed by the full tracklist for the album and yesterday the official production credits and liner-notes for the release.

Today, as we alluded to yesterday we can bring you not only the official back cover but also the EXCLUSIVE album sampler of the entire project!

That’s right, the below sampler gives you a taste of all 14 tracks mixed into a little under 7 minutes – once you’ve heard it ensure you head to iTunes to place your pre-order!

Daz Dillinger & WC’s – West Coast Gangsta Shit (DubCNN.com Exclusive Album Sampler)



Daz Dillinger & WC’s – West Coast Gangsta Shit (Tracklist)
See the official production credits here 

01) WestCoast Gangsta Sh*t
02) Stay Out The Way (Feat. Snoop Dogg)
03) Don’t Call It A Comebacc
04) When The Sh*t Goes Down
05) Late Night
06) Blam Blam
07) Don’t Get Wet
08) Roll & Smoke
09) What Cha Gone Do?
10) Time Will Prevail
11) Dubs In The Air
12) Alcohol & Drugs
13) Moves I Make (Feat. Butch Cassidy)
14) Outro – Gangsta Talk

Drop your comments below and then head to iTunes to place your pre-order!


Daz Dillinger & WC’s – West Coast Gangsta Shit (Full Album Covers & Liner Notes)

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  1. Just heard the whole album Its ok, the best tracks are actually the ones released I felt mabe It was poor choice of selected tracks or they just hurried a release of two relevant names in west coast music. Not the worst thing ever, yet could have been something so great especially If they could have united features of westside connections meets DPG here and there.

    • i think that a lot of people expect for this album to be something that it will never be, which is similar to these cats of the millennium these dudes have been doing this and were doing this in an era where it required you to have a certain amount of skill and some good foundation of content and delivery. back when ice cube and wc were speaking on real politics that happened everywhere and not just in their neighborhood and daz snoop and the dogg pound where speaking on things that happen in their environment touched home with so many different people, now you got rappers talking about eating pussy and doing drugs and partying but no disrespect to any one that has made it doing that with that type of content but it seems that rap has gotten so easy now just like opening up doors in r&b to where no one has to sing like aretha franklin, or gladys knight anymore, they can just get autotune and thats enough, having skills is a thing of the past, just my opinion and why a bunch of features with the whole west, half of these niggas got they head so far up they ass to the point where that will never happen, hold your breath……., that would just be a compilation, which means for egos to be stroked and people actually getting together to collaborate to do something great which usually turns out to be nothing, look at the “1st generation” project that never happened and most dont have the same energy and motivation like daz and dub, daz and WC just happen to be 2 westcoast legends that were on the same page at the same time and put something down and it probably didnt even take them that long to execute, like i said no disrespect to any who is offended by what i said but rap isn’t the same for everyone but this album is made for individuals who miss this strand of westcoast music becase they definitely took it back without real dated music but still retained that classic west coast sound without nobody talking about how much they love eating pussy, popping molly’s and how much money they fucked off. peace

      • Unfortunately anything WC (not so much Daz) makes has an outdated sound. I realize that yeah that’s the sound and image he’s trying to represent, but it’s beyond old and redundant when mostly every song has the same beat tempo, references to crip walking, dickies, cash (which everyone raps about), gangs and chucks. Dude’s a great lyricist as well, but is completely stuck in the 90’s. I love my west coast gangsta rap and just hardcore rap in general, but not when it’s completely repetitive. The problem with the westcoast /LA rapscene in general is that there are 2 extremes. On one hand you got people that keep is way too oldschool and rap all about banging on wax and things of that nature, then you have rappers that blend too much to mainstream / swag music of today, losing their westcoast sound in general like Tyga and so many more are going in that direction who once were hardcore rappers like Game, YG and Nipsey Hussle. What the west coast needs are more rappers like Crooked I, Jay Rock, Schoolboy Q who are lyrical and street rappers, but not stuck in the 90s their flow is fresh, even Kendrick Lamar as well. Slim the Mobster would have brought back great exposure to the west coast as he is a street rapper but is not stuck in that whole 90s era as he even denounce rappers banging on wax in their albums b/c it is wack especially to people who aren’t from these areas. Too bad he fell in the whole Aftermath Limbo. Mitchy Slick on the other hand when he does his blood raps, he usually has a message in his tracks about fakes, the consequences of gang life and everyday shit that goes on in the hood. However, he uses slick wordplay and punch lines, as well as more current sounding beats., The LA rap scene is definitely good with Hopsin as he is a hardcore lyricist bringing back lyrics and flow even though he needs better beats and to change his swag up a little (not wear skinny jeans but lose those extra baggy shirts).


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