Watch The Official N.W.A. “Straight Outta Compton” Movie Trailer


During the Grammy Awards, Dr. Dre and Ice Cube appeared in a commercial that showed the legends driving around Compton and discussing why now is the perfect time to release the long awaited N.W.A. film; Straight Outta Compton.

After that the full uncensored version of the trailer was released by Universal Pictures on YouTube that includes cameos by The Game and Kendrick Lamar, explaining how they were influenced by N.W.A. in their youth.

The trailer begins by showing the members of the group – Eazy-E (played by Jason Mitchell), Dr. Dre (portrayed by Corey Hawkins), and Ice Cube (played by O’Shea Jackson, Jr. – Ice Cube’s son) – come together to start the group. Soon after you see Paul Giamatti as N.W.A manager and Ruthless Records co-founder Jerry Heller.

The movie follows not only the uproar that greeted N.W.A’s “Fuck tha Police” – a track that showcased the widespread resentment towards the police that later boiled over in the 1992 Los Angeles riots following the Rodney King incident – but also scenes of the groups debut album release and glimpses of some of their iconic pool and house parties!

Rest assured the trailer doesn’t disappoint in heightening the anticipation of the movie – which will hit theaters August 14, 2015. See our full N.W.A. movie archive here for more!

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