In an recent interview with VIBE, Snoop Dogg revealed he almost included a track featuring Nate Dogg on “BUSH.”

The album – which featured collaborations with Kendrick Lamar, Charlie Wilson, Gwen Stefanie and Stevie Wonder – was almost graced with a hook from the late Nate Dogg.

“It was called ‘Wintertime in June, it was a song with Nate Dogg on the hook and the bridge. I could never write to it. I had it for about a year before I tried to do something to it because every time I would try to write, I would get emotional and cry, and couldn’t finish it ‘cause the way he was singing on it, the shit he was saying. So, I ended up giving it to a writer to write it for me and he wrote the shit out of it and he sounded good. It felt good and Pharrell loved it.”

So why didn’t it make the cut you ask? Well Snoop explained;

“It’s just the producer didn’t like the way the mix sounded because when I had did it, I did it on a two-track and then he ended up separating it, and when he separated it, it didn’t feel like it felt on the two-track.”

The track, “Wintertime in June” was produced by Fredwreck and when pressed as to if we’ll ever hear the collabroation Snoop said;

“I hope we do. That shit is deep. It’s dope.”


While we wait to hear “Wintertime in June” – ensure you cop “BUSH

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