When you think of Michigan and Hip Hop you think of a city like Detroit and artists like Eminem, Royce 5’9”, J Dilla and Guilty Simpson to name a few. Often overlooked is the city of Pontiac and an artists that goes by the name of Ro Spit. The rhyme spitter and entrepreneur (he co owns a sneak shop in Detroit called Burn Rubber) stopped by Microphone Masters Radio Show to speak his mind.

J-Luv asked Ro if he has any regrets as he has travelled this Hip Hop road,

“You can’t dwell on what you don’t have. You can’t dwell on what you’ve lost. Life is about right now. It’s about what I have right now in my possession and then looking to the future to build upon that. But you have to take what you can right now. You can’t worry about not having a deal or not having a producer…you have to figure it out and build and learn from it.”

His upcoming project, IV Life, features the aforementioned Royce 5’9”, DeNauN and Raheem DeVaughn but among the title’s multiple meanings Ro likes to think of the project as an I.V. (Intravenous),

“(it could also stand for) and intravenous needle and being a lifeline to the hood. My music being that. I’m a deep thinker and I try to hit all aspects of everything. I just want people to see…I want everybody to be able to enjoy and get a piece of this. “

Ro went on to share how please he is with the finished product,

“My whole this was that I wanted to put out a project that I could look at and if not one person bought it or not one person downloaded or listened to it then they’re crazy. The world is crazy, not me. This is exactly from top to bottom what I wanted to put out there. “

No matter the genre, artists need to have a day job that pays the bills until the music starts to generate enough revenue. In many respects Ro falls into this category but there are a couple of differences.

“Every independent artist has to have some type of quote, unquote day job. I’ve been blessed and lucky enough to own my day job and it be something cool that fits into what I am doing. It’s a blessing and it’s a successful business and a worldwide business…”

Check out the full conversation on Microphone Masters Radio Show Episode 98 to learn about how Ro Spit interacts with the Reeboks of the world to design shoes and get his take on what makes a good interview.

Ro Spit on Microphone Masters Radio Episode 98 (06-17-15Show (Stream/Download)

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