If you Planet Asia was defined by the Hip Hop dictionary it might say; One Who Spits but when he stopped by Microphone Masters Radio Show J-Luv asked him what makes him and his crew different than other emcees that have a way with words he replied simply;

“We have magic. They have fundamentals. You have fundamentally good rappers but that’s it. They aren’t special. Oh yeah, you can rap but you aren’t special. You don’t have to be a dope technical rapper to be special. It’s just you. It’s how you were born and who raised you. It’s what your twang is. To me that’s what made Guru so dope. Because it was Guru. He wasn’t as technical as a Rakim or (Big Daddy) Kane but you got the same vibe.”

As they touched on a variety of topics J picked Asia’s brain to get his opinion on what he thinks of emcees like the newest incarnation of Eminem that seem to try out rapping the beat instead of staying in the pocket of the beat.

“I don’t like that type of rap. My selection of rap is not that type of rap really. Like I said, you don’t have to be wordy and flippity floppity for me to like you. It’s just the vibe. Like Q-Tip wasn’t the most technical rapper. He rapped regular but it was just the vibe. A Tribe Called Quest kinda taught me that. It’s all about the vibe. Slum village was like that. They weren’t a bunch of complicated rappers but it was a vibe and the music. It was a whole package.”

Take a listen to the entire conversation on the magical 100th episode of Microphone Masters Radio Show. Planet Asia shares the best and worst things about being on the road, why working in group settings is easier and who would play him if a movie on his life were to be released.

Planet Asia on Microphone Masters Radio Episode 100 (07-01-15Show (Stream/Download)

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