As she continues prepping for the release of her fourth full length project Make Up For Your Break Up, all while debuting it on her independent imprint Peach House established with partner Blimes Brixton, Gavlyn graciously gives her fan base the second single to the album branded “Tell You How”. The moody & murky record produced by Lou Koo and J.I.D showcases the more gutter and less glamorous side of Gavlyn, detailing thoughts and times stored away in the darker corners of her mind. Nonetheless, she takes the time to tell her tale from struggle to stardom, to struggling with stardom and the balancing act it takes to walk the tight rope we call life; this incredibly willed woman, although still wild in her youth, continues to deliver candidly creative & personal pieces, keeping her highly relatable as an artist and genuine as a human being. Take a listen & live.

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