(Official Video) Azizi Gibson – Slave Ship feat. Waka Flocka


Just recently releasing a video for his record who’s title and historical reference remains infamous in relation to the placement & perception of African-Americans in this country, Azizi Gibson’s “Slave Ship” featuring Waka Flocka is a powerfully provoking & pulsating visual, in where AG plays master instead of slave, seizing control and turning the tables in his favor. Intelligently ignorant in varying degrees, the track traps the amped energy of newfound freedom, the feeling of rightful redemption, all while creatively reversing established stereotypes &  status quos tied to African-Americans. Using cuffed and chained police as horses on chariots, Gibson cracks his whip as if to liberate himself from the new age of enslavement wickedly weaved into today’s taste for entertainment, and equally empowering his people to do the same, look & listen.