DubCNN Exclusive: Kool Boy and the West Coast Poplockers “The Pinnacle” DVD Release


On 09/25/2015, Kool Boy and the West Coast Pop Lockers held a DVD release party for “The Pinnacle”.

DubCNN was in the building to cover this event. Artists such as Big 2 da Boy, Kay Nine Tha Boss, and YOG Westwood were also in attendance for this groundbreaking venture.

All too often, one of the most essential elements of hip-hop culture is overlooked. Hip-hop dancing. Kool Boy and The West Coast Pop Lockers are spearheading the movement to eventually reverse this dynamic. Break Dancing and Pop Locking are relative in this artistic field, and have simultaneously paved the way for the expansion of hip-hop culture. In contrast, the two have also endured unintentional neglect, due to the evolution of the art form. Nevertheless, hip-hop cannot exist without ALL elements implemented. And if Kool Boy’s cameo in the Kendrick Lamar video to the hit song KING KUNTA is any indication, the dancing element of the art form is on the verge of a Spring Equinox. Pop Lock Luv.

Check the video, and drop a comment. Only on DubCNN. Follow Kool Boy on Twitter.

WestCoast Poplockers The Pinnacle DVD Release DubCNN Exclusive

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