(Trailer) Cozz – Nothin’ Personal


Announcing the release of his upcoming & highly anticipated follow up to his Cozz & Effect project, Cody Macc’s Nothin Personal is set to drop at the top of the new year (Jan. 4th to be exact), and raise the bar yet another level with a title adamantly stating he’s all about the business & not the bullshit this go around. Having celebrated and experienced success touring nationwide and overseas alongside J.Cole and the rest of the DV team, the South Central rhyme resident has expanded his fan base and extended his reach throughout the hip-hop community, making him one to watch for the new year. With a dominant debut courtesy of Dreamville, Nothin Personal is set to be a free project for both his faithful and new found fans that have helped create his platform& place as one of the best coming out the west. Next to Compton’s Boogie, this is one of the few artists/projects I am genuinely excited about & looking forward to listening to it once dropped on the rap populous; and with the help of this emphatic trailer, I can only count the remaining days. That said, peace to Tha Committee.

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