(Official Video) Locksmith – Open Doors


Always active & always at work, Richmond’s marquee rhymer Locksmith delivers another visual piece for “Open Doors”, one of the many relatable and resonating records off his Lofty Goals which dropped in June of last year. Relying more on the heavy hearted rhymes than stimulating scenery as the lead variable in this particular video, Lock goes black and white as he channels & coups with both old and new emotions all rooted in what has been a trialing rap career that has touched triumphant heights in recent times. Enlisting Jarell Perry on the hook, Locksmith’s confident cadence concises a lifetime of challenging experiences and issues that, with pun intended, have been the keys as to why doors have not stopped opening for him & his off-the-hinges flow. Next to that, he is opening eyes with talent, opening minds with truth, while openly putting himself out there without need of acceptance or fear of judgment, making him a sheer symbol of hope & will for those who share in his testimony and find sanctuary in it just the same.

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