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This week DubCNN hooked up with up-and-coming Seattle, Wa. emcee Boy Face for an exclusive interview.

We go in-depth on a multitude of topics including his genesis as an artist, his current projects, and his favorite emcee’s of all-time.
Be sure to check out the new video from Boy Face below.

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Interview conducted in 2016.

Questions asked by: West Haven Blast.

DubCNN: DubCNN checking in with up-and-coming hip-hop artist, Boy Face. What’s good fam?

Whats Happening wit it bro bro? I’m out here mashin for my dreams sorta like Tupac in the 90’s wit it. Makin this Frogg Life “never got caught” muzik so my loyal fans can abuse it.

DubCNN: Having recently dropped a mixtape, and a couple of EP’s, you have obviously been on your grind. How would you describe your musical style?

I spit that never got caught street muzik. When a nigga say he can’t feel my muzik it’s probably cuz he got jammed up in the game. His gasoline went low, and he had nowhere to go. Since I never got caught from the dirt I did do, I can give you that dodge a cop flow all day. I never did, so my perspective on this is always gonna be from a smooth criminal perspective. I ain’t caught a charge since the 90’s and I impart that impeccable game to my listeners. And that’s not bragging, it just God’s will. I respect any man that stood firm and did his time without snitching. I’ve never told on anyone myself. I’m just saying I’ve never had to answer to the system for a very very long time and it feels great!

DubCNN: What initially inspired you to pursue a career in music?

I got in this muzik chit because everybody I knew in Seattle and Bremerton was dick riding on everybody from other cities, whether it was Cali, New Orleans, Chi-town or New York. So, I came out speaking about what we was going through in the Pacific Northwest, then I eventually added that Trap sound to it since I was born in New Orleans, and that East Cost wordplay cuz I been back in forth to the east coast for dumb long now. I was inspired to speak the real about what I saw, my lie experiences and to offer solution to this senseless killing we do to each other over money or jealousy.

DubCNN: Can you tell the fans about your experience growing up in Seattle? And how has West Coast hip-hop, in your opinion, influenced the world?

Growing up in Seattle was crazy as fuck. On the one hand, you got trees and nature, and Naval bases, sexy lil preppy chicks everywhere, Bon fires and Microsoft n stuff… and right in the middle of all that you got Crips and Bloods, drug trafficking and racist police that’ll shoot you on site. A totally bi-polar town, that shows alotta love for music. Seattle will always be home, but I didn’t feel like my music was being respected for how unique it was, so I dipped in search of the next level. West Coast Hip-hop, and Northwest Hip-hop has changed the world like nothing else. Sir-Mix-A-Lot baby got back song was sampled by Nikki Minaj in recent years. You got Crips and Bloods on the East coast now, and overseas. I think Pac, E40, and Snoop really gave us all something heavy to run with, so now that it’s global, we all gotta figure out new ways to eat off this Westcoast wave in a digital way. I’ve collab’d with Artist from France, Germany, and Amsterdam off this Westcoast buzz, so I know we’ve push hiphop up and above what was expected.

DubCNN: Can you tell us about the new mixtape titled NETFLIX AND KILL? And what was the inspiration behind the concept?

Netflix and Kill has sort of a double meaning. It’s kind of like saying let’s kill this digital instant free music bullshit and go back to the way this music industry used to be. Artists are losing millions of dollars with this new digital Netflix type music model. For example, on this NETFLIX mixtape I’m giving you some of the best songs, not just raps, but songs I ever wrote and co-wrote (shout out to Sosa and Boots) in my life, and the listeners will probably stream it or half ass listen to it then they on to the next trend. It’s sickening. I compare the new music industry to Netflix, cuz it’s a quick fix, then it’s on to the next. But the other meaning is the more obvious one. This music is something you can lay back to with ya main bitch (this ain’t side chick music), and puff on some dank with. Yea, I said dank, that real medical kush. I put this mixtape up on like 30 websites, and just like Netflix, it’s bout to go viral. Netflix already liked it on twitter! Let’s get back to the hand to hand cd’s, buying our favorite rappers albums, not just streaming, and yup get these streaming companies to pay us a dollar or more per each stream instead of fractions of pennies. We want that doughnut money!

DubCNN: What is your opinion on the state of hip-hop today?

The state of hip-hop is really sad nowadays. When you think about what Tupac was putting down, or DJ Quik, E40, Too Short, Master P, Pimp C, C-Murder or Daz and Kurupt, and compare it to what you hear now. There’s no comparison. I mean there are some talented individuals in the game, but they rarely have any content. And the ones that do have some game seem to all have high pitch whiny voices that make it hard to listen to em. It’s a metrosexual f’n mess right now. On everything, and we need to all step up to the plate and start exposing this weirdness, before it’s too late. I don’t try to hate on any artist, because creativity is creativity; I just wish the 90’s never left ya know. But the way these millenials can bring back the true essence of hiphop, is taking it back to the streets. I mean real block parties, real house parties, and real content in their music about social issues, bangin on corrupt police, and how to keep these females from buying pop more than they supporting rap and rnb. Some of the rappers got serious daddy issues.

DubCNN: Tell us a little bit about your recent EP releases.

I dropped two releases recently. The Visit Seattle ep first, and then more recently my CONCUSSION EP dropped on apple music, tidal, and itunes. The Visit Seattle EP is a compilation of songs I put together that was totally about experiences I had out in the Pacific Northwest. A majority of the songs on the EP I wrote and recorded the last time I visited Bremerton, Seattle. It was fun. And again, it’s from a never got caught perspective, so the young boys still out there grinding can pick up a lil perspective from a real one. The CONCUSSION Ep was a collaboration between me and my favorite producer, CYCOSIS aka DIRTY WEST. He got this team called Knock Status Beats. They sent me a bunch of new stuff after we lost touch for a bunch of years, and we picked up where we left off. I was inspired by the Will Smith CONCCUSION movie, and the title should let you know that you’ll hear some shit on the ep that’ll really fuck up ya mind, like the track Daddy Issues, Party, and Narcotics. Then you got a shocking lil party joint called Busy I recorded with Platinum Soca legend Kevin Lyttle that’s totally a song the OG’s who retired from the game and spend they days flying out to tropical islands now. This is a heavy bass, heavy trap style Westcoast expirement ep at it’s finest.

DubCNN: What upcoming projects can we expect from Boy Face?

I recorded a bunch of new material that’s not out yet. My production team Sosa and Boots laced me with collaborations from August Alsina, Lil Wayne, Candice Pillay, Mike Will Made it, Metro Boomin, Kanye West, and WC. I’m just paitently waiting for the right major label to wire those thousands to my account so we can release it the right way. All you interscope, epic, universal republic, roc, warner music reps reading this, with all due respect, cut those advances directly to me. I think we even got tracks with TI, Wiz Khalifa, and some Atermath Ent. Producers I laid down in a major way. I just been creating man. And of course, me and Cycosis, are gonna follow up CONCUSSION Ep with another million dollar masterpiece sooner than you think. Just keep ya ear to the streets, and purchase anything you see with that BOY FACE name attached to it.

DubCNN: What new element does Boy Face plan on bringing to the rap game?

I bring that FROGG LIFE to the game. That’s what I bring. What do frogs do in nature? They adapt to their surroundings right? Well, that’s what I bring to the game. I show these young boys (and females) how to adapt to this system of oppression we live in. Since I’m mr. never got caught, I wanna teach these young boys some of the principles I used when I was out there being young and reckless. So you won’t hear that I was the biggest trapgod, or mr. shoot em up bang bang, or even the mack of all macks, but I know enough bout each and every aspect of the game to keep you outta them steel bars, and above ground. I had some excellent teachers outta South Seattle, and Brem City. FROGG LIFE is about adapting to your environment just enough to make all the money you need to go legit. If you still decide to fuck up ya life after you see that jail and death is waiting, well, then you’re on your own then. My music can only save the real ones who don’t think going to the pen is cool, or think paying child support is poppin, or thinking that getting killed at 22 is the way to go. I bring that Mr. Never Got caught perspective, and some bi-coastal experience to back it up. Like Pac said, that Raw chit!

DubCNN: Who are your top 5 MC’s of all-time?

That question has always been so hard to answer, but let’s say:
E40, Snoop Dogg, Kurupt, Tupac, and Jay –Z….I also rock wit Messy Marv, Hussle, Kendrick Lamar, Jay Electronica, Twin G, and Schoolboy Q music heavy too.

DubCNN: Where can fans find you via Social Media fam?

Fans can look up at the celestial bodies in the heavens and find me. That’s as social media as it gets lol. But if they wanna find me on man-made technology, then on twitter: @boyfacebusy, on instagram: @boyfacebusy, on my personal website: www.frogglife.com, and on SOUNDCLOUD search: BOY FACE

DubCNN: Thanks fam, from DubCNN! Anything you would like to add fam?

Yea, all artist out there that wanna collab, or a verse from BOY FACE, and has a decent budget, $300 or more), get at me ASAP at boyfacerecords@gmail.com, serious inquiries only. I don’t like wasting time, or energy on what ifs, so please have the money and a concept by the time you get at me, and we’ll make something epic happen. Oh yea, and much respect to the entire DubCNN family, KSFM, 92.3 the Beat, and all dem triple OG’s that put it down for a nigga like me. Big Nudi, I c u!

Boy Face ft. Kevin Lyttle – BUSY (Official Video)

Boy Face – Narcotics (The new Street single for NETFLIX AND KILL Mixtape)

Social Media:
Instagram: @Boyfacebusy
Twitter: @boyfacebusy

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