Deuce Maxwell To Direct “LAID” Short Film


DubCNN alumni, Deuce Maxwell, is set to release his directorial debut short film later this year.

Regular and longtime DubCNN readers will remember Deuce from his Plushcat Sessions project in 2008 and more recently “Morningstar Jasmine.”

He’s turned his attention to film and teamed up with New Wine Filmworks to release his short film “LAID,” being coined as a romantic comedy with a slight twist; starring newcomer Brett Miller, in his groundbreaking debut, alongside a hilarious cast.

“LAID” is the story of unrequited love and all of the crazy things that could happen in pursuit of a love affair. The film chronicles one couples’ attempt to make a love connection and everything that goes with that.

Lead actor, Brett “As-Is” Miller stars in this exciting short film, bringing the charismatic personality from his stand up along with his comedic timing front and center for his breakthrough debut performance. ‘LAID’ is a romantic comedy about unrequited love of the worse kind; telling the classic story of boy meets girl, filled with comedy and all of the anxious energy that goes with first dates.

Deuce Maxwell, the film’s director told DubCNN;

“The story of first date jitters and awkwardness is a story that will be told until the end of time, this was just my take on an age-old story”

One of the most interesting components to “LAID” is the films’ visual aesthetic. The nostalgic appearance of the film harks back to the days of Drive-In movies which is something that is as intentional as it is appealing. So stay tuned for more information on the movie and chekc out the trailer below!

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