Pasadena, CA based Area 51 crew is on a mission to remind today’s younger generation of hip-hop fans about their roots with a new album entitled The Return of the B-Boy: 2051. The project is being led by legendary Loud Records A & R DJ Broadway, who was responsible for bringing such acts as Tha Liks, Xzibit, and other acts to the rap scene in the 90’s. Not only does he have an ear for talent, but also for music as well having produced records for King T, Ice Cube, and other West Coast notables.

The Area 51 crew itself is comprised of veteran emcee’s such as Random, Apakalips, and Crow Magnum with some help from Che Skizza who appears on the album as well. The Return of the B-Boy:2051 is a concept that the crew came up with that plays off of their Area 51 name that plays off of the idea that aliens in the form of hip-hop B-Boys live among the human population and make themselves known. The idea is to educate the younger generation of hip-hop fans about the elements of their culture.

“I can’t look down on the younger generation for what they are doing but you have to know where you come from in order to know where you are going to,” states Random. “I try to give a constant reminder of where this comes from: a DJ, an emcee, a beat box, and someone spraying some paint on a wall. It comes from all of that and it has sort of been lost. You have to constantly remind people that this thing of ours is great,” he further stated. 

The Return of the B-Boy: 2051 is now available for pre-order on iTunes and with the pre-order, you get to preview 2 tracks from the album. You can also take a listen to this exclusive premier of “Never Gonna Give You Up” right here on DubCNN. Produced by DJ Broadway, “Never Gonna Give You Up” is the crew’s undying love for hip-hop over a smooth sample of Jerry Butler’s “Never Give You Up.”


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