Cold 187um Reveals New Moniker as Mansa Musa and New Single from Upcoming Album “Black Wealth”


Self proclaimed as Dr. Dre‘s understudy from Ruthless Records legendary group Above The Law headed by Cold 187um, also known as Big Hutch, releases new single “Black Wealth” from his upcoming album entitled “Royal Blood” under his new moniker as Mansa Musa.

Cold 187um explains why the name change;

As Above The Law I’m still Cold 187um for anything I might release in the future keeping the legacy of the group, but moving forward I’m now identified as Mansa Musa as my own personal growth from gangster, to hustler, to my current pursuit of African American empowerment, becoming a “Black” businessman and mogul, to displaying the overall picture of what “Black Excellence” really is.

Stream Single:

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