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Lourdiz ft. Jon Z – “Ground Control” (Audio)


After dropping back-to-back hits in “I’m Pissed” and “Suicide Down”. New songbird Lourdiz is believed by many to be the most talented new artists of 2020. Now the critically acclaimed star teams up with another big-time act to execute her third hit, titled, “Ground Control”.

After linking up with Lil Gotit, Lourdiz digs into her ethnic background and nabs the support of popular L.A. Latin Rap sensation Jon Z. Two deliver a cultural selection that will grow into a radio-friendly hit by year’s out. Lourdiz calls the collaboration a look into her upbringing and showing fans a side of her they are unfamiliar with to-date.

“When I wrote the song I wanted to find a way to blend elements from the music I grew up listening to with the artists I love today. My family’s Mexican culture is a big part of my identity, it’s who I am and where I came from, so it’s all about blending my past and my future. I’m very grateful for the experience of writing this record with Jon Z. It was a very grounding process and bringing in his vibe was the key.”

The new single is released on Lourdiz own imprint. For more on Lourdiz, continue to follow her journey on social media.

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