DubCNN Exclusive: Mister CR Interview w/ Monstroe & Ben Caldwell (Project Blowed)


Recently, DubCNN caught up with West Coast hip-hop heavy-hitter, Mister CR, for an exclusive interview at the former location for the iconic ‘Project Blowed.’ We talk to CR about a litany of topics, including the inception of the Project Blowed movement, the various world renowned MC’s to spring from the Good Life/Project Blowed era, new music from Mister CR and much much more! We also catch up with Ben Caldwell, a founding father of Project Blowed for an exclusive interview, in which we discuss the impact that the movement had on the inner city youth at the time, the impact that Dr. Sebi had on Los Angeles as well as the role Ben Caldwell had in Los Angeles’s hip-hop uprising. In addition, we speak with Monstroe of the Good Life/Project Blowed camp, and Linafornia. Check the interview below and stay tuned!

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