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Rory Redmon Announces “Tabernacle” Album With “Mac Dre” Single Featuring Sccit & RBX


(Wahiawa) Hawaiin native, Rory Redmon, has officially announced his new album “Tabernacle” with the single “Mac Dre” featuring Sccit & RBX. The song, set off by a funky west coast groove, pays homage to the late great bay area legend, Mac Dre, while capturing his essence as one of the rawest artists in hip-hop history.

RBX, known for his time spent with the notorious Death Row Records and being an integral part of creating some of the most notable albums in west coast hip-hop history, took a break from working on his own comeback solo album to assist Rory on the joint, which he called “divine intervention.” Producers Sccit & Siavash The Grouch, who put together the controversial Pharcyde reunion song “My Bad” in 2022, assisted on the Junior Beats production, as Sccit spits a verse tying in the biblical component of dining.

When asked about the album, Rory exclaimed “My booth is my place of appreciation and expression! This album here, I can honestly say came from my TABERNACLE that I had help building with some friends.”

The single sets the tone for Rory Redmon’s concept album, which is slated to have each track titled after a celebrity/musician. “An idea so unique can only come from an emcee as unique as Rory,” said Sccit. Siavash added, “Rory is our guy from Hawaii. He gives you those island vibes mixed with some west coast g-funk. Really appreciate the sounds he’s bringing to the game in 2023.”

The “Tabernacle” album is set to release this summer.

You can listen to “Mac Dre” featuring Sccit & RBX here:

Or check it out on all digital platforms.

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